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  1. Entitlement detected; insert coin(s) to continue
  2. More optics: and to pre-empt the question: What about the magnifier!? Not made yet, maybe later, certainly not in 0.4.3.
  3. Another dynamic loadouts gif, though I don't think this one includes all possible weapons, I might've missed one or two.
  4. Mirror from twitter; gif showing Dynamic Loadouts on the Mig-29:
  5. It works the same; there is only one 'adapter' attachment which when combined will give you the rail, either the NPZ or the B-13 depending on the weapon.
  6. Since I don't recall teasing this here yet:
  7. Yes. Underneath it has the same muzzlebrake from the IV8888 video.
  8. I thought about having it collapse when you holster, but it didn't seem that important. While it would be neat to be able to adjust the stock for less clipping no matter what backpack or vest you have on, I don't think there's any easy way to do that.
  9. Did someone say GREF? If you watch IV8888 on youtube you might see something familiar in the next GREF update... (No ETA yet) (With extra special thanks to clima_x for making the suppressor cover highpoly, without which the suppressor wouldn't exist)
  10. @MrFies I've added Blastcore to the server keys, let me know if there are any problems with it (I haven't tested it myself yet). I also added Dynamic Combat Ops (Malden and Altis) to the rotation.
  11. It shouldn't be doing that. What exact attachment are you using that gets swapped out to the BIS flashlight, and are you running the latest version of RHS from the workshop? Because I'm trying it right now with the Perst3/2DP combination and it's swapping between the laser and flashlight as you'd expect. Uh, because those are the two options that exist? You pick whichever you would like the initial (default) behaviour to be - either flashlight default, or laser default. Either can be toggled to the other functionality using the key.
  12. You should look at the RHS options in game, because that's already a thing.
  13. Maybe. It's more of a hassle to manage extra mods though as atm I need to manually update the server when mods update; so when mods I don't use are updated, I won't really know. Maybe if the server gets more popular I'll find a way to automate that. You can already use Dynasound and Enhanced Soundscape though; you should give them a try.
  14. I switched the rhs public server over to rotate between Dynamic Recon Ops - Malden 2035 and Altis, so you can jump on there if you want to check Malden out.