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  1. Formula Arma

    Great Job Basti! :D
  2. Project Zenith

    VAN!!! ANSWER YOUR DISCORD MESSAGES!!! Also, great work on the CTRG stuff! :D
  3. Zee Identity Pack

    feel free to pitch in names for the next head in the works, not sure on her ethnicity yet, but i'm going to try and go for Asian as it's my kryptonite and if i can get that right, we're making progress. Also, Male heads are getting an upgrade too! :D Also Also, brenda the dependa is now a fully fledged placeable character.
  4. Photoshop to PAA exporter

    I love you, take me and make me yours!!
  5. Zee Identity Pack

    GPU installed, gloriously smooth! :3 This is Costa - she has a messy bun and still needs some work on the eyes as you can probably tell
  6. Zee Identity Pack

    I dunno man, after the "coincidental" NVG design from Apex i'm not so sure ;) it would just be very frustrating if i got this far and was so close to getting a decent version out then BI brings out women
  7. Zee Identity Pack

    sure fucking hope not, it'll be shitting on 4 years of work.
  8. Zee Identity Pack

    GPU has begun to die, new one on the way, back shortly ;)
  9. Zee Identity Pack

    New lady coming soon, with new hair :)
  10. Import Smoothing Group Error

    It's a script, yiss, arma 3 samples: https://community.bistudio.com/wikidata/images/a/a7/A3_Character_Examples_1.1.zip look for VM_s-P3D_Export.mcr It's a macroscript so you install it like so: http://www.scriptspot.com/files/Run&Install_MacroScript.wmv To use the script. Select the geo you would like to export, then press the save as button, save it as anything BUT 'temp.txt' and make sure its save to somewhere you'll remember. Then press export Max will freeze, don't worry, it's doing its thing, when it becomes responsive again you're good to try and import the file in OB, go to "import" "universal BIstudio TXT" is the file type you want find the file you named earlier and attempt to import it. if you get an exception, clear the model materials in max, add an edit poly modifier, then convert to editable poly, then retry.
  11. Import Smoothing Group Error

    Just pitching in here, I use the VM's bistudio txt exporter for max, you can find it in the arma 3 samples, it consistently gets good results and allows you to export rigged meshes. If you're having smoothing errors in o2, make sure you're using no more than 2 smoothing groups, I remember this was an issue I had going from max > o2 for some time.
  12. Project Zenith

    yeah, i mean if you LOD it to shit it shouldn't *totally* kill performance, also check your discord :P
  13. Project Zenith

    just interjecting on a sorta related note... that helmet is overkill on the vert count :')
  14. Project Zenith

    SA-13 Gopher or GTFO ;) thanks y'all :)