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  1. medical personnel rush to a wounded soldier during street fighting on Sahrani Mods: CUP US military mod direone's animations
  2. Hey all so i am trying to set up a photo and keep running into a problem, i am trying to attach a bag to a medic, but he running with the bag in the hand (photo 1) but when i put the bag where i need it and go into game the bag on the ground (photo 2) i have try the attachto command but did not work also Regards AIF_Infantrymen Note: if i have stuck this in wrong place sorry
  3. Change log on the way?
  4. il check the file i think i forgot to uptick the binarize User need to unpbo it and then merg the file into there mission
  5. i have upload to google drive
  6. Hey All Forward Operating Base Exeter 2.0 is LIVE Download Links are in the first post Regards AIF_Infantrymen
  7. Hey all FOB Exeter is currently getting a Major overhaul i can say that V.2 will require APEX, More info to come Regards AIF_Infantrymen
  8. in a perfect world you guys would join forces with IF3 and Westwall dev team and create a supper WW2 mod but we only dream but great update anyway!
  9. can some one give a list of grids where military base\outpost are?, besides the 2 Major ones on the map
  10. "Medevac inbound: A wounded soldier is rushed to a incoming UH-80 Ghost Hawk" Mods: direones static animations, Stretcher from cup terrains cwa and vanilla Arma
  11. quick question, are we going to see the LCM3 from I44 with Vehicle in Vehicle Transport?
  12. yes! M1919 with tripod
  13. Troops from the 11th Combined Maneuver Brigade instructing Lingor Troops in how to provide security when exiting a helo
  14. what happend to the M1A1 carbine and jumpsuit? are they still a work in progress
  15. oh be quiet you dam Victorian :)