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  1. "German soldiers rush back to a shell hole when they a surprise by a US Rifleman in the Bastogne region, 1945" Mods: IFA3 Rismarck's Animations
  2. Bloody great work Rismarck
  3. For whose who are interested, the full structure of the factious unit i name in last two photos i post: 15th Combined Maneuver Brigade - 9th Armoured Infantry Battalion - 22nd Light Infantry Regiment - 457th Tank Battalion - 179th Aviation Battalion - 152th Combat Services and Support battalion
  4. "Members of the 10th Platoon, D Company, 9th Armoured Infantry Battalion prepare to board a UH-60 Ghost Hawk of the Assault Helicopter Company, 179th Aviation Battalion, for a Dismounted Foot Patrol in the diyala province of takistan, both unit are apart of the 11th Combined Maneuver Brigade." Note: this photo was taking post September 2035 upgrade, The Brigade was given a equipment upgrade on it return to US from it first tour of duty in takistan, Major change was the Brigade given the MX series of Rifles & SPMG Medium Machine Guns Mods: diyala Arma 3 Aergis FHQ Accessories Direone animations pack Rismark animations pack
  5. Coming to a malden near you
  6. "Members of 3rd platoon, D Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Light Infantry Regiment as part of the 11th Combined Maneuver Brigade during a sweep threw rasman during the CSAT invasion of takistan one month after the Altis incident" Mods: CUP terrains SMA VSM direone animations pack Rismark animations pack
  7. does it fire spaghetti ammo?
  8. "An Australian section commander from 6 RAR poses US Marine corps Squad Leader from Marine Rotational Force - Darwin During a Training Excise" Mods: Project Uncut RHSUSAF Australia Bushmaster
  9. "A Marine covers his buddy as he cross the street during a field training exercise on malden" Mods: RHS:USAF Rismark & Direone Poses malden update
  10. "War is 99% boredom and 1% sheer terror” mods: CUP US Military mod Rismarck´s WW2 Pose Pack DIREONE's poses pack Lythium
  11. "Fire team advances during a training excise in Germany, 1995" mods: CUP US Military mod Rismarck´s WW2 Pose Pack TrpUebPl Einfelde Nord SB2
  12. i tried your poses out with the US military mod and cup and they work quite well
  13. "Platoon Commander give orders to his squad leaders, Normandy 1944" Mods: IFA3 AIO direone's animations
  14. Royal Engineers