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  1. in a perfect world you guys would join forces with IF3 and Westwall dev team and create a supper WW2 mod but we only dream but great update anyway!
  2. can some one give a list of grids where military base\outpost are?, besides the 2 Major ones on the map
  3. "Medevac inbound: A wounded soldier is rushed to a incoming UH-80 Ghost Hawk" Mods: direones static animations, Stretcher from cup terrains cwa and vanilla Arma
  4. quick question, are we going to see the LCM3 from I44 with Vehicle in Vehicle Transport?
  5. yes! M1919 with tripod
  6. Troops from the 11th Combined Maneuver Brigade instructing Lingor Troops in how to provide security when exiting a helo
  7. what happend to the M1A1 carbine and jumpsuit? are they still a work in progress
  8. oh be quiet you dam Victorian :)
  9. What you moved to Australia!? what city/town
  10. Hey all Yes i have being a bit quiet for a few months sences i relased theColor Patch of the 1st Australian Imperial Force and work on that is at temporally halt , but i am back form a brake and i have found an old mod i made for a British Army Unit i was with a few months ago and this made for the 3CB BAF Uniforms not sure how well they work on other Uniforms At the moment there only on steam workshop, but i upload them to mega in a few hours, as always link is in the main post Regards AIF_Infantrymen
  11. Is the L1A1 SLR going to get it blank-firing attachment any time soon because it has the Blank Round?
  12. i am going to have a guess that island is Guadalcanal?
  13. Lying in Wait - a CDF Machine gunner prone in a bush waiting for a ChDKZ Patrol Addons: RHS, CUP Terrains
  14. i have being play around with for a few days and i got to say it fantastic, the Pattern 37 Webbing is right on the money, and i am saying this from a Reenactor point of view, all Gear is spot on ;)