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  1. NIArms Release Thread

    Thanks, I'll pass it on to Toadie.
  2. NIArms Release Thread

    The reason different barrel lengths show the same values is because they're only cosmetically different. An NIArms rifle with a 10" barrel has exactly the same performance as one with a 16.5" barrel. The reason for this is that, due to the way Arma's ballistics work, we could either have accurate ballistics for the ammo or accurate ballistics from the barrel. And it was decided that correct round performance was more important. From the repeated mention of "traders" I assume you're some running custom game mode, which is probably pulling statistics from the gun's config. I'm afraid that's going to tell you very little about our guns, because most of the performance is decided by the magazine, and Spartan's ballistics are as close to IRL performance as it gets. So whatever that mission says is probably totally inaccurate for our weapons. We don't balance things at NIArms, everything is as close to the real deal as we can get, and inevitably that means that some weapons are just going to appear to be "better" then others within the confines of the game.
  3. NIArms Release Thread

    Teck has permission, please edit your post, permission was granted with the intent that it'd be on the quiet for his group. (Because unlike most they asked politely.)
  4. NIArms Release Thread

    Still not planned for reasons previously explained quite a few times.
  5. NIArms Release Thread

    It doesn't matter what you think, you're not NIA staff, I happen to be NIA staff. If you don't want to speak to a "harassing person like me" you're free to not post in this thread, since I'm usually the one answering the questions. I'm aware that there's probably a language barrier, but I still find your attitude more then a little unpleasant, even if some of it is unintentional. Hvymtal was correct, I even said so, but you insisted on pressing the matter. Don't do that.
  6. NIArms Release Thread

    It's not a little coding work, it's an extra 3d model. You might not care, but Toadie does, I do and I suspect most NIA fans do. The lack of stanag mag compatibility is an issue with the AUG platform, don't like it, don't use an AUG. As for speaking without consent, I have been rather inactive lately due to a return to education, if someone wants to speak for us they can speak, and if they're way off the mark they can be corrected. You're just coming in here from nowhere and being really demanding. If it's such a simple thing, and you don't mind the visuals, do it yourself.
  7. NIArms Release Thread

    ^^^What he said. :P
  8. NIArms Release Thread

    You need to also run the CBA mod.
  9. NIArms Release Thread

    Yeah, basically the same thing as a Vintorez.
  10. NIArms Release Thread

    He's referring to the AWM-C that has been in the pack since release.
  11. NIArms Release Thread

    Also, it's exceedingly unlikely that there'd ever be an NIA arms " SRSS Bulldog". That would require a whole new model and animation set, for what is basically a hacked up M14 range toy. It's a disproportionate amount of effort for what would amount to a gimmick gun.
  12. NIArms Release Thread

    Please don't request things, that's not how NIA works.
  13. NIArms Release Thread

    We're looking into it, thanks. Attention all, this is how you bug report.
  14. NIArms Release Thread

    My "job" as it is basically consists of answering questions on the forum and any PMs I get about commissions or permissions. In other words, it's really not a "job". Navarro, the guy who does our sounds, has a "job". I just help Toadie out with this side of things cus he's bad at checking the forums regularly and answering PMs promptly, and because I enjoy it. If NIA was a large team like RHS, there'd be literally nothing for me to do. If Toadie was better at checking his inbox, there'd be nothing for me to do. My "contribution" to the actual mod is a decent chunk of the Patreon money, the (discounted) cost of the SIGs you're all playing with and the (discounted) cost of the REDACTED carbine that's currently in the pipeline. But throwing money at something isn't equal to actually working on it. I ever claimed it was. People trying to inject tone into Forum posts does make me laugh though. It's a text based medium. The only basis anyone has for claiming one person is "unfazable", while I apparently sit sniffing Aloe vera the minute someone looks at me funny, is their own projected emotions. If someone has an issue with my role, they're free to ignore me, but don't ask questions and then complain about my tone. Now, I have to issue a correction to something another poster said. It's not a filesize issue. We did give one bloke permission to upload an all-in-one for the private use of him and his group, because he asked politely instead of stealing it, and it did work. The reason we don't have an official version is simple, Toadie is Australian, that means his internet is awful. And uploading to steam workshop is temperamental, in that if there's even the smallest interruption to an upload, it dumps the whole thing as corrupted. Large file and bad net means that it's guaranteed to happen, meaning that uploading an All-in-one to workshop and keeping it updated would be an onerous task. Now if there was a compelling reason to do so perhaps we could duct tape some solution together. But "Bohemia's software sucks" isn't a compelling reason. Personal hot take, Bohemia would probably fix stuff faster if we all stopped accepting "modders will fix it" as an excuse. The ones marked (MTK) have NATO scope rails.
  15. NIArms Release Thread

    Am I a Bohemia Interactive Employee? No, so go bother them about their launcher being buggy, it's nothing to do with us. We've explained over and over again why there's no All-in-One on Steam. Bitesrad, I'll bring the bipod request up with Toadie again.