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  1. So i'm not 100% sure what you mean by set to 0/1, but all i did was the following: 1. I needed to add a call to any Support Modules as needed which allows an escort unit to be used with Transport helos. It's not the best option, since ALiVE uses doMove commands instead of waypoints, but it works using the code to follow helo when pos gets to further away from unit. Anyhow no arguments here about how it works, just that doing it this way was the only way i was able to get it to work. Building it into vanilla would be great because you can use the doMove command on both units. THe way i was originally trying to test it was coping way points. 1b. This was important for me to add it via script command instead of updating MODULES because the MOD i am working on consists of multiple missions files where they all use the same code to run from. (probably remember another post of mine not to long ago asking how to make that work ;) 2. The code call is also important because as the ALIVE module unit respawns, i wanted to make sure the code was run on the new unit as well. Otherwise i could have probably ran it on the unit after spawning... Anyhow i tested it and it works. All i did was add the following code to the mission INIT at the very beginning. I am hoping it works in all scenarios since people have different loading times, but testing it on two different PCs, its been working fine for me. If you think i am missing something, or it may not work for others with slow loading times, would appreciate any guidance. { switch (tolower (typeof _x)) do { case "alive_sup_transport": { private _existingCode = _x getvariable ["transport_code", ""]; private _newCode = "null = [this, 50, 'B_Heli_Attack_01_F'] execVM '\Missions\RandomMissions\scripts\DoFollow_Spawn.sqf';"; // your code here _x setvariable ["transport_code", _existingCode + _newCode]; }; }; } foreach (entities "Module_F"); Thanks again for all your support, every time.
  2. Let me test some more and i'll let ya know exactly how and why i did it :)
  3. Dude you're awesome. This worked perfectly. Thanks again.
  4. Hey Spyder, thanks for the reply. So i tested this code, and think i know what it means. But not sure if i can use it to do what I was hoping. So this will report true/false when module completes initialization, which is great for something else i can make use of, but what i wanted to be able to do was find modules that were being initialized, and adding a CODE to them via script rather then in editor. So for example: 1. Place ALiVE Combat Support Transport MODULE 2. In CODE section, add call (e.g. null = [this, 50, "B_Heli_Attack_01_F"] execVM "DoFollow.sqf"; ) 3. ALIVE will init unit on mission startup, and on every respawn will call that script So from the above, what i was hoping was rather then adding the code per #2 in editor, call it via script. So the script would look for all MODULES for Transport, and add the call to each CODE line of those UNITS for respawn purposes. I was able to do something like the below, but then it doesnt work on respawn: _transportArray = NEO_radioLogic getVariable format ["NEO_radioTrasportArray_%1", WEST]; _VEH1 = _transportArray select 0; //Gets first unit if multiple spawned _VEH1 = _VEH1 select 0; //Gets vehicle null = [_VEH1, 50] execVM "DoFollow.sqf";
  5. Hey ALiVE folks, got a question for the group. I'm working on creating a script to add escort feature to Heli transport vehicles. Got it working pretty well and easy setup, but want to see if i can take it a step further. Does anyone know if there is a way to add code to the LOGICs post INIT? For example, on the CODE line of the logic, i have a call setup (e.g. nul = [this,50] execvm "blah.sqf".) I wanted to see if there is a way to find all transport logics, and add this call to them post INIT so that i dont have to do it in mission. Not a deal breaker, but wondering if it's possible. I was able to find a way to find what modules initialize, and call their vehicles, but the reason the above process would be better is because when the unit respawns, the script should be called again on the new new INIT. Thanks If anyone is interested, i can share what i wrote if you think it will add value, i know some have asked about this in the past. Would love to see the DEVs add it into vanilla ALiVE MOD. :)
  6. Been struggling with this as well...and all i was able to find out is that the game needs to be restart everytime? is this right?! This sucks...
  7. Hey. after further testing, i was able to determine it was related to ACE. So no issues with Vanilla. Thanks for the support. If you're still interested, let me know.
  8. Sorry if this was mentioned already, but following feedback: I can only assume this is because of turrent vehicles, but for vehicles that dont have attached turrents, is it possible to make drives eject vehicles during combat? For whatever reasons the driver stays in vehicle driving around aimlessly without any impact and eventually gets killed. Be great if they exit their vehicles with the rest of the team to fight. Only way to force them to exit is shooting out the tires....
  9. In recent updates, the High Command is causing a CTD for me. Anyone else seeing this? Will do more testing and wait a few updates before opening a ticket if it continues. Thanks
  10. As always, thanks Spyder. Been playing with it now for a few days and getting closer by the hour...lol seriously...by the hour. Anyhow it will eventually come through. Once i figure it all out, i'll post some results here in case it helps others. Writing this config files drive me crazy.
  11. IS everyone confused on what i am asking? Because i'm even a bit confused on trying to explain it,,, :( Will try to expand one more time... I have the following missions for example: @MOD\addon\Missions\RandomMissions\Missions\Missionfolder.Altis @MOD\addon\Missions\RandomMissions\Missions\Missionfolder.Tanoa @MOD\addon\Missions\RandomMissions\Missions\Missionfolder.Takistan etc.. In the root of the missions, i have a ton of folders and scripts that are used for these missions. All of them use the same files. So rather then coping all this shared data into each mission folder, I am trying to leave it in a shared directory prior to the mission folders, for example: @MOD\addon\Missions\RandomMissions\ The problem is when i run a file from the mission folder, i cannot seem to make it look in prior directories where the shared scripts are. So when trying to run @MOD\addon\Missions\RandomMissions\Missions\Missionfolder.Altis\begin.sqf and have it call @MOD\addon\Missions\RandomMissions\runme1.sqf, since the Begin.sqf is deeper into the folder structure, i cannot make it look back at @MOD\addon\Missions\RandomMissions\runme1.sqf, No sure if this helps, or makes it worse trying to understand. Thanks again.
  12. If it's not possible to load the description from outside the root of mission folder, how can #included from folders outside the root direction? For example: In description.ext, i have it including 'GUI.HPP' which is found in following folder: @MOD\Mission\Randommission\GUI\gup.hpp Since mission is following path, how can i get the description to look at prior directories? @MOD\Mission\Randommission\Missions\Mission1.altis\description.ext Reason this is importing is i have multiple mission folders all using the same shared directory files. Trying to avoid coping the same files into each mission folder to save space...only if this is even possible... Thanks for taking a look
  13. Hi all. So i've been working on a project getting close to release, and am now struggling with trying to do the following. I am hoping it's possible. SO i have about 5 different mission versions, where all of them share the same file structured scripts, including both the INIT.sqf and Description.ext. I think i got it somewhat working, but having issues getting the mission to load the Description.ext i think? Reason i say this is during mission load, GUI is not loading, and i can tell its because the description.ext #include calls are not being executed. Also the description file has code to enable the console option, and this is not available in mission. Below is the config.cpp file from MOD, Any ideas? class CfgMissions { class Missions { // Mission subfolder (optional, mission can be defined straight away) class JCae_Altis { directory = "Missions\RandomMissions\Missions\RandomMissions1.Altis"; #include "\Missions\RandomMissions\description.ext" }; }; }; Entire folder structure is like: @MOD\addon\Missions\RandomMissions\Missions\Missionfolder.Altis where description is in the root of first mission folder.
  14. Thanks @adanteh. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but i got some really bad stutter on the map currently. Not sure if its objects that it uses, taht will hopefully be fixed with your port, or something else. In any event, if you happen to see this, if you can take a look. My wild guess (which i can be really wrong about) is that its a LOD issue with ARMAs latest updates... Anyhow i appreciate you taking the time to add this beautiful map to the CUP terrains
  15. Hi DEVS, any news on the PIP SLI bugs per below? I will do whatever you need to get this fixed! Just let me know how i can help you help me :P https://feedback.bistudio.com/T58803