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  1. Nice! It works. Thanks man, exactly what i needed :)
  2. Hey guys, wondering if there is a easy way to take vanilla music and set it up in description file to use as a sound or SFX file to allow it to play from objects. Example below but not having much success at multiple attempts. Also searched here and WIKI with no luck. Any advice would be appreciated! class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class MUSIC1 { sound[] = {"\A3\music_f_exp\Music\AmbientTrack02a_F_EXP.ogg",50,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; OBJECT say3d "MUSIC1"
  3. Laws of War DLC Mines

    Totally agree, or at least make an easily made function or script to allow people to do this themselves. I'm sure the modding community will do something, but something as close or vanilla would be best, as always
  4. Laws of War DLC Mines

    Does anyone else hate the fact that the mine detection beeping stops once a mine is supposedly "Spotted"? Is there anyway to change this, even if it's via scripting? ***EDIT*** Ok disableAI seems to do the trick on normal MINEs, but not the IED type. I'll open a ticket in hopes this can be fixed as IED should be able to be ignored as well until revealed by player.
  5. Laws of War DLC Mines

    https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123023 been trying to get visibility on this bug!! Perfect time to fix it ;)
  6. Would you guys consider fixing : https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123023 With the new mine enhancements, this command is super important to me as I create missions where mines/IEDs can be buried under the surface and I use this command to make sure this wouldn't happen on rock (asphalt) surfaces. I'm happy to expand further if needed. I think the community could benefit from it as well if fixed. Thank you for the continued support. Sincerely, arma fan :)
  7. Covert player code to MP

    So with some learning and further testing, i think the following solution will work. i created a function with the below code. Then i will replace "PLAYER" in all my scripts with "W_player" variable which the function will list a random player. If anyone sees any issues with this, let me know! Thanks again for the suggestions and direction. /* Author: JCae2798 AKA GigaS Description: Returns random player call findPlayer; Returns: W_player = Random PLAYER */ if (!isServer) exitWith {}; W_player = nil; waitUntil {(count (playableUnits)) > 0}; _units = []; { if (isPlayer _x && ALIVE _x) then { _units pushBack _x; } } foreach (playableUnits); W_player = _units call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;
  8. Covert player code to MP

    Thanks. This will help. To further clarify, these are mostly dynamic spawn scripts that were spawning units around the player and then waiting for the AI units to die or despawn if player gets away from that zone. I would assume this happens at server level otherwise each player can spawn there own? And if their together it spawn twice? Based on reading some of the locality, confused if AI is spawned locally to that player, will others see them as well? Does all it really mean is that this players PC is hosting the AI GROUP? thanks again
  9. Hey guys, looking for some help. Tried to do my homework, but not getting far. I’m trying to take an existing SP mission of mine and make it MP compatible. I have some decent SP coding experience, but still noobish toward MP coding. I have many scripts that ask for current Player Position, or compare Player Position against AI units. I need to be able to do this for MP Players. Some examples below. Not sure how to convert this. Thanks in advance. Examples: _spawnPos = [getPos player, 700,1000,1,0,0,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; Waituntil {sleep 15; {getposatl player distance getposatl _x > 2500} forEach units _group1}; If (((getPosATL player) select 2) > 5) exitwith {_Count = 1}; If (surfaceIsWater getPos player) then {[] spawn {call JCPlayerAMB_FNC_BoatPatrol}; _remove = (allunits - _ignore); {If (player distance _x >= 500 && SIDE _X == EAST || SIDE _X == INDEPENDENT) then {Deletevehicle _X}} foreach _remove;
  10. I prefer shooting "rouge" cops. That's the whole point, no? :) Gives a different play style from the others out there
  11. Find map heli pads

    TY Sir!!
  12. Hello. Is there a command that allows to search for nearby heli pads built into maps? What i am attempting to do is if a selected marker is near a military base, and a heli pad exists, then spawn an empty vehicle on that pad. Knowing a command to find a hanger could also be helpful :) Thank you for the assist as always!
  13. Hey @spyderblack723. I wanted to share a test scenario on the vehicle skin issue i tweeted about. Hopefully it's something dumb i'm doing. Issue: Create faction with CSAT Qilin vehicle and set skin to BLACK. Upon spawning vehicle, it defaults to CSAT colors Repo of packed ADDON (using PBO Manager): https://www.dropbox.com/s/wot4d2gdze2qppu/VEH_T.pbo?dl=0 Repo instructions: -Load arma with addon into VR scenario editor -Place test vehicle from faction called "VEH TEST" -Confirm SKIN issue. Also if you try to force vehicle appearance settings in editor, you will also see all skins are gone whereas if you try this on CSAT model, you have 3 skins to choose from. Not a concern, but just wanted to point it out if it helps. Thank you!
  14. Take it back....error on my end :P
  15. Anyone have any issues with their joystick lately>? My analog features are broken. Meaning when i up the throttle for example, it's either 100 or 0 and see same affect in controller setup (X-Y axis as well). I already have it configured for analog correctly and this was working in the past. I stopped playing within the last couple months, so nothing really changed other then updates most likely. Any ideas what it could be? I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Error on my end, sorry