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  1. Linux and driver problems amiright?
  2. Is there any way to make it faster to restart a Time Trial? The reason something like Super Meat Boy can be so challenging but still remain enjoyable is that dying is very painless. You die, and you're instantly ready to try again. In the Time Trials, if you actually crash and fail, you go through the painfully long game over screen, then reload the map and mission.
  3. Does current FCS account for the motion of the shooting platform? A helo turret would constantly need to be changing its firing solution just to hit one spot.
  4. Jet UCAV will need to hold altitude above sea level, not above ground level as current UAVs do.
  5. With the jet UCAV it's even more necessary to have UAS's maintain altitude above sea level, instead of above ground level.
  6. Tweaked: Wipeout sensors correspond with its TGP optics
  7. Looks like the Slammer gun only auto-elevates out to 3000m, as shown by the Weapon Status HUD. The co-ax auto-elevates out to 1500m.
  8. Maybe vehicles can have a detector for being hit by a laser range finder. This feature will give a little bit of warning to the target. If planning a surprise attack it will be a bit better to manual range or lase a spot near the target instead.
  9. GPS targets would actually make sense to "magic lock".
  10. Seems to work alright. Sometimes it seems to take a few seconds for the missile to recognize a target, which could make sense.
  11. Added: When no player is present in Eden Editor preview, Splendid Camera is opened by default I remember being so confused the first time that happened and the camera was just 10km above the map.
  12. You can get an empty uniform by selecting <Empty> at the top then selecting the uniform again.