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  1. Yes it does. I have tested it and I have found no issues.
  2. Its the PDF inside the doc folder.
  3. No, it works fine in here.
  4. Look at the DAC camps functionality.
  5. The RPTs would be helpful. Note however that this may not be totally related to ACRE. I have been able to do rock stable acre sessions... Nevertheless, publish those RPTs, if there is an error in ACRE we will fix it, but without them we cannot do anything at all!!
  6. This is true as well for End Game spectator mode, although it works best, as Gienkov said, when used together with ACE3 one.
  7. I would very much like if they implement also an advanced flight model for combat planes. It would put the experience on par with Helicopters.
  8. What are the advantages of using Profiling branch instead of the Stable one?
  9. So far we have not received any complaints...
  10. This is just a hotfix. I must say here that they are focusing on releasing version 1.0. Dedmen is actively developing it.
  11. Keybindings is not something ACRE touches. I think it would be better if you approach CBA for this matter.
  12. I must say here that I have never encountered a problem using DAC together with Headless Client. The flexibility DAC offers has no rival and it ensures a different experience every time you play the mission. Even the group composition changes every mission! This is not something you can do with ALiVE, where the spawned groups have always the same elements and size as defined in the config. With DAC you can set minimum and maximum sizes, time spent looking in a surrounding area if they reach a waypoint and they were on top of a vehicle, time spent checking buildings, probability of a certain role (grenadier, MG, rifleman,...) to appear in a group and so on. As said earlier: DAC offers the best flexibility and you can combine it with other spawn scripts like T8-Units to have a less dynamic spawning ( You could also use DAC to spawn units and later give them to ALiVE using a script, giving ALiVE the command of DAC AI units. This however will cut the AI features of DAC mentioned before.
  13. You also have DAC camps. But alive is better in the sense that overall command gives instructions to attack other places if a certain objective has been already taken.
  14. I use both. DAC excels at creating random patrols in an area, while ALiVE is much better to populate a zone and give "purpose" to units thanks to high level commanding.
  15. There are 64bit libraries already. So not soon but now.