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  1. So you can call people... at long distances :D :D :D :D :D
  2. Can we try it please?
  3. Would you consider adding the re textures you did back into the mod. Just for more content. Mostly for stuff like the Russian SPG and T-100 you made (I understand this is not realistic). This will off course increase the mod size so I understand if you do not wish to go this route. Keep up the great work!
  4. Me when you keep on changing the names of your mod packs... Lol ;)
  5. @TheJackSparrowDo you mean Capt. Jack Sparrow?
  6. Me when I saw this released today.... Congrats guys!
  7. Just a small thing I noticed, the Leopard 2A4 is not categorized in the Zeus Editor. Just wanted to let you know so it maybe could get fixed next update? If you have the time of course, love the mod! Keep it up!
  8. WOOHOO So happy to see this! Nice work!
  9. Is there a UH-1H for the US Army with CUP and may there be a UH-1H for UN in a future patch??? 0.o
  10. The textures for CSAT got a bit of a lighting change when APEX was release, breaking all re textures of CSAT vehicles. I can edit a picture next time I am in game to this post. To sum it up, your re textures are no longer on the helicopters, there all CSAT Textures under NATO and AAF.
  11. Never Mind, should really check all pages before leaving a reply. On a different note a retexture of the NATO unarmed VTOL would be pretty wicked and a UN C-130 would be cool, and I know you got one ;)
  12. Do not know if this mod is still in development but the recent updates to ArmA 3 have broken the textures on the Taru. Would be cool if a fix could be done but I understand if you have moved on :)
  13. Thanks for the update, but it seams like the UN M113 with the MK 19 and the Supply Variant are not showing up for me in zeus. I did just download the latest version from armaholic and they are showing up for the Gendarmerie factions. Can anyone confirm this, it may be just an isolated case due to conflicting mods. Just wanted to bring it to your attention, keep up the great work!
  14. Man you guys don't take breaks, more and more content! Keep it up! :D