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  1. Fully Automatic Nuke Launcher Please ;)
  2. WOOOHOOO Nice update, looks sick as hell man! Cannot wait to try it out.
  3. Great update, just noticed that the new content, like the weapons are over writing massi's weapons in the virtual arsenal when both mods are running. I am assuming that assets are being shared but if there is anyway to separate them it would be cool, if not its not the end of the world. Keep up the great work!
  4. Ok cool, will look forward to an update :)
  5. With the new r19 I have run across a problem, the MCC in game editor dose not display tracked vehicles for me, thought it was a mod conflict so I disabled all of my mods (except for CBA) and relaunched the game, same thing. Also it seams like unofficial content will not be displayed in Zeus with mcc enabled, even with the zeus module set to display unofficial content Hope you can help thanks!
  6. - Added Versatile Expeditionary Commando Tactical Off Road (or VECTOR) Cannot seam to find this in zeus, and is it the prowler from the APEX DLC?
  7. Great update, getting this error tho when I launch the game. (Addon 'JSDF_W' requires Addon 'JSDF_A_HG'). I have all of the requirements for the mod, and I downloaded it though Armaholic, so I am not sure what the issue is, dose not affect the game in regards to it launching. I also noticed that the new AH-1S dose not have weapon pods for the hydra rockets but I noticed in the pictures there not there so you may be aware of this.
  8. Hey so just to clarify will this replace the Pacific Nato Vehicles or will it add these as a faction or extra textures. Regardless pretty cool! Glad someone did this!
  9. Depending on what your plan is your C-130 Pack and SU-34 have not been included but they are pretty modern. But yeah just thought I would bring it up.
  10. Thanks for doing this, cuts down on all of the files that need to be managed for your great mods. But just checking, all of your content has been included in the 4 packs right?
  11. I really like the leopard 2 rev but the Merkava M2A1 M2A2 Tusk Tanks (NATO) and there respective APC's may fill the more support role that UN Peacekeepers are in, Being able to transport troops/wounded and add additional firepower if needed. Just my opinion. Looks great keep up the great work!
  12. Even Special Forces need some bigger fire power some times... well maybe not but hey, more content it more content. Do what you feel is right. :)
  13. It looks like to me the LMV is just a different wheel base. In regards to weapons I think he may add variants with different RWS like M240,M2,M3,MK-19. But also these are for the unit he is in so... may be made for the unit use only.