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  1. Shadow Warrior Free again! Free permanent copy of Shadow Warrior! Available until August 23rd 10AM Pacific.
  2. As I suspect you only want another flamebait, good luck with that and the bananas. Now Rich_R has two good answers without creating an issue with people with different opinions. Enjoy your "safespace" Rich_R.
  3. I wrote an entire guide to improve the fps on AMD cpus, you can use this guide to improve the fps in the intel too. I suggest dont disable the windows security, you can create an exception in the anti-virus pointing the dirs of you game to avoid scan the folder where you installed the game.
  4. I make my answer based on this question ( 1st post) And based on that I provide the best answer. Sorry I'm not interested to provide an answer of that, my previous post contains my opinion that's all.
  5. Make a comple disk defrag if you have a non ssd hd.
  6. I give you the point of the overactuaed preview of a future drama but I prefer wait to the episode 2 of " LA MUERTE DE ARMA 3" season one... XD
  7. What drama? the Op has only 1 thread with 1 post in this forum. Flamebaiting is strong with you too.
  8. Doom 2016 loss 90% of his playerbase in 3 months after game release - BF1 release I think - CS:GO banned 40.000 cheated accounts last month period. What's the point related with a peak player 2 years after the game release with my previous post?
  9. I strongly advise against joining a clan. I suggest find players to your same player level and the same game knowledge and play all missions in a private level or in a public server to achive the maximum level of fun. If you want to play more tactically you can learn and try exactly the same tactics learning from a book and put this ideas with your game friends. To me is the best way lo play Arma 3.
  10. Arma 3 right now is a very old game; the time window for a game to achive max sales is a month and after a year the game is fullil get all his sales, with more than 3 years? in the market this game is very, very old. But the good point is there's no other game like Arma 3 in the market right now and to me is obvious that this game is losing the amount of casual players and leave more and more hardcore players. In the Arma series time frame there's ever a hardcore player base that never loose the same amount of players. We cannot speak about dying - like other fps - we must speak about playerbase conversion.
  11. Waste ten hours to make a horrible form with two colors or spend one hour to making a good looking form with a proper paa background? A very diffcult questing to answer. I dont like spend my time in a "salty" nonsense sorry.
  12. The dialog creation in Arma is one of the most horrible undeveloped things that this engine never has. I refuse - until today - back to the RM-COBOL days for free to create a single dialog. Sadly I believe that if this tool dont have a proper support until the unfinished state of development of the game will be broken in the next update. But this tool - Arma Dialog Creator - is a great effort and I'm pleased with it.
  13. BE disable "Process lasso" and other alternatives in the past versions of this software - I dont make new test - and obviously I dont wanna make a CPU affinity every single time that the game starts - not only for Arma 3 -... The main idea is create a way to send other cores/virtual cores other services or software like "TS" without BE interference. I try the "cmd" option using a batch script if this works I try to find the way to create a util to do this with an application and make a BE certification.
  14. Title. I want to know if there's any Battleye compatible alternative to manage process cpu affinity. There's any software alternative to manage this?
  15. furniture

    I say this to avoid the non-authorized uploaders spread your work without your permission. With the new arma mod editing tools is much more easy.