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  1. furniture

    I say this to avoid the non-authorized uploaders spread your work without your permission. With the new arma mod editing tools is much more easy.
  2. furniture

    Awesome. Can be this uploaded to STEAM or you think make an STEAM upload by yourself?
  3. There's a stuttering issue with arma 3 in the latest NVIDIA drivers. I use the 378.92 and works fine.
  4. I see a video from this "mod" and I can't stop laughing... The most horrible rip-off of assets that I never seen in Arma 3. Craptacular! Note: How much misterious rookie accounts we will see in this forum to support to mod pirates?
  5. In a worst case scenario every assets and his creators involved ( with permission or not) can be sued against you and have a lot of troubles, in my own legal experience in a trial everything can be used against you in a trial, that why I make the previous post. Thats why I suggest make compilation of everything. But probably you have more legally experience than my in IP sued cases over internet, can you provide us legal documentation about this issue?
  6. The mod has been taken down but history continues in: MOD WARS XXXVIII - The attack of pirate modders vs the forces of nothing - Only in selected pendrives.
  7. I suggest to the BHI guys that make a complete compilation of all the proofs related to this issue: Emails. Pictures of the pm inside this forum. Any internet material can BHI get. Make screen captures of everything Get all the avaiable files etc, etc. Because if there's any legal issue they can be legally sued even if they dont release his mod, in legal terms you have think, ever, ever in the worst case scenario.
  8. Sadly defend your own rights agains the hordes of "Skavens" that thinks they are living in the far west tranforms you and your crew in the incarnation of evil.
  9. The endless loop strike again, I leave this before the moderator launch the anti flamebait warhead. Is "pogimit" not "Pomigits" - I see you cant speell good too - but sorry for not make a good "spelling" a nickname - this even isnt a word - I add this for the forum record.
  10. Do you have proof against pogomits claims ? No? Then you have nothing, end of the question, an educated person remaint silent when dont have anything to say. And I'm not a moderator I cant decide who post in this forum but I think that if you are follwing this path I dont see very much post of you.
  11. You are a complete stranger in this community and you dare to doubt the testimony and trials of people who have blatantly stolen their efforts and merits, they are a well know members here and to me theres no doubt that they are saying the truth, If you have a proof that denies the pogomit claims and my personal experience raising DCMA and crushing this rats put your argument over the table or remain silent.
  12. Read the entire thread carefully, please.
  13. And I would like to add that using "Bushlurker" material without permission means that since he has passed away can be used, it is not the first time that it happens. My opinion after reading many comments about this and other mods is that unfortunately there is a sub-culture of small thieves who consider that any mod that has been created belongs to them beyond any respect for their creators. Given the neglect and theft that are in other scenes of modders where practicamente everything is allowed consider that the scene of Arma is another garden of the eden where they can behave like in a cage of monkeys doing their needs by any place.
  14. I think practicing hypocrisy and demagoguery is quite a sport nowadays. We are talking about people who are literally stealing the dead and the living, not only this but also trying to take advantage of their work and good faith. For me this king of people are the comment that I have already said before.
  15. I disagree. Arma 3 is old but gold.