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  1. You need add the functions into the description.ext to load properly the entire framework See the page 2 of the "STEP BY STEP" manual, and the sample mission. Probably you have problem that you can see only using the default parameters, add the "See the script errors" parameter into the launcher. I suggest learn and understand fully the entire BIS mission framework init.sqf and description.ext before use this script and you need learn and understand fully basic programming concepts like: functions, objects, control structures,etc, etc. This script inst a manual to learn this kind of thing and that's why I suggest learn in other place.
  2. You have several sample mission code inside the init.sqf to support this feature but isnt coded right now, with the new releases I add a set of sample mission with random features but even with that you need a bit of code to put in your misison. Stay tuned with new releases to see how I can improve the script.
  3. I dont know, only test the free multiplayer.
  4. I leave this here for explanatory purposes: RAM 2400Mhz
  5. I have this under my radar long time ago: Call to Arms offers an innovative new look into modern era combat. Initially offering two playable factions with realistically modeled vehicles and heavy weaponry, as well as dozens of firearms and customizations. Command your troops to victory or fight by yourself in the 3rd person action mode. The base game offers two factions: the United States Army and the Global Revolutionary Movement. Fight in the rural areas, factories, railway stations or in towns and use the environment to your advantage. Cover is everywhere, and almost everything can be destroyed. An unseen amount of challenges are awaiting you in exciting online combat supported by Steamworks! The game allows you to command your units in the classic real-time strategy mode or to fight directly by taking control over an individual unit in the 3rd person action mode, whether it is an infantry man or a tank at your disposal. You can play this game in multiplayer for free (not sp )
  6. Good suggestion, can you make the change and post if there's issues?
  7. New release 0.90 See main post to changelog.
  8. New Version 3.0 See main thread for changelog.
  9. I think a lot of video test with arma in Youtube are probably bad or fake. Using this test you can see Ryzen stock vs OC CPU Ryzen oc 3.9 vs 4.5 - 5.0 OC None of the shows the distance view Most of them dont use YAAB Most of them dont use creators update, game mode. Most of them dont show minimal fps average etc, etc ... I waiting a single video of this "awesome" pseudo-IT guys making a comparative with extreme low expensive CPU against top class cpu in Arma 3... I think we see a great surprise in the prize/cpu power segment.
  10. Yes, of course, RYZEN uses a very reasonable TDP.
  11. The "entire earth" right now, the ryzen fly from the stores and in a month the framerate in yaab test have more than 20 fps - from 35 to 55 - with no RYZEN special code inside
  12. I think you must take a seat and a sandwich because rigth now a 10/20 threads only runs at low CPU speed 3.00 GHz (turbo 3.50) and with more CPU cpu speed you need a 1000W powersource and water cooler to avoid reach 70-80 celsius degrees. For the next AMD generation I think we see better cpu clocks in AMD and 6/12 solutions of INTEL to an "affordable" prize.
  13. if you are using a vector matrix more than one time in your scripts and you want achive maximum speed you can create a sqf file with all your vector matrix and pre - process the file using public variables to store it, thats is one of the best use of the pre-processor. Example of an units container: after of create the file you can use: call compile preprocessfile "contenedor_unidades.SQF"; in the mission init.sqf and using this you have your vector matrix public and pre-processed using the Arma3 main engine at full speed. Excerpt from code optimization of Arma 3 wiki: Preprocessfilelinenumbers The preprocessFileLineNumbers command remembers what it has done, so loading a file once will load it into memory, therefore if wanted to refrain from using global variables for example, but wanted a function precompiled, but not saved, you could simply use: call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers "file" Remembering the only loss of performance will be the compile time of the string returned and then the call of the code itself.
  14. No. _mibelovedprivatevariable = selectRandom ["kss_bread","kss_corn"];