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  1. Hey there ^^ It´s been a long time :) Where i can find the newest version of the mission and does it work with CUP Maps?
  2. When it´s done. After 1 year as a member you should know to not ask for updates...
  3. Scope Zeroing doesnt work for me after i updated to CUP_Weapons v1.3.1. Can someone confirm?
  4. The Cheytac M200 Intervention (M320 LRR) sounds really amazing :wub:
  5. I can confirm this what corona2172 said: Noticed this too, like a little delay, especially when firing FullAuto
  6. Hmm, why u cant adjust a higher resolution on the options? Of course you need to adjust the ScreenRatio for your resolution
  7. I always do this, last time it didnt work playing a mission (WholeLottaAltis)
  8. Just like i thought. crap engine stay crap engine. No improvements awaited until the devs wont start to fix this
  9. Damn ^^ then i need to check my other installed mods, maybe some incompatibility there. Are some incompatibilitys known?
  10. If Airport is occupied by Enemy you need to kill them all in this Area. If not occupied you need to on this position where the markers are on the Map. If you are in correct place on the left side of your Screen the OSD will show up the usual Shift+1 message to create some Buildings&Vehicles. So create a Truck, then a building (Big Military Tower for example) and 2 static guns. This will make the Airport yours when your Relationship to the Civilians is good in this Area. If not, Bribe those worms ^^
  11. I doubt you would reckognize increasement in your framerate when you would maximize those values. I couldnt measure any difference in Performance as i tested it. In my opinion those commands are hard placebos. The only useful command is -nosplash, it makes that you will see the Main Menu much faster, other commands are useless after i tested it. Greets
  12. Thanks Massi, i will try them soon. I will try to make some pics, need to check how this free camera mode works ^^
  13. Are the vehicles hidden for Zeus or am i doing something wrong? The Vehicles are not listed there :huh:
  14. You can create Water Barrels on Airports, press Shift+1 and go for the button where you can buy Vehicles for this Airport. In the first tab which shows up you can buy a Water Barrel. Then head with a truck to this barrel. When you standing infront of the Barrel press Shift+9 to load this Barrel into the Truck and deliver it to the desired area.
  15. My OSD is working correctly i think. No issues here: