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  1. Insignia with Steam uid

    As far as I know you have to define Insigna classes inside the description.ext or config.cpp. Everytime you want to add new insignias you have to go through this. Why they implemented it that way goes beyond me, why not simply read the texture from a file and be done with it. Cheers
  2. Take a look at the scripting commands wiki, lots of useful stuff there: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction player addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Medical Supplies</t>", { params ["_actionHolder","_actionCaller"]; yourhiddenammobox setPos getPos _actionCaller; _actionCaller action ["Gear", yourhiddenammobox]; }]; Would be a barebones example. Cheers
  3. AI Dumb bomb script

    You can always take it one step further in terms of usability. Declare the function inside the init.sqf: TAG_fnc_planeDropBombs = { params ["_plane","_bombType","_spread"]; for "_i" from 0 to 10 do { [_plane, _bombType] call BIS_fnc_fire; _speed = speed _plane / 3.6; _delay = _spread / _speed; sleep _delay; }; }; Then from wherever you want you can simply do this to make it drop bombs: _bombing = [YourPlane,"uns_MK82SnakeLauncher",25] spawn TAG_fnc_planeDropBombs; You can also add a parameter to input the amount of bombs to be dropped etc. Cheers
  4. Forums Upgrade

    Had occasional 502 and 504 errors, mission editing and scripting forum was the least affected, tried posting in here for roughly a week, no chance to get into this subforum. Flushing DNS, browser cache clear and all the other usual procedures won't help since it's a server side issue. Hope you can sort it out without too much of an headache, heh. From the looks of it you're already done. Cheers
  5. AI Dumb bomb script

    On a sidenote you probably don't want to sleep a fixed amount of time for something like the delay between dropping bombs from a plane. Consider a plane going 1000km/h, in 0.3 seconds this plane will travel ~83m, when dropping 10 bombs going 1000km/h the first and last bomb will impact 830m apart (considering plane altitude is constant and the ground is flat). (Distance = Speed * Time) Try using a formula that lets you put in the distance between bombs and have it calculate the release times automatically, namely Time = Distance / Speed. Converting speed to meters per second it could look something like this: _distance = 25; //release a bomb every 25 meters, change this to your liking //now for the speed dependant release times: _speed = speed _jet / 3.6;//speed in meters per second _delay = _distance / _speed; //example: for "_i" from 0 to 10 do // loop 10 times { [_jet, "uns_MK82SnakeLauncher"] call BIS_fnc_fire; _speed = speed _jet / 3.6; _delay = _distance / _speed; sleep _delay; // 5 second delay between each one }; Alternatively you could simply wait for distance travelled to be greater than 25m but math is more fun. Cheers
  6. [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.34

    The entire download itself is the demo mission. To use the script in your own mission simply delete the mission.sqm in the download folder. It's not just a demo mission since it holds three ready to use local MP and dedicated server compatible examples of how to integrate it into peoples own missions, as simple as a copy paste. Glad you like it. Have a look at Dialog Control and the related scripting commands. Just comment out line 2064 in GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutInit.sqf to look like this: //_display = [] spawn GOM_fnc_showResourceDisplay; Might add an option for this. I'm not on discord. That's what I meant. Cheers
  7. General Discussion (dev branch)

    I thought I'd never see the day... Cheers
  8. Problem script.

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/position Cheers
  9. Arma 3 inventory idea

    Parachute backpack is inside the bergen backpack of course. Along with 4 more AT missiles. Cheers
  10. Will this computer smoothly run Arma 3?I

    Following good ole gunters example here's the specs my rig had when arma 3 came out: Intel i7-920 @4Ghz 8gb RAM evga GTX 570 This was barely enough to get 30fps at medium settings. Upgraded around may 2013 to this: Intel i7-4770k @4.6Ghz 16gb RAM evga GTX 770 Was running decent until tanoa came out and earlier this year my GTX770 died, so I upgraded once again to a GTX 1080 with the rest of the rig remaining the same. Now I'm running SP missions with 200% supersampling on ultra with fps barely dropping below 50. Cheers
  11. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    This is another odd issue in game since a very long time. Piloting the blackfoot on full volume makes me want to rip my ears off once the gunner starts firing the cannon, way too loud especially since the engine is muffled as expected. Cheers
  12. Will this computer smoothly run Arma 3?I

    A 300 bucks laptop with a 2.7Ghz AMD for arma? 300+ would be a starter budget for a CPU if you want to have a good time in arma. Cheers
  13. Arma 3 too small for fixed wing

    VBS3 features something similar: Pretty fleshed out as of now: Imagine that in Arma, die, respawn, have to fly 250km to the AO for an hour. Cheers
  14. Sound Problems: Shots/Vehicles only hearable on left earplug..

    Go through the sound settings: Hit CTRL+R type: control mmsys.cpl sounds select active sound device hit configure make sure it's set correctly (stereo for stereo headphones) Also click the properties button and disable all enhancements in the enhancements tab since these just mess around with audio channels/eq whatever, wonder why this feature is even implemented in windows since it's causing nothing but issues. Also make sure you don't have some other third party software running that might pan the sound of a single application to one side by accident. Other than that, no idea since you can't pan sounds from inside arma. Cheers
  15. There's a few ways to do this actually, if I understood correctly: You want to place objects in the editor and during mission runtime, depending on which task or AO has to be done by the players you want to dynamically place those previous objects? There's BIS_fnc_ObjectsGrabber so you can save certain objects to a template array, and use that array together with BIS_fnc_ObjectsMapper to spawn them mid mission. Also of interest could be Custom_Composition to save some work. Cheers