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  1. After the graduation of BCT Class #0006 and the end of Operation Piper we are entering a time of training to fix the flaws and train the new guys. With the next update of Unsung (expected release in May) we will have a new deployment. The plans have not been made and we do not know exactly where we are going yet, but a lot point towards Trung Si.
  2. Our numbers are growing at a positive rate. The upcoming BCT graduation will put 6 new troopers to the test to earn their Screaming Eagle patch. Last weekend we reached our highest number of attending members since our start in November. 15 men were training together in basic fieldcraft skills. "This is one of the best trainings I have done" - A trainee in BCT Class #0005 Last month we played an 80s era TvT scenario against a British unit. Here is a video from the event! Every month we do a special event in a different era. Next up in February is a Falklands War based scenario.
  3. Cheerz to Barden for my profile pic @2013

  4. 101st Airborne Division, 2/506 Vietnam MilSim The unit is an ArmA community that focuses on giving its members an authentic experience in a Vietnam environment by using the ArmA engine with the Unsung Vietnam mod as well as additional custom made mods. We are based on but not limited to the 67-71 Air Mobile Table of Organization. We are actively recruiting new members who we would consider to be high quality players and who would take pride in being involved in our community. Once you have been accepted into our training platoon, you will not just be another number. We will do our best to develop your skills and make you an elite trooper. Once you have completed your Basic Combat Training you will have the opportunity to choose an MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) Here is a list of some of the MOSs you can choose after BCT: 11B Infantryman 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman 05B Radio Operator 91A Medical Corpsman 062B Helicopter Pilot, Utility & Cargo, Single Rotor During BCT and AIT we will monitor your skills and performance to see if you have got what it takes to be one of the few selected for Junior NCO Course. The recruitment process is as follows: Visit our website and navigate to our Apply To Join page. Alternatively, you can click the link here. The next step is to submit an Application. Once you have done this, if you have any questions, make contact with one of our liaisons on Steam. Cpl. B. Freeman - 2 Lt. C. McHellsten - Should you meet our basic requirements, we will invite you on to our Teamspeak 3 server for a quick chat with a Recruiter Liaison or NCO. This is done so that we can confirm some details with you and give you the final information. Then it's all down to you. Teamspeak:
  5. Squad name: 192. Mechanized Battalion Timezone/location: British Standard Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): 75% COOP, training to fight real people Steam contact: Website address: Short description: We are a Swedish Mechanized Battalion aiming for full immersion while cutting edges for gameplay. We want to fight other units as well as play COOP campaigns either alone or together with other units. Language: English
  6. The unit has now officially moved to World War 2! We have several TvT and COOP scenarios planned with other units in the near future. Our activity is increasing now as summer is here and people get out of school / vacation! Join us now for an unforgettable experience! If you've got what it takes
  7. This is probably haunting my mind in some subconsious way lol I just think that not having a lot of requirements would be easier for cross mod compability? Since ArmA updates 95% of the times always break mods in one way or another, all three mod teams would have to work together and take more time bla bla... Then there is ACE 3 compability, possibly ALiVE and other mods that the community might want to mix in with FOW/HIP/IF. Though I'm not very pro when it comes to modding. It just feels easier to make it an option rather than requirement (Please don't kill me). I'm sure it will be an amazing end result either way. I can't wait ;_; Forgive me, father Steel
  8. Would making IF a requirement be permanent? I'd support it if it just was for the maps. I believe that HIP adds most of what is needed for a functional mod to start with(?) (I haven't done enough research :/ ) I would personally prefer Iron Front not being required permanently.
  9. Father... Please.. No D:
  10. I regard your mod being safe for Hell in the Pacific involved you are completely right yes
  11. YAAAAY!! Amazing news <3
  12. With War Chronicles out of the picture as a WW2 modification we instead look forward to Faces of War. The group is growing slow but sure and we will start focusing more on facing other groups in the near future! We are looking for highly skilled as well as new players. We need high standards on our members due to regular Player vs Player events with other units. We want to be the best!
  13. A little bug I noticed with the new "indiska" uniform. You can't aim your primary weapon. I only tried with Kpist m/45 though.The sights are a little off to the left when it works though. The gloves on the UNO soldiers seem a little off. I love the mod anyway!! Me and my group have regular events every now and then using SFP, and we have for a few years now. I only wish there was an insignia for Vildmannabattaljonen too. :D Knugen should invite granq for dinner for his work..!
  14. My unit has been playing with the mod since it came out, and it's really a top quality mod! This I also found the medic and radio field pack to be a little glitched. It doubles the items inside everytime you view it in the editor, and the same if somebody joins the server. It runs the "addmagazine" etc script again and again.
  15. Unit info has been updated 2016-02-01 We have for a while now been working on the internal logistics of the unit as well as integrating new members. The unit is now stable and has all the trainings written and ready to be executed fully. Our first Jump Wings have been given out to those who completed Jump School last weekend. We are in the search for future Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers to lead our unit to victory against other units. If you are interested in becoming one of our strong leaders, talk to 2nd Lt. C. McHellsten.