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  1. Looking for it mission and all addons for it. Thanks.
  2. Thank you guys!
  3. Hello Again guys. 1. Can somebody upload Final versions of F-15C and F-15E by Footmunch? 2. Is there an AC-130 apart from that? ( 3. Have somebody UAV working in Multiplayer? (It is desirable to American and Russian) Thanks...
  4. If I right understand you. I make next: "WW4_REVEMachinegun" createunit [ [4522.658691,17.272085,9425.594727], group SPDummy, "[This] Exec ""Spawn\Meaux\MGInit.sqs"",1] But and it not working...
  5. Hello all! I'm not found a main thread about questions of OFP Editor and I Start new thread. Need help. I'm write script with dynamic respawn units. Here it is: ;//Meaux Guard. Grp=objnull ;=========Squad Respawn============== "WW4_REVEMachinegun" createunit [ [4522.658691,17.272085,9425.594727], group Grp, "[This] Exec ""Spawn\Meaux\MGInit.sqs""",1] But it not working, Unit not respawn. I call it in Init.sqs: ;//Init Meaux [MAC] exec "Ammo\AmmoCrate.sqs" [MAC2] exec "Ammo\AmmoCrate_RPG.sqs" [] exec "Spawn\Meaux\Guard.sqs" Please - help. Thanks.
  6. Looking for it mission. Thanks.
  7. Oh, sorry. For me it link don't work yesterday. Thank you!
  8. Hello. I'm searching for Marcomico retextured CAT Afghanistan with textures 512x512 from here: (DOWNLOAD - Retextured Afghanistan v.1.0 [95,4 MB]) Thanks.
  9. Well... I understand you're not going to make winter camouflage for units and vehicles, only desert? Desert camouflage it's good. But and winter camouflage is good. So, if you want to do something, do it yourself. Thanks for answer. If I can, I'll try to make this camouflage... Spirit.
  10. Thank you, Zulu1. I'm going to remake this missions for WW4 EXT.
  11. Well, to me a little sad that that keno is no longer working on this project. But I have some idea. I talked about this sanctuary and keno. But apparently me so no one heard :) I hope you hear me Apoc. What you think about winter camouflage for Vehicles and Men for all sides? I think it will be good. I Can make some missions for WW4 EXT, but not now. If you make it - it will be good. P.S Sorry if my English is not very good. Spirit.
  12. Hello all, I'm looking for Corner To Corner Coop mission on Afghanistan island. And another COOP mission on afghanistan. Thanks.
  13. Kenoxite, hello. At first - thanks for you mod, it's great. And I have idea, what you think about winter camo for USA, Resistance and Russian? And can you add desert camo for Russian? Spirit.
  14. Nice gun, you going to make version with Aimpoint or Eotech? And I have second question: What's cituation with SMLE? ( Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, I can't find " "Someone have this? And, i can't find AA-12 Shotgun, can you help, guys?