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  1. Hi, I would like to create a task with a long description with location. for example something like this: _nearestCity = nearestLocation [ getPos _wounded, "nameCity"]; [ WEST, ["task", "We need MEDEVAC at _nearestCity ", "MEDEVAC", "MEDEVAC", getPos _wounded, "created"] ] call FHQ_TT_addTasks; Im using FHQ TT for tasks. I try a lot of options but nothing works. I think is usefull for dynamic tasks. Thanks!!
  2. Hi, im editing a MEDEVAC mission and i would like to check when the wounded soldier is stable. I was looking at github but the closest i finded was [_target] call FUNC(isInStableCondition). It gives an script error and dont returns nothing.
  3. Thats really nice, it changes middle eastern maps totally. Im working on a small map with a medium size city and it looks great. There are a lot of things that are not working now. I would like to help you reporting things to fix. What is the way to report? Many thanks!!!
  4. Amazing!!!
  5. Hi, Haleks I know you dont make this mod compatible with ace3mod. With latest update of ace its completly incompatible with ravage. In our group always play with ace military missions but sometimes we used your mod to play survival scenarios. We miss a lot of features of ace, for example medical settings, revive, advanced ballistics, map gestures, pointing settings etc. Before, we can adapt scenarios to play with ace limited but now its impossible because now zombies dont make damage to players. I think its something with advanced damage, same problem as RyanZombies. Many thanks for your work.
  6. Playing at Omaha V2 I44 map on arma3 with iron front a3 lite ace3, this time command a Sherman M4. Enjoy it.
  7. This night playing Arma 3 Iron Front in I44 Neaville map on spanish.
  8. Hi, It Gives other error too "Error Undefined variable in expression: _damagebodypart" If you set value to one you can play, but always a zombie attack player gives an script error. Would be nice to solve this problem. Thanks!!
  9. Hi. Nice job, incredible job with that mod. Its really easy to make a survival scenario placing modules, and easy persistence without breaking my brain with complex scripts. We are going to use it on my clan usually. How can i make blacklist of markers where i dont want to spawn zombies or loot?. Im creating an scenario at tanoa with some comunities along the map and i would like to be sure are free of zombies or enemies. Its possible to add some items, for example ace medical items to loot as vital items? HC?? if i place an HC ravage transfer auto AI to HC? (it would be nice, more zombies same performance) Other think would be nice is graffity, a good base to make this work is bohemia posters module. I try to find on arma 3 files to know how it works. Many thanks for all work in this addon.
  10. Check your Nziwasogo version and be sure you have latest. Im editing now at this map and i only have civilian spawn problem.
  11. Ook thanks!! Enviado desde mi D6503 mediante Tapatalk
  12. Hi im having issue with mahkno maps Dariyah and Nziwasogo almost. I place only the 2 civilian modules, population and civilian, with required, player options and Virtual AI. And never spawn civilians, i check with arma 3 factions and this is not the problems. Thanks!!
  13. Nice job!!!!
  14. Hi, I understand that this mod is already compatible with dedicated?
  15. Nice job with BAM!!!!