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  1. #5 Operation Juno Summer 2016 A Company deploy to the Black Sea in response to a military coup which has overthrown a friendly nation. This campaign allowed the company to play out all the aspects of the first 24 hours of an intervention, swapping hats and conducting amphibious assaults as Royal Marines, Air Assaults as Paratroopers and a spectacular hostage rescue as a company sized SF assault on a large building. Operation Juno roundup Think you've got what it takes to join the best Milsim experience out there. Visit us at www.16aa.net/forums/
  2. Placeholder for HR Summer 2016
  3. Spring 2016
  4. Operation Heracles Part One A Company have redeployed back to Kunduz in response to a surge in Takiban activity aimed at destabilizing the Afghan government during the withdrawal of ISAF troops. Be part of the best Milsim experience you can get. www.16aa.net
  5. Operation Perseus - April 2016 A Company is re-tasked with taking on the role of 1 PARA as part of UKSF SG following an DS attack on a Mediterranean holiday resort. After a very brief workup period to get into the new role, A Company, allegedly supported by an Allied power, allegedly carried out an air assault on Poquerelles' Western Beaches and allegedly spent the night patrolling East hitting DS targets and rescuing hostages in Platoon sized attacks, clearing the last of the DS strongholds before allegedly returning to their offshore base before dawn. For more images and videos visit https://16aa.net/for...um/100-gallery/
  6. 16 AA Operation Aegis, January to March 2016 www.16aa.net The tragic civil war in Syria and the rise of the terrorist group 'Divine State' from the ashes of conflict and sectarianism in Syria and Iraq have created untold human suffering. Refugees fleeing the conflict represent the largest movement of population since the second world war. As politicians in Europe and the United States debate the merits of a sustained air campaign against Divine State, direct military intervention by Russia to prop up the beleaguered Syrian State shocks the world. The Russian build up is rapid and well planned, with elite ground troops securing airbases at LATAKIA and KHMEIMIM. Significant redeployments of Russian Navy assets are also underway in order to secure vital supply lines to those locations. Fearful of Russia’s intentions in the region Parliament orders limited mobilisation of the newly formed Rapid Reaction Brigade to the eastern islands of the Greek Archipelago in the Aegean Sea. 2 PARA have been deployed as part of NATO TASKFORCE AEGIS and are based at NATO facilities on KRATIKOS AIRFIELD. A significant section of north-west LIMNOS has been designated as a Military Training Area in order to enable live-fire training for elements of the UK Taskforce. Op Aegis training A Company begins training to prepare for possible hostilities in the Aegean. Infantry skills are brushed up and rapid fighting withdrawal tactics are practiced. But first...... FST Training night A Company forms up ready for Exercise Fortress. The buddy team fire and maneuver range is put to extensive use. An infantry section prepares to go through the Section Attack range. All is calm but the tension in the region is building. Come and join us for one of the best Milsim experiences around.
  7. 16 AA Operation Aegis, January to March 2016 http://16aa.net/forums/ Operation Aegis saw A Company deploying to the Greek Island of Lemnos as part of a NATO commitment to increase readiness in the area and to prevent aggressive expansion by the Russian government. A significant portion of the island was turned into a NATO training area and extensive use was made of this. However, intelligence reports indicated that the Russians wanted to show their strength and it appeared that Lemnos was their intended target. A Company prepared to defend against any invasion. For more images and videos visit https://16aa.net/forums/forum/100-gallery/
  8. The 16AA is currently recruiting new members! Read on to find out more about one of the world’s largest MILSIM communities, or go to our website 16aa.net. The 16AA is a UK based, multinational MILSIM community. Based around the British Army’s 16 Air Assault Brigade, we are mature group of cooperative gamers and MILSIM enthusiasts. We have over 80 members filling a multitude of roles, ranging from air assault infantry to more specialised supporting roles. We operate as close to real life tactics as we can, adjusting slightly to accommodate Arma3 gameplay. Maturity, teamwork, commitment and patience are key words for anyone interested in joining the 16AA. Every Sunday and Wednesday our members set aside 3 hours of their evenings to deliver some of the best Arma3 gameplay possible! Do you have what it takes to join us? Read on to find out what the 16AA is currently looking for, and what you need to join us. ORGANIZATION The 16AA is loosely organised as a battalion of the parachute regiment. A Company consists of 2 infantry platoons. Each platoon has 3 sections with 8–12 men in each. The infantry forms the core of the 16AA, operating on the front line, spearheading attacks against the enemy. The Support Company comprises of a selection of highly trained specialised elements. These include: Fire Support Group 7 Para Royal Horse Artillery 216 Para Signals 16 Close Support Medical Regiment 13 Air Assault Support Regiment Joint Helicopter Command OPEN POSITIONS The 16AA is currently looking for INFANTRY. We are looking to bolster our infantry sections with dedicated members who are interested in being the tip of the sword for the battalion, digging in on the front lines, kicking in doors and getting in the enemy’s face. You’ll receive extensive training as an infantryman, and will get the chance to specialise within your assigned section, taking on roles including pointman, light machine gunner, AT rifleman, combat team medic or marksman. There are also a few spaces available in our supporting elements. If you do have a special interest, please talk to us about it and we'll let you know what your options are. HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES? The 16AA has a proper in-game command structure. Our ranks signify the roles we serve in game, and the work and dedication it has taken for us to get those ranks. We do not insist nor expect to be addressed by our ranks. We only ask that new members respect the achievements of those who came before them. When you first join the 16AA, you will be a recruit. You’ll go through our basic training, and should you succeed you will be promoted to private. Most members of the 16AA are privates. If you have leadership qualities and an interest in leading, you might, with hard work and dedication, lead your own section someday as an NCO. The most skilled individuals can move on to command entire platoons. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. If you think that you will be a good fit for the 16AA, head over to our website 16aa.net, and follow the steps outlined to make an application. In order to play with us, you will need the following: Arma3, the base game. ArmA3Sync for the mods. TeamSpeak3 and a working headset for communications.