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  1. Hey Eph1n3, I did see the post but forgot to answer. It works as intended, if i bring down the alpha of the color it will be barely visible at night with NVGs.
  2. That 2m delta is unfortunately something i cannot fix. That number shows the height of the a/c's model center of gravity.
  3. They're useless for fixed wing aircraft. You're either flying or you're a fireball. I don't understand the question.
  4. I remember doing it and sending it to Konyo a couple of years ago and he didn't add it. I'll think about it. I'm glad you like it :) I'm aware about the "helmet independence" but unfortunately it's a game limitation and I don't want to mess with scripting as it may cause conflicts with a bazillion mods out there (i.e. ACE3, RHS, etc).
  5. In that case download the hmd mod and delete all the pbos except for the"HMDs_Kimi_IMPERIAL_Wipeout.pbo". Idem for the metrix variant. That shouldn't interfere with anything on the server, unless the server is running keys.
  6. Let me start by saying that this mod is no longer standalone, it is now a part of the HMD mod.What you say is correct, the mod disables the vanilla hud because all the info is already represented in the aircraft's HUD.
  7. It's not just plug and play, you gotta get down and dirty with the configs. What aircraft would u like to see them on?
  8. The MELB HMD is now available as a standalone addon in the steam workshop: MELB HMD (Metric) MELB HMD (Imperial)
  9. It changes the amount of vanilla UI info.Removes the weapon/ammo, damage indicators, fuel indicator, etc. It also depends on the type of vehicle, some of them have less info some of them have almost none (little birds).
  10. Thanks, I'll look into it. ;)
  11. Screenshots speak louder than posts [emoji14]Is it on all the black hawks?
  12. I undesrtand your concern about the flare out, but at the same time I don't see it as something that will ruin the experience. I can only do so much with class mfd, and being able to change the britghness of the symbology is creating a different pbo with another brightness setting. which of course is highly outweighted by the extra work that that induces. Beleive me, I'd love to be able to change brightness of the hmd, turn it on/off at will n stuff like that.
  13. @Variable, Are u referring to the night sky glare? If thats the case then theres no way around it. Nvgs arent supposed to show the sky like that. I have RL pics of an apache hmd at night and the symbology's color and brightness are dead on.
  14. I'd have to double check but guns an rockets keep the ccip. I dont remember if bombs are affected. Either case, if it doesnt work just remove the weapons pbo's.