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  1. I'm glad you like it. the TTG shows up only when there's an active waypoint.
  2. Of course! Once I'm done I'll forward it to Firewill.
  3. Wipeout HUD/HMCS test:
  4. Unfortunately that's not possible without the use of heavy scripting. My only advice is have an AI gunner, go to manual fire, aim your head towards a target (AI will even target infantry at least 1km away), lock, and fire. At this point in Arma 3's life I don't expect that to be adressed nor it is something of utmost importance. One thing that could be "fixed" would be to have the cannon slaved to the Gunner's freelook instead of the mouse. I think that's totally achievable.
  5. I'm having trouble understanding how the "turret" and "TurretToView" sources work. Here's what's on the Blackfoot: class GunnerAim { type = "vector"; source = "turret"; pos0[] = {0,-2.0}; pos10[] = {0.0068,-0.01}; projection = 0; }; The pos0-10 vectors are weird. The "TurretToView" source sometimes works like a normal vector and sometimes it seems like it needs to be combined with forward vector depending on the amount of bones represented in class MFD. I think it should work exactly like the "PilotCameraToView" vector, where it represents the turret view of the pilot (fxd wing TGP), but it just doesn't work.
  6. All HMDs are modelled after the AH-64D Block II. And yes, they will be later added to the RHS helos and standalone MELB.
  7. Alright, I'll look into the CBA stuff as I already know how to use the standard custom user actions, but I fear they might collide with other mods. Also, a big change in the overall mod framework, I will consolidate all HMD pbo's into a single one because now you can turn it on/off without having to remove/add any pbos manually. Another important new development, on that has been requested since the conception of the mod, is that you can now change the color and adjust the brightness of the HMD! YES YOU HEARD ME!!!! All this stuff will be arriving with an update very soon. Some pics with the different colors:
  8. Alright, I figured out how to use custom actions for the HMDs, so now I can trun in on/off, declutter and toggle metric/imperial system. I will experiment a bit to see if I can change the color easily. Here's a quick vid on the new stuff: On a side note: I'm looking to create custom controls for the mod (configurable in the ingame controls settings). Anybody can help me with that?
  9. It's definetely possible, although it would double the ammount of code required. I'll look into this but no promises.
  10. I know how to put them in the class MFD as conditions, but I don't know how to actually add the script to a vehicle. Another thing: I've noticed now the HMDs are "slaved" to the player's zoom level, making some elements (all vectors) move within the HMD. It does keep the same ratio, so the symbology is still accurate, but it changes it's size. For example, if you use a static HUD + HMD, the size of the symbology of the HUD will remain but the symbology of the HMD will shrink down. Look at the pitch ladder and heading carat in the heading tape (^) Now if I zoom in, the vector for the horizon and waypoint changes the ratio. This makes the pitch ladder not work as intended, it's an attitude indicator that's represented in the HMD as an instrument, it shouldn't be slaved to the real horizon nor it should change ratio. :'( Another example for the pitch ladder:
  11. Czechu, that HUD looks amazing! On a side note: has anyone been able to use custom user conditions? (user0...user50)
  12. Works if you have mission/zeus waypoints and also for the "LShift + Click" waypoints. It would be glorious if we could have the ability do do flight plans in game. Well, that might be something BIS adds in the future. If you take a look in the picture there's actually an HMD symbol for where the Waypint is: LINK. The "Inverted Superman Shield" is the Fly-To-Cue symbol.
  13. The waypoint info on the bottom left include Time To Go (TTG) to the next waypoint depending on the aircraft's current airspeed. In that example it's 17 seconds. An this second one is the Gunner HMD, quite different from the pilot's one.
  14. Yes, delete all pbo's inside the addons folder of this mod except for the one that says "HMDs_Kimi_IMPERIAL_LilB.pbo" or "HMDs_Kimi_METRIC_LilB.pbo", depending of which of the two you're using.
  15. ... Of course I can... BUT I WILL WHEN I'M DONE.