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  1. Damn BIS, that HMD looks way too familiar.... Found new sources and conditions that are not specified in here yet: Condition: - autohover Sources: - Time - VtolVectoring - Throttle Also, type="polygon" appears to fill drawn polygons with color. I think it's limited to only triangles and squares. And apparently the clock sources don't work off the box, are they linked to the clock in the model? More similarties here (the night one is the one i did back when apex came out and the Blackfish had no HMD) :
  2. Indeed. The way you do it allows you to do pretty much whatever you want for a HUD. In contrast, class MFD is so limited in the amount of sources and conditions that it required a bazillion lines of config do just one lil thing. So I'd say keep up your good work, and if u are able to expand on it, then do so, again, because it's inmensely superior to class MFD.
  3. speed in Knots, altitudes in feet, and vertical velocity in 100x ft per minute.
  4. Good stuff! Is it possible to have it in imperial units?
  5. Yes ;) Here's a picture of how it looks. Be advised, the dashed cross in the middle represents the turret aim point, so if you're flying alone the turret will zero to the centerline by default.
  6. DUPLICATE - Disregard this post
  7. I cannot confirm nor deny such statements. Nah, yeah I'm pretty sure they did use some of my stuff, I've notcied some ideas I implemented were reproduced on some of their HUDs. I'm fine with it, it's their game either way. For the comanche, I can definetely see the heading tape and slip ball being my idea (the latter uses G's instead of lateral velocity, so no matter how hard you step on the ball, you won't get a coordinated turn). But I wanna be clear on somethig, I try to implement what RL HMDs show (mostly Ah-64D) in the code provided by BIS, so they can also replicate the features on their own. I can tell you than one BIS dev reached me out last year asking if i could give him some ideas i thought were cool to have for HUDs, one year later they are adding some of that stuff in the new jets DLC, so I can't complain. BTW, I'm working on some shit for the RNLAF AH-64D that takes HMDs to the next level of awesomeness. Hopefully it will also be replicated on the RHS helos.
  8. That's something i've been trying to add since i created this mod. Unfortunately there's no easy was to achieve that.
  9. Thanks! I noticed it changes depending on the loadout but they're almost unreadable. If conditions are still being defined, it'd be awesome to have an action to turn the HMD on. (And a numeric source for lateral speed :p)
  10. Already got down n dirty with the HUD improvements and so far I'm impressed on the ammount of stuff that has been added. I especially like the NeverEatSeaWeed feature . I noticed a lot of stuff can be improved in the FA181 HMD, like having the climb ladder and flight path marker (FPM/TVV) latched to the forward postion, much like the F-35's HMD. I'm sure this stuff will be improved in time, no worries. I'm still trying to get around the mathematical conditions for group classes. Example from the Kajman HUD: Is this saying that it will be displayed until the AGL altitude reaches 1000m? Can I combine multiple mathematical conditions? Also, can I use child classes with conditions? Like this example:
  11. All versions have the same content, regardless of the version number. The armaholic and PWS versions include an optional folder in which you'll find both RHS and MELB HMDs. In SW however, I had to create difference addons to be able to have them as optional, so both the RHS and the MELB HMDs from SW require the original HMD mod. Also, it's worth noting that the HMD mod is not a clientside mod! You can in theory use it by removing the weapon related pbo's in the addons folder, but i doubt that random players that would want to join your server will be willing to get dirty and remove pbos themselves.
  12. Nope, turrets are locked to each crew position.
  13. Oh shit, I forgot to remove that line, my bad. I'll be getting into the new HUD stuff sometime soon and add the fix for the above.
  14. IIRC u can easily remove the GUI in the vehicle config. I think it was vehicleinfotype="empty" or something like that. That's through modding although i agree it should be vanilla.
  15. Well then, it's time for me to go back to the dungeon and start working... I'm so happy for this stuff I'm about to cry :')