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  1. Thank you. Technically, all I wanted was to replace the condition of the already available action, but I haven't thought about disabling it and writing a new class for this. I'll test if it works. #edit: Ok... turns out I just had a stupid typo in the function called for the condition. But now I know: You can simply overwrite statements from ACE_Actions without heritance considerations - except maybe for class Man etc. Thank you anyways! :)
  2. I've heard some players using their Scroll-Wheel+Ctrl to switch through the stances. Sounded plausible.
  3. I'm currently working on a mod to force a captive down on his knees (and back up afterwards) and I'm having a problem with the condition for the ACE_EscortCaptive action. The condition does not check for the current animationState the unit is in (which is reasonable, because without my mod you can only have one animationState), so I wanted to add that. But I don't really know how to override the default ACE_EscortCaptive action. That's my first try to achieve my goal - and of course it doesn't work. I suppose it's related to missing inheritance, but I can't see how to inherit from ACE_MainActions... Any ideas?
  4. To clarify some things: I discarded my previous licence and decided to allow copying, sharing and modifying according to the GPL-2.0 licence. The usage of the mod is still restricted by the additional terms I applied. With the new licence you can upload my Mod as a part of your mod collection on Steam Workshop or, better yet, use my official upload:
  5. And people wonder why the game's performance is in such a bad shape in most mp games... If there's absolutely no way for you to play on a server that is serious about the player's enjoyment, try to take a look at these:
  6. Updated again, to 1.4.2: IMPROVED: Raised weight of AED item. IMPROVED: AED will "show" heartrate of patient after use. IMPROVED: Added pain for every use of AED. IMPROVED: Added probability for AED to adv_aceCPR_probabilities. MATCHED: licence Changed first post.
  7. Please no! The air conditioners on Tanoa bother me enough. -.-
  8. Updated again, to 1.4.1 ADDED: sound for AED (great shoutout to Boom Tools Filmton!) FIXED: Wrong function called on non-local AED usage.
  9. Updated to 1.4.0. Now the mod contains a defibrillator item ("adv_aceCPR_AED") that offers a new option to resuscitate a patient faster and at a higher success rate. The defibrillator has to be in the inventory of the medic of course.
  10. If you're downloading a 50mb mission file you shouldn't join this server.
  11. I'd rather say only removing the mine should affect it. Given that the mine detector detects mines - and as long as there's a mine the mine detector should notice. Otherwise it would be an active mine detector.
  12. If the mod should be ready to release in september, you should rebrand it as "Jaws of War". :D
  13. Updated to 1.3.4. with a fix for the aforementioned bug.
  14. Playtesting revealed a severe bug in the current implementation of ADV- ACE CPR. Currently units seem to keep on "dying" after CPR, even though the units can walk around as if nothing is going wrong - resulting in dropping down without pulse after a certain amount of time. I'm working on it.
  15. Hey guys, I'm currently having a problem with one of our players. It seems like BE is blocking the ace-dlls (ace_fcs.dll not installed) too, but the problem is: The server he joins doesn't run battleye and neither does the player. He is the only one with the dll error. battleyelauncher.exe is not running in the background, arma3sync starts without battleye enabled, the right executable is started, we even removed battleye completely from his system, deactivated his AVsoftware (Kaspersky) and all... I'm a tad at my wits end with this. His rpt: Does anybody have an idea what could cause this? Seems like the problem solved itself - or rather reinstalling all the mods helped.