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  1. Almost all servers are not official. There really are only very few "official servers" (I don't even know how many, but I'd be amazed if it's more than 12). I've spent thousands of hours in this game and probably have never been on an official server. Host the games on your own, or make your own dedicated server to play. Arma 3 is not a "we give you content, you play that content"-game, it's a "we provide a framework, you do with that framework what you want"-game. It's really not that difficulat at all to host a server for your friends to play with, provided you have a public IP4-address. If there's no player base to speak of in India that's a shame, but hosting "official servers" will not change that, they don't have an effect on the player base in EU anyhow. Arma's what you make of it.
  2. Just smack it in the init.sqf and place the names of the vehicles where [vehicle_1...vehicle_n] is.
  3. Ah, I knew there was something I missed when I converted it to params... Thank you! Fixed it in the post above.
  4. A long time ago I made this, should still work and do the trick. { _target = _x; if (isNil "_target") exitWith {}; _target addEventHandler [ "GetIn", { params ["_veh","_pos","_unit"]; if !(side (group _unit) isEqualTo east) then { _unit action ["eject", _veh]; }; } ]; nil; } count [vehicle_1,vehicle_2,...,vehicle_n];
  5. I once made this mileage counter: Maybe that's something for you.
  6. That's what I use for setting the frequencies: And for setting the channel of the radio according to it's groupID I use this: Both should be called, the first one as early as possible in init.sqf (or better yet via preInit) and the second one of course after the player received his instanciated radio.
  7. No, they won't.
  8. I suppose that's meant. btw.: Does anybody now what exactly the array entries from the return of bis_fnc_objectsgrabber tell you? Example: [ ["B_Slingload_01_Ammo_F",[0,0,0.0663986],0.00159234,1,0,[0.000750017,-2.09939],"container","",true,false] ] I suppose "[0,0,0.0663986]" is position relative to anchor position, but what do the other values stand for?
  9. Nothing in your post was not related to KotH or Wasteland. The only thing that might be applicable to Arma in general was the notion of tonal response to missile lock on. But that's not how the real world works - and should only be discussed in the right sub forums. If the sensors of your vehicle don't know that a rocket is flying towards them they can't and the rightfully shouldn't give a signal. I really don't see anything in Battlefield (an arcade war game solely focussed on competitive gameplay and reward systems to keep you playing) that should be brought over to Arma 3 (a military sandbox with a simulatory tenor and no commitment to one particular way of playing). That's the ranking system discussion all over again.
  10. Ever since 1.70 has come out almost every third thead created was by people playing KotH or nothing but KotH. It has been said thousands of times and here we go again: This forum is no place at all to wail about KotH. If you don't like the way KotH is made, go to the KotH makers and whine there. Again: KotH has nothing to do with BI. It's like writing a letter to Bethesda because your favorite anime mod for Skyrim isn't using 4k textures. And, as has been stated before as well: Arma is not Battlefield. Comparing the two games is like comparing Braid and Super Meat Boy. They have some resemblances but are still totally different games. If you're having more fun playing Battlefield then guess what: You should play Battlefield. But to take at least some of your criticism seriously, I can recommend joining an arma community that mainly plays PvP and try your luck there. Then you don't have to acquire any in-game currency to fly.
  11. Virtual Arsenal in itself is not a problem. Mission creators who try to make immersive missions and rely solely on VA are. VA is great to create loadouts - but they should be applied via script. It's even less work than using the whitelisting features. And that actually leads to my main critique at SWS. Most people write shitty missions. That's unfortunately a fact. If you've got the ability to upload your mission to SWS with a single click of a button - without testing, without performance tweaks, without thinking about mp locality, without taking even the slightest amount of time to optimize your mission - then you're more likely to do that. And guess who's making their first post on this forum about the lousy game performance? But that's what overpopulates SWS: Shitty missions and stolen mods ("not my content, I just uploaded it for convenience purposes" haha... bastards.). And SWS offers only very lousy options to really dig through the uploads so you can separate the crap from the useful stuff. The implementation is just awefull. How often do we get players who have seversl versions of the same mod in their workshop folder - and can't get the right version to work with arma3sync or comparable launchers. Additionally people just can't get a grip around how SWS is supposed to work for mods. You can create compilations and whatnot - but what do people do? Upload the same mods over and over again. It's great for lone wolf players who just want to jump in and play (provided they find the mods they're looking for), but from a community player's and organisator's side it's just the worst.
  12. 1. Creating a larger coop mission and have players get their loadout by VA only. Write a goddam loadout script, it's not that hard. 2. Players asking stupid questions that could have been prevented with a single glaze at the options menu. 3. Especially since all the new comforts of Arma 3 (I'm not criticizing the game itself!) people generally tend to not be able to use basic skills like navigating with map and compass, use grid coordinates, set their friggin' radios and whatnot. 4. SWS.
  13. You can't just put the texture of the boat on a car. It's like wearing your coat as pants. The texture contains all parts of the vehicle - and the model of the vehicle sort of knows where each part of the texture belongs to. Every vehicle needs a specific way the texture has to be arranged. Long story short: A boat texture can't fit a car. I don't really know what's wrong with B_GEN_OFFROAD_01_GEN_F. Just because it says "Gendarmerie" instead of "Police"? I find that hardly offputting. If you want you might use my siren function for the lights and the siren: Just keep in mind that I apply a licence forbidding upload to Steam Workshop and use in any kind of Life gamemode.
  14. Everybody's talking about this great new enfusion thingy... And all I do is sit here and think that Arma 3 still looks way better than this RV 3.5.