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  1. You claim to notice a known bug, now you don't. Have it your way. :)
  2. 1st off: _city = selectRandom cities; //however, I don't see a reason for cities to be a global variable that's being made public, at least not in this snippet. 2nd off: Try it with a safety catch: _cityPos = locationPosition _city; _cityPos = if (_cityPos isEqualTo [0,0,0]) then { _locationPosition (cities select 0) //or any other location position } else { _cityPos }; That way you can revert to a failsafe location (that you can even manually select) if the position is [0,0,0]. But maybe you should try to find out why it sometimes returns a position of [0,0,0]. Maybe there are some entries created with nearestLocations that are not suitable or just in the wrong format. I would try to find that out first. The array format of nearestLocations is a bit curious, for example: nearestLocations [getPosATL player, ["NameCity"], 3000] = [Location NameCity at 16207, 17297,Location NameCity at 14480, 17614,Location NameCity at 18049, 15264] Maybe your array has some entries that don't make sense.
  3. We use the ace settings framework with both a class ACE_Settings in the description.ext and a standard in the userconfig. And still we have to use missionNamespace setVariable ["ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage",true]; in the init.sqf to have the variable ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage do what it's supposed to do.
  4. Change name in Arma 3

    Start the game -> take a look at every element on the screen -> find the profile tab -> create a new profile.
  5. Change name in Arma 3

    Create a new profile.
  6. Although more performant would be to just: if !(west countSide allPlayers isEqualTo 1) then { _trigger = createTrigger ["emptyDetector", [0,0,0]]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["west countSide allPlayers isEqualTo 0", "['end3'] call BIS_fnc_endMission",""]; };
  7. You can use either if () exitWith or if () then {} else {}, but if () then {} else exitWith {} is not possible. You can however always use if !() exitWith {}, or change your condition, or create a workaround Additonally "bluefor" is not a side. You have to use west, east, independent, civilian, enemy. That should do what you want: call { if (west countSide allPlayers isEqualTo 1) exitWith {}; _trigger = createTrigger ["emptyDetector", [0,0,0]]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["west countSide allPlayers isEqualTo 0", "['end3'] call BIS_fnc_endMission",""]; }; This will only create the trigger if more (or less) than 1 player is in the mission.
  8. Always use {side (group player)} instead of {side player}, as the side of the player may change to civilian (on setCaptive for example) or to enemy (on accidental team killing for example), but the side of his group does not change with that. Unless of course you specifically want that.
  9. I just love how the accusation of virtue signalling is thrown around as soon as someone speaks up about a moral issue. This has nothing to do with virtue signalling - and quite honestly the accusation is simply a way to terminate any discussion. It's like Godwin's law, just the other way 'round: If you discuss moral issues and you're immediately confronted with the allegation of virtue signalling, what can your response be besides of not partaking in the discussion if you're heavily opposed against the subject matter? The intent of this thread, the reporting of the content and the statements in the upload's comments is generally not to be on the we-are-better-train, but to get this atrocity taken down. That is not virtue signalling. Aside of that: I don't have to be personally affected by something to speak up against it. If that were the case, why should anyone care for any problems besides his own? You should not have to know any of the victims or be related in any way to the persons involved to the Las Vegas Shooting to know that this mission is an affront against decency.
  10. Take a look at the documentation and you will find conditions for BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd as well. If you want multiple sides, use something like: side (group player) in [west,east]
  11. You can't compare replaying a mass shooting like the Las Vegas incident with replaying situations from armed conflicts. Armed conflicts are full of ambiquity and replaying situations in which innocent people were killed usually serves a purpose or portray the situation in a way that something can be taken from this experience. Comparing this mission to other missions in Arma is like comparing playing Castle Wolfenstein to recreating working as a guard in a concentration camp. It's that No-Russian-thing all over again: As soon as something doesn't serve a purpose aside from glorifying the violence or satisfy some weird fetish for the suffering of others, you have to draw the line. This mission is not a satire (which I wouldn't be as opposed against - even though I can't find a way to satire such an event itself) or a kathartic study of the human condition: It's murder porn. It's murder porn that kicks the victims in the shin without being justified in any way.
  12. One of the parameters for https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction is "condition". There you can put something in like side (group player) == west to make it available only for one side.
  13. Disgusting and inhumane as this piece of garbage is, you know that this isn't the armaholic forum?
  14. Max_Women

    I wonder: what is the change to the MP advertising system?
  15. There we have the culprit for the turning problem. If you steer the vehicle with the mouse, the vehicle will turn when you turn your turret. Removing the mouse from the "Car left" and "Car right" controls solved the problem - but now no vehicle can be turned with the mouse, effectively removing mouse controls from ground vehicles. Additional problem is that the body's turning is not exactly congruent to the turret's turning - that makes movement while in commander or gunner view in first person very difficult. There's a difference in turning between 3rd person and 1st. Additionally: If using the "look"-key to just turn the camera, the vehicle still turns. Enabling vehicle freelook in the game settings has another weird effect for the Kuma only: Looking around while driving yourself still turns the vehicle - as does turning a turret while commanding the AI driver. There's just no consistency to the relation between mouse movement and vehicle - if commanding an AI driver your mouse probably shouldn't input anything. Either the direct control has to be overhauled to just using keyboard input (or just use the "command DIR"-controls instead of the "Car DIR"-controls, since you're, direct control or not, still not driving but commanding) - or, as it was before, left to the modders, so players have the choice. It's a little bit strange to have a setting for vehicle freelook, but not for direct control over commanded vehicles. I don't even know why it's in there. If I'm commanding a tank, I don't have direct control. If I want direct control, I change to the driver's seat - otherwise I give my commands to the AI driver and anticipate the delays and inaccuracy of the vehicle's movement.