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  1. "Car More Left" and "Car More Right" have a completely different behaviour than "Car Left" and "Car Right". You have a much more proper input. "Car More XYZ" give you a kind of delay between mouse movements and vehicle steering. But with direct controls it's no longer suitable. Additionally: "Car More Left" and "Car More Right" should just as much be direct ai commands as "Car Left" and "Car Right" or "Car Left Analog" and "Car Right Analog". There's no reason to include the one and exclude the others. It's as if noone has even thought about this direct control mess before implementing it. There should simply be an option if you want direct control or not - because it breaks so many systems (like controlling your vehicle with mouse commands).
  2. Set "Mouse Left" for "Car Left" and "Mouse Right" for "Car Right". You can no longer turn your turret without moving the whole vehicle in the commander seat. Or additionally enable freelook and go in 3rd person: You can't look around without moving the vehicle. That's what I'm going on about.
  3. Still: Moving vehicles with the mouse (eg. not using vehicle free look) heavily interferes with the new system. As a commander you can't rotate your turret without moving the vehicle.
  4. ADV - ACE CPR

    Nope, still working. You probably use a version older than 1.4.8. Update to the current version of ADV-ACE CPR.
  5. First (and best way): Write a mod with a unit config that provides the units with the equipment you need. Second (and only second best way): Safe your custom arsenal builds as sqf-files in your mission folder, compile these file names as functions (so you don't have to type in the whole path everytime), and call these functions in the execution field of the units in the zeus interface. Third (and least best way): Add the build manually in the arsenal for every unit. There are no other ways to do this.
  6. The direct control HAS to be disabled as soon as vehicle freelook is disabled. I can't believe how this could have been overseen - even after according feedback in the tracked vehicles thread. With vehicle freelook disabled you turn your turret with the mouse if you're commander and your vehicle if you're driver - now you turn both your turret and your vehicle as a commander which leads to completely uncontrollable behaviour. I have the feeling that the vehicle freelook option has not been taken into consideration at all with direct control.
  7. BWMod

    There's no link between TFAR and BWmod. This kind of question solely belongs in the TFAR thread. The answer thouh is: yes, as every LR radio from TFAR can use an additional channel. This is also true on every vehicle LR radio. If the vehicle hasn't got a radio on its own, use this code in the init-line of the vehicle: this setVariable ["tf_hasRadio", true, true];
  8. Given the recent precedence, I guess that a couple of missions can make up a paid DLC.
  9. TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    So... what exactly does the change of nomenclature mean? What's the difference between that what has previously been called a "campaign" to that which is now called "military operation"? "Scenario" is still the same - scenario is that, what the community calls a "mission". So I guess you get seven missions that are combined to three things that aren't a campaign...?
  10. Mod Errors Preventing Server from Running

    You have to install the mods needed for the mission or make a new mission. task_force_radio_items needs task_force_radio_items.pbo from TFAR 1.0 (devbuild) hlcweapons_aks needs hlc_wp_ak.pbo from NIArms AK Rifles - maybe you have an older version or your folder doesn't contain this pbo, murshun_cigs needs murshun_cigs.pbo from Immersion Cigs, ns_a2 and ns_structures stem both from Namalsk Island - but they are sometimes included in other maps, chernarusredux_buildings needs chernarusredux_buildings.pbo from Chernarus Redux, So: You might take a look at your rpt and find out that a couple of those are not loaded by the server. Starting with line 508 you have an exact listing of ALL the pbos that are actually loaded. The ones listed over and over again are not beneath them, so you have to make sure that these files are actually present. On the other hand: if these mods are not in your modset: Why use a mission that needs those mods? https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/154316-how-to-remove-mod-dependency-from-mission/
  11. Mod Errors Preventing Server from Running

    The server hasn't got these mods. It doesn't matter what mods the server or the clients run: If the mission is depending on mods that aren't loaded by the server or the clients, you can't start the mission.
  12. Mod Errors Preventing Server from Running

    You're trying to start a mission on your server that's depending on the following addons: That means you have to have the mods these addons belong to loaded up. Otherwise you won't be able to start your test0.Malden-mission. You should probably at least try to read your rpt - it's very clearly stated over and over and over and over: Other than that there doesn't seem to be a problem. Additionally: Your server IS running, it just will never load the mission you tried to play.
  13. Forums Upgrade

    502s still happening quite often - and the forum still has incredible loading times. As ever since the "upgrade".
  14. ADV - ACE CPR

    Which means that you still use version 1.4.7 or an even older one. Update to 1.4.8 and you should be good to go.