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  1. Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Oh... that´s a bummer, but you have your reasons (I didn´t know or recalled there was this shenanigans... or else I wouldn´t ask) Thanks for the direct link, thou =) Saludos!
  2. Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Good news... I recall seing a screenshot by Saul of some experimentations with HMD on the SH, but maybe that got lost when he and John transfered the development of the planes to your team, TeTeT, but I wasn´t sure if it was a partnership with Kimi or Saul´s own fiddlings with the engine... anyways, a HMD support for both planes is a long waited wish, hope you guys can make it happen! Cheers =)
  3. Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hey Kimi! No Armaholic or dropbox links for the update? I refrain from using steam whenever a mod has optional files and such... Is TeTeT going to include your HMD files on the next SUperHornet and SU-35 update? Saludos!
  4. GI JOE and COBRA

    Wow, Scotg, what a pleasant suprise! I still have my GI JOE vehicles (and most of my toy soldiers) safe and stashed on my closet and being able to revive my glorious days of creating complicated and dramatic plots (while I was 10 yo, back to 1986) for those plastic little mens (and women, like Scarlet etc) now Virtualized by RV4 engine is PRICELESS... I´ll keep a keen eye on this thread and loved the video... anxious to JUMP with your recreation of the AWE Striker... kudos man!
  5. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Ohh that´s a bummer... too much mods to match the movie atmosphere or just the plot wasn´t fitting well? Good to know you haven´t given up on a small spec ops campaign thou... RHS added some nice SPECOPS new stuff...could be handy =) Waiting anxiously to play it =D
  6. RH Pistol pack

    Is there any serious bug actually? I usually equip this pack´s Glocks, SIG-228 or M9 even the Gsh-18, and I don´t get any error, and the pistols work as they should... why people poke RH from time to time asking about updates? Expecting ew pistols? If it ain´t broken (and the modder is busy), why pester? Indeed, the SWS IP theft is another menace to this long lived and (at least on its glory days) respectful and friendly community of creators and fans =P I fear that the veteran and seasoned modders won´t be longing if this current state of affairs persistis (damn entitled kids... Arma4 will be either vanilla or stolen ported IP at this pace ) I feel your pain RH, sorry for my rant (and keep up the awesome work on ASTFOR and other side projects) Cheers
  7. Ravage Mod

    Just adding up: You can equip the player with all Ravage itens using the virtual arsenal, just look at magazines tab then just copy and paste the config on the init box =) When I start a SP Ravage mission and don´t want hours and hours of scravenging, I load up (using MCC) Virtual Arsenal and browse the magazines after a knife, matchbox, map and Geiser, so all the rest is profit ;D (it is cheating, but my play time now is scarse =P Cheers
  8. Mynock's Missions

    Mynock, stick to here... SWS is the wildwest of entitled kids and imature adults, so you either ignore their nagging or stay true to your audience: here and armaholic =) Have you pulled your missions from sws? Can´t find them anymore...
  9. DETROIT 2077

    WOW! How have I missed that? Just like EO, I´m a die hard cyberpunk fan, created a pen&paper RPG back in the day (90ties, while I was on college) and I scream like a girl on anything resembling Willian Gibson and John Sterling´s novels lol I´m camping outside your virtual haven on the matrix of the UE Sprawl, waiting for this beauty to see the fog of the day *there´s no bright days on Cyberdystopia lol* About the grafitty, check out Phantom aka SIG missions (Baphomet, Enenmy Contact, Doomsday nights etc etc) he adds tons of custom skins on his missions, mostly grafitty and evil signs lol He´ll be certainly the source you´re looking for! Cheers chum!
  10. Is this mission broken for you too?

    That´s Kydoimo´ s addon that adds furnitures and objects to enhance Vanilla and mission making, dang he hasn´t touched it since early 2016, so the last arma3 updates must have broken it, gotta warn him, thou I thinks he´s somewhat busy to look after this =/ Gotta get rid of it for a while, as I´m getting this acess violation error with plenty missions too Cheers
  11. Project Zenith

    Well played sir.. well played =) Equality of the Dudes FTW
  12. Project Zenith

    ...or you mean "dudess"... Zeealex is a badass... GIRL...making helmets...and MP7s...and Barretts... and functional women models for Arma3 =) (nice resumé btw) (maybe a SA-9 gecko... jk) Cheers
  13. Black Powder

    With the women animations HorribleGoat and Zeelex´s women heads, this may be feasible... just don´t count on BI for this =) HG project seems to opensource the converted animations so other mods can create uniforms and such... This mod would enhance a lot with it (not a request, just a wink wink ;) Cheers
  14. Ravage Mod

    And it was uploaded by a fellow countrymen (another brazilian)...ohhh the infamous "huehuehuebr" spirit never ceases to amaze (and embarass ) me =P DMCA the sh#t outta him, Haleks (with extreme prejudice) Cheers
  15. PAK-FA (T-50) AddOn: Work in Progress

    Welcome back, LyotchikSniper, great to see you back (long time fan) I think that AWS and all Firewill´s work is a nice framework to upgrade your PAK-FA (dynamic loadout´s, TGP integration etc), you should definately PM him or check his threads Spasibo!