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  1. Looking at already open issues on GitHub makes you spend less time writing it out sometimes, no guarantee if it'll be for next update though.
  2. description.ext does NOT support modifying class CfgVehicles, you need a mod, or simply use the function that was given above by @belbo.
  3. Thanks! Those boxes/stacks are already loadable on development of ACE3, will be released next update. Not anymore, they are coming with next update. :P
  4. @feint MFDs are using "vtolvectoring" source to show the angle, and HUDs are using "vtolMode". Maybe that can somehow be used. There already is a way, all VTOL aircraft have to define "vtol" config entry. So you can just check that with "getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf (vehicle (call CBA_fnc_currentUnit)) >> "vtol") > 0". (Use CBA_fnc_currentUnit for remote control compatibility.) @RacerXNo it's not possible, Arma has no API for joystick/gamepad buttons, so there is nothing that can be done. However Feint's mod is using CBA keybinds, so as soon as that will be possible (if ever) you'll be able to. Until then, software for your joystick outside of Arma is basically the only way.
  5. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    We don't mind waiting. We are trying to figure out what exactly causes it rather. :)
  6. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    But that will only help us, instead of everyone who uses the mod. :)
  7. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    @AdacasIt seems the following uniform sets are using an old (2 years or so) base model with leg selections being underground: - Fleece + G3 Field Pants - G3 Field Set - PCU + G3 Field Pants The following set however works fine: - Tshirt + G3 Field Pants As you can see that breaks ACE3 for example, and anything using those 2 memory points (more so when prone). This bug has been fixed in sample models soon after Arma 3 release.
  8. Arma language support for Atom has been updated to version 2.12.0! Changelog: - BI Commands from Arma 3 v1.76 - BI Functions from Arma 3 v1.76 - CBA Functions from CBA 3.4.1
  9. Racks, external radios and intercom overhaul are not polished enough yet for a release, so we decided to release 2.5.0 without them to get other things out.
  10. Yes, it should be the case at least. I guess there could be a small possibility something was missed, in which case it would probably have prefix "ca" or something that vanilla assets used in previous games.
  11. 1. I run that and know for a fact that it works. Are you sure you are using latest version and all that? If it still doesn't work with only latest CBA+ACE3 then put it on the issue tracker where it belongs. 2. Use -serverMod, I run this and it works just fine without whitelisting it. Same as above.
  12. You should definitely report that to the CBA issue tracker on GitHub then. Just make sure it's really CBA changing things, and not something else.
  13. Likely a conflict with another mod. Make an issue on GitHub if it still happens with ONLY latest CBA and ACE3. You could edit the config with a patch PBO. Using this config value instead of the texture path for whatever goggles you want modified should do the job. ACE3 doesn't add any such Zeus module to set global AI skill level, you must be using another mod. ACE3 Medical Zeus modules do disappear if you are not running ACE3 Medical, because they rely on it. "checkPBOsAction" doesn't have a value of 3, only 0 (warn once), 1 (warn perma) and 2 (kick, which also displays warning first). Also you don't need to add "ace_server" to "checkPBOsWhitelist". Just run it with "-serverMod=" instead of "-mod=" and only on server.
  14. That sounds like a huge increase, are you sure something else is not at play? I wonder if server stability decreases even further with higher fps, someone should try running it for like a week and see what happens (mind, normal binary starts dying on 11th day or something like that when it runs out of floating point precision).
  15. This is open forum, you speak with everyone. I clearly said no need to fight over it, I simply explained to you what is what. If each person starts using a word with their own meaning there is no discussion. You are of course free to ignore it or take it as good will so you can use it correctly the next time around. Cheers!