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  1. It is nowhere close the same thing. ACE3 climbing only allows you to climb obstacles below your height (waist-height or something like that).
  2. I have forwarded that to the contributor who is continuously improving TS Channel Switching. No, it is just a model at this time.
  3. What @cuel said, if you don't do SQF it's of no interest. If you do, it's just an easy way to make the keys available that otherwise aren't in custom displays, so all those mods don't have to apply the keys using our internal functions which might change without notice.
  4. It might happen if that part ever gets restructured, but that's highly unlikely for ACRE2.
  5. Because it is easier to handle that way and not worth adding extra complexity for such a small use case. I don't understand what you have against PTT (or any of the other solutions you listed) compared to muting your mic in TS, one is pressing a keybind to speak, the other is pressing a button to mute.
  6. My statement stays. Arsenal will save radios with IDs, which will cause the issue for you. In your inventory load script you can replace unique radios for their base classes. if ([_item] call acre_api_fnc_isRadio) then { private _baseRadio = [_item] call acre_api_fnc_getBaseRadio; }; In next update, we are rolling out full Arsenal compatibility, which will alleviate those issues on any newly saved loadouts.
  7. Make sure you don't assign radios with IDs (eg. "ACRE_PRC_343_ID_5"), but use base class (eg. "ACRE_PRC_343"). You can use an API function to get a base radio from a unique radio ("["ACRE_PRC148_ID_5"] call acre_api_fnc_getBaseRadio;").
  8. Everything just works so well! :D It unmutes clients when ACRE disconnects from the game, so you don't have left-over muted people. You can't allow people who are not in-game to talk to the ones in-game, it is a design decision and we will not change it. The whole point is to prevent disruptions during the game.
  9. Possibly, unsure, I don't think I tested that specifically, lots of things to go through, very likely I missed some. Test it and if it doesn't work make an issue on GitHub, if it does, tell the others here! :)
  10. You can be 90% sure it will not be fixed if no one reports it on GitHub.
  11. Looking at already open issues on GitHub makes you spend less time writing it out sometimes, no guarantee if it'll be for next update though.
  12. description.ext does NOT support modifying class CfgVehicles, you need a mod, or simply use the function that was given above by @belbo.
  13. Thanks! Those boxes/stacks are already loadable on development of ACE3, will be released next update. Not anymore, they are coming with next update. :P