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  1. No. Although I like the idea myself, so I might look at it someday.
  2. That is because ACE Spectator sets variables for ACRE compatibility properly, BI's spectator of course doesn't. No problems here. Since you are using RC 1.68 that could very well be the problem. If you have logs, do make an issue on our issue tracker on GitHub - note that it is known that a big amount of mods likely crashes the game, and is often pointed to ACRE2. 1. Correct (at least not yet ;) ). 2. Known bug with loading, restarting the game will fix it, there is currently no other workaround. If you have logs (RPT and logs/acre_dll.log) it would be very helpful if you attach them here.
  3. Make sure you have Zeus set to use all activated addons and not just official ones ("Game Master" module setting).
  4. hotfix just fixes a crash on OS X, ACRE2 plugin should remain fully compatible (no API changes were made).
  5. Ah my bad, you can also go to Options -> Game to access the same menu (and then Configure Addons). If it's not showing you must not have CBA loaded (in which case nothing else should work either really).
  6. I am not sure what you mean. In the editor itself that button has no function. If you are loaded in, then it should show "Headset raised" or "Headset lowered" (or toggle mute other spectators if you are in spectator).
  7. I am not sure why you are even saying this. I merely commented on what could be improved and made compatible with different heads.
  8. That is completely fine. :)
  9. Yes... I know that. But making the model a tad bit bigger wouldn't make it look uglier for Caucasian heads either and it is still a "bug" (kind of). I didn't say the author has to fix it or anything, just that it exists.
  10. Looks like the new face shields are not compatible with all the heads in Arma.
  11. Mission settings set in Eden are saved in mission.sqm. You can use presets too or have a PBO distributed in your modpack with standard setting. Or server userconfig. You are probably better off using ACE Spectator, I know spectator-to-spectator chat works with it completely fine. Never used BI Spectator though, so can't say for sure.
  12. As said on this helpful page: "It's not a valid to simply remove @ace from the mod list to confirm that ACE3 is the culprit." Any other mod could be causing the bug, and "ace_vehicles" only exposes it. It's not as simple as majority thinks.
  13. No, there is nothing ACRE specific at all. If you are already using CBA settings for some other mod, it works exactly the same. You can simply save it to the server profile (the save button), export it for userconfig (with autoload pbo) or pack it into a PBO if you so wish. If a mission calls an API function directly that will make the setting that API function sets be blocked via CBA settings. It was the best way to keep backwards compatibility for those functions, but you cannot prevent those from overriding the server settings.
  14. There are no new client-side settings, they are all server- or mission-side (you are the server when playing locally hosted or singleplayer). The things in red means they are overwritten by server/mission settings indeed. As @magnetar said difficulty moduels have been deprecated, so have API functions. They will both be removed in 2 versions (API functions in 3 actually, because apparently I couldn't count when I wrote it). Currently API functions will block further CBA settings when set and a warning+deprecation note will be logged to RPT. That assures backwards compatibility for now.