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  1. I suggest you provide more information as per our guidelines on the issue tracker. It looks like your loadout script is messing with the inventory causing the desync to happen, or using wrong classnames or something, either way can't help without full RPT and filled out issue report on our GitHub repository.
  2. There have been no changes to the API on TeamSpeak's side, even previous 2 versions would work. :) We also update the first post with latest TeamSpeak support as we post the update posts, do check that.
  3. It's a chat platform, you can find a self-invite (slackin) link on the front page of our GitHub repository.
  4. No, but that hint is there for a reason - to tell you TeamSpeak is not connected to the game. Even if we would decide to ditch it (which we won't) it would take more than 30s to make a release, so pointless. The line is here, but mind we cannot provide you any support when modifying it.
  5. Replacing the hint with an icon similar to the desync one is on the todo, but unknown when we'll release it.
  6. It is a command line program, and it converts .wav to .b64 file, nothing else. There is no documentation about it at this time, you can join our Slack for further questions as it is a lot easier to talk than on the forums.
  7. Anything you can get, including minidump files if they were generated. Can also add logs after you create an issue, so we can take a look at the ones you do have already.
  8. I would suggest you make an issue on GitHub, attach RPT and acre_dll.log (found in "Arma 3/logs" folder) logs and also join our Slack for easier communication. This should indeed not be happening and many other communities run just fine with even more players. And I believe you meant build 947 and not 974. :D
  9. We make a copy of the function and insert our settings into it so you can toggle Zeus bird and messages off. The script error is from BI (vanilla) and not us. We are accepting PRs for compats, we only host them out of reason to allow easy distribution and central editing place, and out of courtesy. Feel free to make an issue on GitHub, might bring it to attention to someone who wants to do that.
  10. Is an error in BI Curator function, we just copy it to insert our settings. I just diffed it and they are still the same.
  11. What he meant is if you have to load into a mission to set some mod's settings, and save it, dependencies will be created simply because you have to do it in Eden.
  12. You can change them during a mission via CBA settings when logged in as admin, and yes you can also do it via addon (static settings file which is already possible with current version of CBA). And yes, that's why static file in the mission would be ideal, so you wouldn't have to load the mission in editor to edit just the settings. Correct, file patching is required for auto-load. And no, if server is running filepatching that has nothing to do with clients, that's why there is the allowedFilePatching, clients still won't be able to use it if the server does.
  13. If the mission builder thinks Eden attributes are shady that's his problem. :) There will never be a script way to do that, but other ways (eg. a static file) are being looked into for reasons of not needing to open the mission in Eden just to be able to change settings.
  14. BI is releasing a hotfix for 1.68 one day now, I suggest to report the crashes on GitHub with all the required information and anything else you can gather if it still keeps happening after the hotfix. What I think is happening is Arma crashing and Windows reporting our extension as the faulty module because it is constantly in use.
  15. No, not as of yet. None of the core developers are working on that, it was a contribution (a good one at that) and I don't think any of the core developers will work on it at the time. As far as I know tbeswick96 was looking into it, but I can't say, best to keep eyes on GitHub or ask him directly on Slack. :)