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  1. That is nothing we can do, and I am sorry if that makes you not use ACE3, but there is basically nothing we can do about it. BattlEye servers sometimes go down, sometimes they are unreachable.
  2. Join our Slack (slackin link on front page of our GitHub) and you can download it there.
  3. That's only available on the dev-builds for now, is staged for 2.5.0 release. Respawn bug is known, however development has been slow as of late due to real life jobs and whatnot of the core developers.
  4. They are derived from vanilla ones. You can see them here: They all start with "acex_sitting", and the changes from vanilla animations are the ones in the macro on top.
  5. In relation to ACEX Sitting, it only changes animation and sets position and direction, no ray casting involved. Unit most likely gets stuck on top of the helper object while it is supposed to "fall" to the floor.
  6. One day I'll do that, but very busy with other stuff at the moment.
  7. Interesting, it seems that headset has something integrated than, or something that's part of its drivers. Don't think I can help you much more, as it works with another headset.
  8. Nope, it's entirely in-config, which means it can't be changed while the game is running.
  9. That is definitely not intended! Have you played with any of the settings or does same happen with everything on default (both in-game and TeamSpeak settings)? Also check if you don't have some weird audio drivers running that try to simulate 3D as well, or just any audio drivers for that matter.
  10. You'd be surprised by how many reports are made without even thinking that. :D Glad you got it resolved.
  11. Do you know exactly how those other mods work? Otherwise I wouldn't say that if I were you. ;) Make an almost empty test mission that can be quickly loaded with only CBA and post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker, then someone will take a look (if you can indeed reproduce it like that).
  12. Make sure to try with 3.10.1, we removed custom AI config in 3.10!
  13. As for Advanced Throwing being broken:
  14. No, CBA Keybinds don't support that, because they can't, BI does not provide any API to do that.
  15. Should work just fine, as unless something communicates with the plugin, there shouldn't be any issue.