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  1. No, not as of yet. None of the core developers are working on that, it was a contribution (a good one at that) and I don't think any of the core developers will work on it at the time. As far as I know tbeswick96 was looking into it, but I can't say, best to keep eyes on GitHub or ask him directly on Slack. :)
  2. Only with ACE3, and it depends if the spectator mode integrates ACRE2 or not. Vanilla one doesn't for example.
  3. You can't enable a plugin from the game, if the plugin that handles the communication with the game is disabled. :P TeamSpeak channel move. That feature is not in yet, will be with next version. You will still be able to switch manually just like you can now, the only difference is that it moves you to the appropriate channel as requested by many communities that prefer this way of doing it. TeamSpeak 3 plugin will automatically update itself when you start Arma 3 for the first time after you update ACRE2. It will show a pop-up during start telling you if it was successful or not and what it did.
  4. Lobby and even briefing should work just fine and you should not get muted there (but I am not 100% on the briefing part). Going back to lobby definitely also disconnects the plugin, but it might take a few seconds for it to timeout.
  5. Arma language support for Atom has been updated to version 2.9.0! Changelog: - BI Commands from Arma 3 v1.68 - BI Functions from Arma 3 v1.68 - ACE3 Public Functions from ACE3 3.9.1 - CBA Functions from CBA 3.2.1 - Added syntax-highlighting support for .inc files
  6. There is also no point in addressing CBA, there is no way for a mod to register non-keyboard and other peripheral device buttons (including mouse 4 and 5). Once BI exposes that it will be possible, until then...
  7. Yeah we can add another optional PBO for RHS MELBs, if you can make an issue on GitHub that would be appreciated. With the CfgPatches name and making sure they actually have all the same variants (I don't use RHS and don't have it downloaded).
  8. 3.9.0 is fine with the update as well. What you linked is an RC (Release Candidate) meant for testing before we release 3.9.1, it is at your own risk, but we appreciate any help with testing and issue reporting.
  9. It worked with 64-bit since 2.4.0 was released. :) Unknown if it works very reliably yet though, time will tell. If you encounter any issues, head over to our GitHub Issue Tracker.
  10. Pipe error simply means game and TeamSpeak disconnect, if Arma crashes that will happen because TeamSpeak will no longer get messages from the game. It is hard to say what would be logged or not, but RPT and acre_dll.log (found in "Arma 3/logs" folder) are the first step.
  11. That is one of the vanilla PBOs. What version are you running? Only stable Steam is supported.
  12. Thank you for the kind words! :) Yes, vehicle racks are in the works, actually pretty close to being done.
  13. Nope, just a static object at the moment.
  14. Not through SQF, but you can via server, either have a static settings addon or use userconfig together with "cba_auto_load_settings_file.pbo" (found in userconfig). We will not be reintroducing the modules for those settings as they are harder to manage and maintain. Additionally, CBA Settings are actually much easier to setup for the mission, you have a variety of options; next to the above 2 you can save it directly to server profile (logging in as admin and setting it in server tab), setting it per-mission (saved in mission.sqm) and save and load presets. Fundamentally, using a module is equivalent to setting it per-mission inside Eden, therefore we have no reason to use modules due to more needed maintenance for less gain. CBA wiki lacks a bit on all the features of CBA Settings, but there are some quality of life changes coming soon around that which will hopefully clear some things up. :)
  15. Settings Framework wiki page should explain how to use it in different ways. This will just allow it, change max range to 3m and force all settings. It's up to the client to use it then (default keybind "H" I think). As you force all settings, you might also want to force the default medical menu style to be the medical menu if you want to see the interaction. "ace_medical_menu_useMenu" (I think).