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  1. Would you guys drop this it was a dam request of infomation. Which is against the rules and everyone that follows the rhs forums knows this. Cause when u get the 1 dam wip picture or new item on their Facebook once a month. You know the mod isn't dead.
  2. Just waiting for the Pufu Roast
  3. Oh boy now I'm getting on the train and I haven't even seen a teaser...
  4. It isn't a real thing just said it in a reply.
  5. Aka 3CB going into RHS:BAF
  6. You must pray to the devs for some of their time to fix the hole in the floor.
  7. If your willing to deal with the download speed cap
  8. This hype train is too real...
  9. The color changing Hud, if you go with cbar settings they have a color slider option and attach that to a global vareview. Then the user could set the color of Hud they would like.
  10. CBA settings you should use.
  11. With that Hud you could turn off arma 3s info and fly the plane the way it is meant to be flown.
  12. You should definitely do what blast core does and re work explosions and such. This is sweet imagine a jet being shit down.
  13. Or better yet join their team.
  15. Not the right form section man.