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  1. Does the new map work with CUP Terrains Core?
  2. Laxmann sound bug
  3. Yep ur right, I got those two confused.
  4. Isn't the gun already in game. I swore i have seen it using RHS.
  5. Configure your steam settings. I download at 5mbps
  6. Tank DLC
  7. Possibility to see this Apache to replace the A2 ported one? Since after all it is open source.
  8. Or hope that BI makes magazine proxies so that way we could have different types of mags for your weapon.
  9. Turn off verification on bikeys. Only way to solve due to USAF mod has their keys all screwed up.
  10. You would use attachto command and attach a static minitripod 50cal to it.
  11. Always hopeful about the workshop
  12. Ok You could use attach to and attack a mini tripod version of the 50cal to the top and add some sandbags for cover if you want to