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  1. @Zabuza If I have time I can try to update the pull in ACE with the update. I'll see what I can do after the 4th.
  2. It's probably already fixed on an internal build
  3. Well Ull have to wait and see. That's why RHS updates are more exciting than BIS ones. Cause you never know what you will get.
  4. The showcase missions are broke. Sorry, i got the error report but my screenshot tool isnt working right now. Its throwing an error code out of the omaha mission sqm. [] instead of =.
  5. I'm not disagreeing its modders choice, at the same time it is not STUPID. It is just ease of use. One button automatically installs, and updates plus configures to servers so you can connect with the mods the server requires.
  6. They are on the workshop,
  7. Yes DS2.0 only modifies the ArmA 3 Vanilla sounds if the weapons inherit sounds from the vanilla weapons then the sounds will transfer. If you have custom sounds they will override as entries are not inherited.
  8. Well if you shoot an 114 has a range 8k according to Wikipedia that's a stretch for ArmA. Besides your view distance isn't that high so you wouldn't see your target. You have to make it playable, you just can't sit halfway across the map pegging missiles off and hitting tanks.
  9. What war can do to a city is crazy.
  10. Maybe you didn't use them correctly?
  11. For the M151 shouldn't the gun say HEDP
  12. Well u can take the XM25 off of the long list to make.
  13. I'm pretty sure that discord doesn't support it.
  14. Ask RHS they may take an interest.