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  1. Puff, the Magic Dragon for life.
  2. It's been there since OFP AFAIK. If it's serves anything, sometimes that also happens in real life. Specially with tanks, as they have really bad visibility.
  3. Multiplayer private co-op or SP. Nothing more in my universe
  4. Holy cow, it took me a couple min to realise it was in Arma
  5. malden dlc

    Indeed. Maybe I was not clear enough, but that's why I said the designers decided to create a different space-time reality of Malden (Lost style) instead of the same island later in history. A respectful design decision I just thought it was worth commenting about.
  6. malden dlc

    Uhm, I'm afraid you didn't follow the conversation. That or according to you there should be no historical / logical continuity? Meaning a 1950s installation appears from nothing between 1985 and 2035, and not only that but it has been abandoned for years. It's like if you say it's ok to add Roman Classical ruins in a base in the moon, when obviously there have never been Roman soldiers in the Moon (as far as historians can tell). So you seem to forget that is the same island different space-time reality, Lost TV series style. Which is ofc a design decision that deserves to be commented IMHO
  7. malden dlc

    I gotta confess I was not familiar with the geodesic domes, although the "2035 Arma" dome structure seems a bit different that those in the 50-60s. In any case, it's quite a break from the OFP map, which was in the 1985. In any case, I'll probably opt to make them "disappear" if I have to do a mission in the area. Although I must recognise that their position is more inconspicuous than in the Altis map. BTW I don't mind radomes because I've been in some military bases that actually use them. One in a pretty similar setting as in Altis: the US radar in Puig Major, Majorca (Balearic islands)
  8. malden dlc

    I'll have to end doing that. Sad, but otherwise I think it's an incredible map.
  9. malden dlc

    Besides Sci-Fi cinema sets, I don't remember seeing any like that in any part of the World. Well in some zoos they have a similar building for birds or monkeys. It really kills the atmosphere if you want to simulate any other conflict that is not the 2035 sci fi Arma 3 setting. Huge pity.
  10. malden dlc

    IMHO It's a pity they included the derelict domes. The map looks really good but that detail breaks the immersion and area for many types of missions. It's like having a glass of a great wine with a fly on it. Well, at least we can use Tanoa...
  11. In any case, it looks really impressive
  12. Actually (btw in almost any thread in the addons section, you can see moderators giving warnings because of this point): https://forums.bistudio.com/guidelines/
  13. Outstanding work Slatts. You don't know how much I miss OFP in Arma 3. BTW have you thought about adding Éire forces cold war style? To reproduce battles a la Jadotville
  14. I just wanted to say that so far looks really impressive. I can relate to some of the landscapes around the town I live in. If it ends being half as good as the Unnamed Cambodia you made or better, it's going to be legendary.