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  1. A nice rework of Vit Mig25: From this page:
  2. Nice, I finished the book not too long ago, interesting read.
  3. I get my news and addons from these sites The russians keep the game alive and well.
  4. Wow, that was fast. Great fix, your models are even more enjoyable now. The heavy bombers didn't seem to need fixing. Bravo, du beau travail.
  5. Great work and I loved especially the planes but the scale is too small. Here are a few examples for comparison. (230 kB) I hope this helps
  6. For the Kamikaze, you should look at the script of the Tomahawk cruise missile from BOH Mod. No need of a launcher and it works great against boats.
  7. Maybe adding a static version with the same scripts as the Kuznetsov? Just a thought..
  8. Indeed! The carrier will be functional for aircrafts operations?
  9. Yeah! New toys
  10. BOH Mod has some great F-15 as well.
  11. After seeing your good work on the MIG-23 and the YF-12, a nice MIG-25/31 would be a great addition.
  12. 30 GB of individual addons plus many mods: FFUR '85 and '07, Csla, Fdf, Jungle Fever, Unsung, Vte, INV44, WW2EC, LIB, INV44 Winter, Invasion 1944, WW2MP, WW1, Venividivici, Legend of Madness, Napoleonic.
  13. Then abhijan123 should help you, although the link works for me. You can still see the plane in game without the gnat but it is missing the cockpit. Nice Mig-23, I was expecting a reskin of FootMunch's one but this model is much more accurate to the real thing. I wish you'd make a Russian/Soviet version of it.
  14. Gnat, back from thread 13