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  1. But how are people going to generate interest with this mod if there isn't anything to show other than words. Maybe a video or some pictures. and what's the harm in releasing it anyway if there is a mod to download there would be interest. you would see the amount of interest on the amount of downloads not everyone is going to post on here "yeah sure sounds cool" only a few people would do that. When people look at this they might read your original post and think "where is the download link???" and then just move away. Surely the best thing would be to put the link up and see the download count?? but you know, do what you want your mod.
  2. Think that may be a problem with ACE not 3CB's GPMG I just tried it and it didn't happen to me.
  3. ah I found it thanks that great
  4. really diggin' this mod for eden its so good. Someone suggested that there is a ruler function that you can measure distance I can't seem to find it is that true on what I was told?
  5. Hi there, I am trying to make a firing range for my units training map and I am wondering if there is a Ruler type object or mod that I can use that would let me measure distance?? Thanks in advance.
  6. This sounds weird, but could this work with cup aircraft? because the static line parachutes in cup injure you in ACE but this mod works just fine.
  7. The uniform reminds me a lot of the STKR uniform from a few years ago, is it the same model?
  8. Will there be any dependancys with other mods or will it be standalone?
  9. Nice people have been looking for a suit like this. A version for British forces would be cool as well like this:
  10. This looks cool, would be nice if stones could be added aswell, so can the AI just throw them at you if they are in the AI's inventory?
  11. Is that uniform a new model or is it a retexture?
  12. I thought the Swedish army mod had a version of this and they have the articulation I think
  13. a pbo was missing, should of checked sorry. The challenger looks cool.