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  1. That merlin, damn... looks so good. If we had a Queen elizabeth-class aircraft carrier it would work so well with it.
  2. oh my days best mod there is..
  3. Recently just left an Arma community and wanted to set up a server and I have this idea that I haven't seen and I'm just asking for feedback on the idea. So it would be an insurgency type mode but PVP + AI Blufor being either US army or a Government Force OPFOR being an insurgent force Both sides will have objectives around the map they don't have to do those objectives they can patrol around and fight AI and take other territories if they wish but if they complete objectives reward shall be given E.G. an armored vehicle or heavy weapon. I haven't seen this type of game mode before in arma but I could just be blind, this would be open to the public with few mods such as RHS, ALIVE, TFAR and the MAP. Any thoughts and comments will be much appreciated.
  4. ok must check this out then.
  5. How do you use hidden texture selections?
  6. BOOM!! looking awesome.. cant wait to test this out.
  7. Awesome map, do you need APEX to run this map, I am seeing a few things I think from APEX such as big diggers near construction buildings does this make APEX a dependency? I am also not seeing any building's at the airport. Thanks in advance.
  8. Looks good is there a video to show it off?? Also would be awesome if RHS helicopters are affected aswell.
  9. Looking Forward to it , cant wait.
  10. I could be wrong but isnt this the error that appears when you dont have any player or playable characters?
  11. Would be nice to know aswell because CUP is a very big mod to download just for one or two things.
  12. Just wow, blown away.
  13. oh my days .... they look the dogs Bo*****s
  14. NICE! awesome work with the plate carrier and the muddy trousers.
  15. Cant wait, by some other posts by other members 3Cb has some cool surprises in stock for us.