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  1. That's why the zip versions of Blender are handy. You don't need to install the program in the usual way. So getting rid of a version you don't use anymore is pretty quick. Your favourite scripts may not get updated, so having a couple of versions of Blender around isn't a bad idea.
  2. I agree. Considering the potential number of sections that may be added, it's probably as efficient to use a script to replace the model with a destroyed version. If that's something people are interested in. With tanks I consider them a threat until they're on fire. Regardless of what parts are a bit brown.
  3. Adding user values to your models will increase the section count dramatically. I never used the user value system for any of my more recent models. So I didn't notice anything odd about it. Anything I'd done prior to that would've been mostly O2light with Blender. Or just O2light. Recently I decided to put in some user values, to get a model showing damage. Namely the hull, tracks, turret and gun. The model started out with 4 sections. That's three textures and the unmapped proxies. Which is expected. But after thowing in the user values, the section count shot up to 52. So I tried resetting the values for the entire mesh to 0 and the section count went back to 4. I did this a few times, with a few different models. It's consistent. So it's worth bearing in mind. For me it's not worth it, just to make the model brown and black. Section count can have an affect on performance , especially when it gets that high. And becomes apparent when you start adding more of that particular model to a mission. I thought this might be a good place to mention it.
  4. P3dUnwrap v1.1.5

    The only place I knew of that still had a copy was OFPinfo. I don't know whether the utilities were archived in the recent torrent of the site. If you don't find a copy it's possible to do a similar job in O2PE. Or Blender if you're feeling adventurous.
  5. Ok. I'll add that to the heap. I used to be a stickler for economising . For years. So I suppose I've gotten tired of holding back. Although having said that, I still don't like to go bananas. I generally don't go above 4 or 5 k in faces unless I feel it's warranted. These days the stuff I'm doing is somewhere between OFP and Armed assault. So nothing too extravagant. But enough maybe to catch the light and take the flatness or "boxiness" out of the models.
  6. Closest I got to that style of play would be the rainbow six series. At first the planning was a bit unwieldy. But once you got used to it, it became very useful. Instead of a run n gun approach. Which seemed to be a good prep for the Arma series. I think the only thing that might hold you back would be the AI stumbling around indoors. But you know that only too well. Multiplayer could be the perfect environment for that. NPCs could be AI driven at least. Leaving small human teams to deal with the combat. You just provide the setting and the basic mechanics, if there are any, and they take what ever approach they want from there.
  7. GR and OFP were the ones that got me into this genre. And before that there were a few others I dabbled with too. I think at this point I'm not really into the idea of recycling stuff. I know it saves a lot of time. But I prefer to make a go of it myself and do as much as possible from scratch. Mission building is not something I have a flair for though. Which is one of the reasons I haven't tried to recreate the GR campaign. The missions are the thing that make it enjoyable for me. I don't know if I'd make a mess of it. The modeling and textures I could handle. Oddly enough I do have an old model of a tiger 1. The "late" version. With the sliding commander's hatch. It's a raw model in .blend form. I could try to finish it up a bit if you like. But it's unlikely to be as "economical" as you prefer. 4K or so for the 1st Res lod. Not as bad as it sounds these days. Even for an older engine. I tend to go for fewer sections combined with at least 4 res lods.
  8. Im Looking for a Great insurgency Addons

    The addons and other content on OFPr.info are no longer accessible. So as much as possible has been put into a torrent for people to download/share.
  9. Hey folks. I hope your all in good shape. I have a general question for everyone. After all these years, is there something you'd still like to see in 'ol flash? Something that either hasn't been done. Or hadn't been done quite as well as you'd hoped. Taking into consideration the limitations of the engine. Although this isn't an offer to fulfill specific requests, I'd be open to collaborating if the opportunity arose. Once I square away some stuff on the worktop. Especially if there was something that could appeal to most of the folks here. I'm a sci-fi fan as you can probably guess. But I got into this series because of the military simulation aspect. So I'd be just as interested in that area. I always wanted to attempt the ghost recon 1 campaign. Or at least do a decent approximation of the missions that made it up. Complete with standard characters/specialists. I know. It's the typical US vs Russia theme. I suppose at this point it's familiar territory. But that's a personal choice for me. So how about you?
  10. Forums Upgrade

    Nice to see them return. I think they're a potentially good way of sharing info between like-minded people. If the feature stays around long enough.
  11. Blender .P3D Export Problem

    There's a thread for the toolbox. Al wouldn't have a problem with you asking questions that relate directly to the addon. And don't forget to read the manual. Anyway. Have you associated the mesh with the toolbox? With the object selected click on "Arma object properties".
  12. ArmaRig for Blender

    Another link to the triple version of the rig.
  13. Exporting from what though? Could you provide a little more information on what it is you're doing? The T-pose, or rest pose, is never gone. It's the base pose present in the model. If all animations are removed the model will always return to the rest pose. Unless something went wrong with the mesh, or bones.
  14. There's some mirrors on Armaholic too.
  15. Some troubles with LODS

    Ok. Bear something in mind. The arma games are "simulators" in essence. But objects can't act exactly as they do in real life. It's too processor intensive. And also, for a game it would be very annoying for players to get stopped by smaller details that don't really add to the experience. Taking your bridge as an example. Both of these, as collision meshes, will function almost exactly the same. One may be slightly more detailed. But the purpose is to prevent characters and vehicles from passing through. Which both will do. You or any other player isn't going to notice the difference. Making it more complex is unlikely to fix any issues you're currently having, if that's what you're thinking. In fact it's more likely to create issues. You cannot create anything other than the resolution and view lods in sketchup. Geometry, Fire geometry, memory and the other types are best done in Object builder. Because they have special properties that the engine requires.