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  1. It doesn't matter why someone is protective of what they do. The problem, is the complete disregard in which that's held. I think the average modder would be happy with some common decency in return for putting the stuff out there. There are zero requirements when a modder does release stuff. Other than what they take upon themselves. As you so blatantly said, you are not owed a damn thing. It works both ways. How difficult would it be for them to remove a few files and move on? For them,and you to get ,as you put it, over yourselves? Aren't they simply being stubborn? And vilified by who exactly? The same people who hold you in such low regard in the first place? How would that be a loss? How would it be any different than what's happening to people now? You obviously have no idea what you're talking about if you think "not releasing anything" constitutes quitting modding. It really doesn't work like that.
  2. How about an alternate take on that? The thing to do, to get respect from the modding community you purport to be a member of, is to say , "I respect your right to determine how your own work is dealt with, rather than hassle you and ignore your polite requests. Regardless of your reasons". Modders don't work for anyone. They're not here to provide a service. I don't know where you and others have gotten that impression. It's not even close to being accurate.
  3. I could understand the "piggy back" concept when talking about reskins or config modification. But not building something from scratch that doesn't already exist. Those are very different things. Why is that relevant anyway? There are some who do it for that reason. But not everyone. Some do it because they want to see the addon or mod in the game themselves. Then they make it available if they think it's worth releasing publicly. Don't make assumptions. Nobody's asking you or anyone else to care. Just respect an author's decision regarding their stuff. Whether you agree with it is not the issue. Do you feel the need to explain your actions to complete strangers? The old toys and pram line doesn't cut much ice. Especially when "fans" of that port are hassling people about it being hobbled. They're not getting what they want and there's plenty of foot stamping going on. Which is what you're accusing other people of. That's hypocritical.
  4. I don't remember them being told to "cancel" it. Certainly not from the concerned parties. I understand some fans are disappointed. It doesn't feel good having control taken away or being obstructed. So imagine how irritating it is for a modder have someone else do it to them. Considering they're the ones that created the stuff. Fans could ask the authors to consider taking out the disputed content and moving on. Unless it's devolved into something tribal. Which would make no sense. If this kind of situation becomes common place, you might end up with only ports and rips. That probably doesn't bother people just passing through, or those with interest in only one mod. But there are others who don't want to see an exodus of people out of the scene as a whole. Which may yet happen. This isn't something isolated to the Arma series.
  5. Have you got a roadway lod in the model? As long as the mesh is static and isn't expected to move, you should be able to walk around on it. There may be some useful information here.
  6. If the guys that put it together would just remove the stuff created by modders, it'd be case closed. Fans of this port, in particular, are harassing the wrong people. Some have mentioned how "small" or unimportant the BHI content was. If that's the case, what's the reasoning behind dragging these situations out? I don't understand it. It's contradictory. Besides that, the people who create something from nothing have a little more say in this than someone simply packaging it up. And how is harassing individuals trying to have a little control over their own stuff, heroic or rebellious? It's hardly a moral victory. Who exactly are the fans sticking it to? As for the companies involved, it'd be nice if they were more mod friendly. Sure. But the point is, they don't have to be. And likely don't want to have to police it .Truth be told they'd rather it wasn't there at all. A lot of companies are not that keen on allowing their games to be modded. No matter how popular it is. But I doubt it accounts for sales in the way some people think. From their point of view it's probably not worth the hassle to get involved in it. And their legal departments will always advise against any potential threat to copyright. I believe there are some countries where ownership can actually be contested, if the company involved doesn't move to protect it. I can't see them relenting on that, especially with a global franchise.
  7. A lot of bullshit could be avoided if people just pull the stuff they haven't created themselves when asked in a reasonable way. But unfortunately they don't. And have preferred instead, to keep the ball rolling. Out of spite perhaps. As far as I'm aware most modders ask for the material to be removed without being abusive. What they say after that is likely based on the response they get. I know for a fact that Pomigit in particular, was getting an incredibly childish response simply because the BHI team decided to call their project off. That was well before all this silliness. Which is now adding to it. Either it's a bunch of children who don't know any better. Or adults with no self control. The people doing most of the whining won't have to face any legal ramifications. If it came to that, I'm sure they'd wander off and find something else, after a good moan about it. But they won't be left holding the proverbial bag. One thing that doesn't seem to have sunk in, is that they're actually making it more visible by being combative. If that's their intent, it's at least one thing they're doing right.Their own negativity is more likely to cause the opposite effect to the one they want.
  8. And that's a likely outcome if people keep ignoring requests and getting militant about it. Which is a damn shame. Valve won't take a more hands on approach. So if you can't exercise some control over your own creation, what else can you do? You retract from it. And keep your creations for friends or a select clan that you trust. And it's already happened. There are folks out there that don't release their stuff publicly. They simply aren't interested in dueling with people. And they don't discuss it either. They don't see the point. All they lose is some exposure. Not a big deal really. But it would be a loss. Particularly to the ones making the most noise in cases like this. Which wouldn't happen if they , as they have said themselves many times, "let it go". Modders put a lot of passion into the stuff they create. It's got a certain amount of personal investment in it. To have someone tell you it's effectively not yours, is a slap in the face. But as I've mentioned, this can affect the community more than the modder in the long term. They can continue doing what they love to a lesser degree. But they can still do it. I know for a fact some people say, "So what? There's plenty of modders out there to replace them". I'm sure there are. But how much experience will they have? How good are they? It's no coincidence that much of the material at the center of these disputes is of a high standard. But once they get some experience, and realise the low regard in which they're held by some, they may recoil from it too.
  9. If people are using what you might call, harsh language, it's probably a result of frustration and anger. Born of personal experience. I can see from some of the usernames attached to replies, that they're modders themselves. Not to mention that Pomigit is getting some flak from people who know nothing about him. I don't know about you, but that's something even I would find irritating. Especially when requests are ignored. Requests that are often not lead with insults or anger. But are certainly met with plenty of it. And often with much worse language than what you see above. I know there are a lot of decent folk both here and visiting the workshop. But it doesn't seem to be regulated to a high degree by Valve. Which is in part, the reason this situation exists. One other thing. I see people throwing around arguments about pettiness. I think it's far more petty to continue uploading, or creating threads out of spite, just to take some jabs at a person who wants a little control over something they created.
  10. It's coarse and it gets everywhere..... Or so I've been told.
  11. Exactly as HG describes. A custom character that doesn't match the default one, is a different situation. It needs a new set of animations. I use Alwarrens's toolbox for Blender too. Very few issues for me.
  12. If EA or Disney get involved, it'll start with a Cease and desist. I'm sure this red bear clan are well aware of it. There's nothing "heroic" or rebellious about their project. If they ignore it however, we'll see how much resolve they have. They'd be picking two of the worst companies to get into a pissing contest with legally. If there's one thing they're not short of, it's money and lawyers. Pomigit simply didn't want the potential hassle. Which isn't unreasonable. Except maybe in the mind of a spoilt child, who doesn't actually have to deal with the situation. The problem I assume, is that they're using BHI stuff without permission. Whether it's an entire fleet or a pair of socks is irrelevant. I really don't think he gives a toss about whether they're using ripped assets. EA and Disney are more than capable of taking care of business on their own.
  13. @Rismarck Sure. https://www.sendspace.com/file/xhcmtd You can move objects and the armatures associated with them onto the same layer if you want to. I just prefer to keep it neater. If you just hold down shift you can have all 3 layers active at the same time. So you can interact with any of them. If you need to clear the scene up a little, you can just switch off a layer, rather than messing with the outliner window. @kerozen To be honest if you're just changing the weapon reference, it doesn't matter what else is in the viewport. The only thing you need to be concerned with is the proxy for the weapon. If you see what I mean. All it's being used for in that situation is to get an accurate placement for the weapon relative to the character. So when you bring it into Blender it's "rest" position is correct.
  14. Got the thing flying around at least. The paint job is fairly involved though. But it's progressing.
  15. No problem. We all sometimes make quick assumptions. Text on it's own is hard to gauge at times. An honest comment can sound like sarcasm. Or a thinly veiled insult. Have you tried PBOX?. It's the sixth entry down. It will reliably open and pack OFP era content without corrupting data. I still use it myself.