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  1. The tools people use have changed slightly. But things like photoshop or Gimp are still very popular. If you're not into using more complex programs like Max, or Blender, O2PE can still have it's uses. Out of all the things you could learn, reskins are probably the easiest to start with. People are often modding for a variety of reasons. Like a challenge, or as a gateway to something professional. Or just to pass time and share the end result with the community. If things don't get ported, or created it's simply because the interest isn't there to do it. As newer titles arrive people migrate too. As I've mentioned in another thread, the single best way to get something you want, is to do it yourself. Even with A3 or what ever may follow, simply asking for something to be done isn't going to make it happen. You might get lucky. But in my experience it's rare. I'm sure if you go back through any of these types of threads, you'll notice that few requests for new content are granted.
  2. Well, besides the fact his post is from 2009, I doubt he wanted to get the files so he could breathe heavily. Or maybe he did....But in 2009.
  3. If it goes over most people's heads, regarding how difficult it is, or has been, it's because you need to actually try it to get some idea. There's a good reason the subject isn't well developed, despite the benefits. One thing is certain. What ever scripting your colleague has created probably shaved off at least a year of pulling your hair out.
  4. I'm not going to bother pointing out things you already know about. The essence of the motions is there. Even at this stage it's a good demo. The size of the pack is no surprise either, as it's basically a copy of existing animations. Yes it's huge, but without some kind of procedural morphing system, it's the only way to get it done.
  5. I haven't played it through in a long time. So I wouldn't have that. But if you tell us what mission is giving you trouble we could help you out. Have you tried the walkthrough page on the wiki? Just be aware it has spoilers.
  6. Great to see it's taking shape. But it's a relatively new option. There's bound to be some slip-ups as you get familiar with it. I wish I'd known about the importer sooner. While I like animating, it takes far longer to replicate actual human motion, by hand, than it does to use mocap. It's actually a handy tool for a character modder using Blender too. It's a decent representation of what a model will look like in motion. It beats the usual method of swinging the arms and legs around in silly poses to check the deformation.
  7. Welcome to the forums. Until someone else replies, maybe I'll get the ball rolling. You're obviously off to a good start if your portfolio is anything to go by. So you shouldn't have too many issues with generating assets. I don't think there's any comprehensive tutorials covering character creation. Which seems to be your interest. Have you tried the wiki? It's probably not much to go on. But it's as good a starting place as any I think.
  8. Actually that's true for me too. I didn't expect A2 to run well at all. But it runs comparatively better despite the fact the models, environments and textures are far more detailed. Having said that the majority of people I find using Flashpoint/CWA today are getting good results on what some would consider low-end machines. So I can see the appeal for someone who's not an avid gamer, and can't or won't justify the expense of keeping up with newer titles. Besides the extensive back catalogue of content, it's arguably more accessible to someone who just wants to tinker around with modding, and get something simple in game. Or construct a short firefight mission. The visuals don't enter into it much at this point. We all know there's lots of visually impressive games out there. And good ones too. I was going to say it was nostalgia based with me. But when I look at it, it's more about familiarity with the tools and constructing things. I never really got into the "play" side of it. I never thought it was the best game on the market. Because I've never really looked at it as just a game. Although I still think the original campaign was one of the best I've ever encountered. The people I'm meeting these days are more interested in building, rather than playing. Not that they don't like testing their creations out. But it doesn't seem to be the focus.
  9. No problem. As long as it's solved, it doesn't matter how you got there. And it's good you let people know how you did it. Even if it's something you think was very simple, or overlooked. It's really annoying doing a lot of searching and finding threads that end with "I solved it. Never mind.". But nothing else.
  10. I can't speak with authority on config issues, which this may well be. The red lines and grid you see in the viewport represent the ground plane in game. So the engine is simply using the information in the rtm you're giving it. The feet should be sitting right on the grid. You don't edit the first frame in the rtm. Consider it a "reserved" frame, for establishing the rest pose. What way are you generating the rtm? Object builder, Max, or something else?
  11. I hope it's a short flight. Those two don't have to spend the entire trip looking at the back of someone's head. The second trooper from the right is regretting having all that coffee before he left. Great work Len.
  12. Nicely done sir.
  13. Video's not great. But anyway. Here's a peek at the x-wing in flight against some of Lenyoga's excellent ties.
  14. I noticed the edges once I looked at the full size image. I'm not modding for A3, so I stick to the subjects that are applicable to any of the titles in the series. Namely modeling, animation and sub sets of those. 26k sounds a little excessive just for the armour. But that's a personal opinion. Maybe wait until you get a few more replies regarding that, before making any alterations. But in the meantime you could carry on and treat it as a learning experience. I understand the desire to give it a go yourself. When you make progress you'll own it. But the offer stands.
  15. From the looks of it, the model was either created with subdivision or sculpting. Is it very dense? That's something that would make the process very awkward. Edit: Actually after looking at the full size image it doesn't look overly complex. If you're agreeable I could apply some weights to it. I'd need a copy of the model in P3d format though. If you're interested, just send a PM.