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  1. Did you get permission to use the weapons of DICE?
  2. This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing!
  3. Yea guys, looking back at the 2 pictures they are really uncompareable, i dont know how i came up with that. Alright, but i think having that difference isn`t too bad at all.
  4. I dont know why, but the air vehicles should burn brighter as they are filled up with kerosine and ground vehicles with normal fuel. Also they are build with different materials which influence the brightness of the fire, for example burn some magnesium and you can get blinded by it. Pic of an aircraft fire exercise: Pic of a tank fire: I wouldn`t say its a bug, rather a feature!
  5. Will the Ultra nationalist units be back in with the same classnames as before?
  6. Hey, i`m really looking forward to this, but first, it`s Stahlhelm and Feldmuetze, also Feldglas. Hope all goes well and we can fainally jump from Trench to Trench or spend 5-6 hours in one Trench :D
  7. Thanks, will try as soon as i get home!
  8. Hey, this is awesome, i`ve installed it and it works great, i`m still editing the settings to my favor and was wondering if it is possible to adjust the overall brightness, at the moment its a little bit too bright, i tried to edit all the gamma settings but that didnt help that much. Chris
  9. There will be something, but not today :)
  10. I think such a mod does not exist yet, but i also think it would be way easier for you to ask around for a Pilot and a Server to play with, then you could use mods like TFR or ACRE2 with some aircraft mod and you would be ready to play with far more realism and performance. If you dont find anyone to play with give me a hint and i`ll be your Pilot. Chris
  11. @Shaman023 there are no airfields in this area of Kunduz Province.
  12. Here are a few ways to breach the walls on Kunduz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3l5lq4JwK8
  13. Build ur own Base is my Motto, i mean, it looks better when you have done something for your enjoyment, but i would share mine if needed, as well you can build some COP`s into the big Compounds, or even a FOB.
  14. This April got even better, Kunduz is great!