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  1. deleted
  2. I've had this and similar in my server rpt files for as long as I can remeber. I'm pretty sure it can be ignored. I find all the ravage items regardless. Fire
  3. Thats interesting. I remember when TPW released his ambient animals with cats sounds. We had 4 people in the server running the mod and it was causing an inordinate amount of cats and dogs. Like crazy. You couldn't here anything but cats, lol. Decided to just have one person run the mod and it was purr-fect.
  4. Yea, just as I hit submit I remembered that you're primarily SP. I'll test her out though. Looks cool. (And needed)
  5. Server side only, I presume?
  6. Same shiv, different day....
  7. @Battlechief You should preface your questions about single player missions with something like this: RE: 28 Years mission question: So that its a complete surprise to people who have not played it. For instance: I have not. Fire
  8. If I can, i try to face a vehicle or ammo box
  9. Spoiler ALERT .. . gosh jimminey :)
  10. @xxgetbuck123 And same on the dedi. Correct?
  11. I apologize for even bringing this up again, but I'm having some issues and just want to be clear for the fifth time... If I'm running @IFA3_AIO_LITE that is on the steam workshop; should the only other mod running be CUP Terrains - Core? ie, I shouldn't be running @I44_Objects, @I44_Terrains, @IFA3_Objects_LITE, @IFA3_Terrains_LITE because they are already included in @IFA3_AIO_LITE ? Or should I still be running them also? Fire
  12. oh well, it obviously becomes a pretty real static object since it shows up on map and you can autoland on it. I'm sure if it was placed by Zeus it would break all that.
  13. Is it place-able with Zeus?
  14. And really, AI pathing is probably most important to me. Makes everything smoother.
  15. Yea, its set up exclusively for aerial combat, (and some infantry insertions) which is the whole point of this dlc. Truth be told, if this thing had interiors, your frame rates would probably end up on the sea floor... Maybe after the tanks dlc we'll get a Naval Warfare dlc.. Just maybe...