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  1. @HeroesandvillainsOS Well, if Rocket could do it with Arma 2, I don't see why we can't with A3...
  2. @Cryptospook Its a nice habit to list what mods you are running when you have problems / bugs with the game. Just for future reference. Fire
  3. LMAO
  4. Hmmm, I wonder if they allow negative values? I guess they wouldn't be much good without being able to go the oppposite direction. (especially when messing with torque values) Also wondering if I could create a pitching deck on the carriers. Probably the same affliction of not being able to move forward will also kill the pitching deck idea.
  5. I'm a very active RC aerobatics pilot and would much prefer to be able to bump in some trim if needed. Only real reason I guess, is if I start playing and hop in a plane it would be quick and easy without having to escape out and tweak the deadzone. But, its ok. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything. Fire
  6. @Gunter Severloh Ok Gunter: Spawn an entire Co-op squad on one random marker. Here is the link: mission files There is a mission pbo -this was saved as a MP mission There is also all the base files that you can open directly in the editor. -I put some notes for you in the editor that will direct you along. I left the markers visible for 20 seconds so that you can open the map and see them turn off. Totally hijacking this thread right now, but it might be usable by some other Ravage players also. (so I think its ok, lol) If you feel its more appropriate, just PM me with questions. Fire Added: Gunter, you're going to want to think about how you want to handle revive, respawns, and JIP. Typically if I'm doing an open world mission, I allow respawn, but at a random location, with minimal gear to start over. Then the players have to work to find each other again. If its a mission with objectives, I'll either let them respawn near their exploration party, or not allow respawn; only allow revive. And once the entire party is down, then the mission ends "failed". Same principle applies with JIP: if its open world, new players get a random start, and they have to work to find other survivors. If its task based, then I let players spawn near the party. Take some time to think how you want the mission to be played, and I can also help you with these things, if you wish. (or anyone else is free to jump in)
  7. @Gunter Severloh You can select all your markers and set their alpha to zero. They won't show up. If you want them to show before you spawn, leave them at 100 , then call a command after the players spawn : you would set it to zero then. Added: What I was saying is if you create a "36th" marker and have it randomly choose one of you other 35 markers, then move your players to the position of your "36th" marker. So only the "36th" marker would get the random call. You may have to use a "black fade in" script so that players can't see anything when they first spawn, because you would probably have to let them sleep 0.2 or so until the "36th" marker finds its new pposition. Then all your players would be together.
  8. @Gunter Severloh, I'm not at my computer right now, but I believe you create a spawn marker that moves to a random position then setMarkerPos / getMarkerPos of that spawn marker for your players. If nobody comes up with working code before I get home tonight, I'll try and put something together for you. ... forgot I had access to this: link You might be able to modify that. Fire
  9. Is manual trim enabled or availabe for airplanes like the helicopters have? I always have some drifting and it makes precision flying harder. Unfortunately I have older stick and pedals, so I don't have a lot of buttons, so if Im toggling through the action menu or fumbling around on the keyboard, its easy for me to lose my heading and horizon. Just wondering about flight trim availability. Thanks, Fire
  10. pray tell? setPosATL? Oh, do you mean the gradient check was causing it? (or lack thereof)
  11. @RCANTEC_RyanD Assuming you're still testing with a stock arma 3 map and only ravage and cba: All u really need to place in the editor are the playable units and the modules. My suggestion is that in the loot module make sure you have the correct map selected. Also for testing I typically boost all the spawn chances up to 85 or higher. That lets me check the mission for loot quickly. Loot typically spawns for me within 2 min of the mission starting. Once you verify the loot spawns, then drop the chances back down to a playable limit. I typically end up around 10-20 for the chances. It gives the players something to do by looking for loot. To offset a higher loot chance I bump the thirst and hunger up to "2". For single player missions that I create for myself, I like the game harder so I set loot chances around 3 or 5. A lot of times I won't use loot spawns at all. Btw, I had many issues in the past with the game in mp. It was always due to some player having the wrong version of a mod. I could have 6 players in the mission, and if one of them was missing a mod or happened to have a wrong version of ravage, the mission would slowly degrade and not work. Often it would be some players could see zombies and others could not. I ended up having to use key checking to verify everybody. Fire
  12. Sorry, unfortunately, I'm unable to help you. I have very little experience running MP missions locally. Fire
  13. @daedum How are you hosting these missions? Locally off your machine or on a dedicated?
  14. Thank you. I never served, but come from a military family, and I'm a strong supporter.
  15. @Blackheart_Six off topic, I notice you're in VA, I'll be in Norfolk tomorrow for NAS Oceana. Looking forward to it!