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  1. If I can, i try to face a vehicle or ammo box
  2. Spoiler ALERT .. . gosh jimminey :)
  3. @xxgetbuck123 And same on the dedi. Correct?
  4. I apologize for even bringing this up again, but I'm having some issues and just want to be clear for the fifth time... If I'm running @IFA3_AIO_LITE that is on the steam workshop; should the only other mod running be CUP Terrains - Core? ie, I shouldn't be running @I44_Objects, @I44_Terrains, @IFA3_Objects_LITE, @IFA3_Terrains_LITE because they are already included in @IFA3_AIO_LITE ? Or should I still be running them also? Fire
  5. oh well, it obviously becomes a pretty real static object since it shows up on map and you can autoland on it. I'm sure if it was placed by Zeus it would break all that.
  6. Is it place-able with Zeus?
  7. And really, AI pathing is probably most important to me. Makes everything smoother.
  8. Yea, its set up exclusively for aerial combat, (and some infantry insertions) which is the whole point of this dlc. Truth be told, if this thing had interiors, your frame rates would probably end up on the sea floor... Maybe after the tanks dlc we'll get a Naval Warfare dlc.. Just maybe...
  9. It would be cool to have a full interior. I can imagine a scenario where the ship is disabled and is boarded by insurgents. Or insurgents capture the ship with hostages and the players need to gain access to the ship and recover it and the hostages. Hell, we just need more ships to mess around with. Maybe even a Carnival Cruise Lines.. Lol Would lend itself well to some CQB style combat.
  10. Not sure, but a full underdeck hanger and a couple working elevators would be great. Probably should have a boat launch also. Its definitely a good start though, no matter what.
  11. This is a little dated now, but I think the basics are the same:
  12. I think its been since 1.68 release. I have two drop down options that dont work for me. I have to manually edit them in my sqm file. I've seen gui drop down options not working mentioned in at least one other mod. Not sure why its different between users though.
  13. Not a problem at all, just wanted to let you know that we like seeing you around!
  14. @Gunter Severloh Why in this world are you taking a break.. "for a long break" ? Shivs just starting to get real around here. I hope its for good / important reasons and not because of some stupid nonsense. Anyway - Be safe out there. Fire
  15. Don't forget about Haleks old trick: 1.Place a civilian and a blufor 2. then group the civilian to the blufor 3. then delete the blufor. Your civilian "becomes" blufor after that. Helps with gear / clothing.