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  1. Here is a quick mission and the associated files to make random spawn and respawn. Should get you going. download Its on stratis. Its set to spawn at the shoreline. You can educate yourself by reading up on this. There are many ways to tailor the spawn locations. I think the ammo bearer has the most grenades for testing purposes. Fire I updated those files to show other options available. (random loadouts and spawn anywhere on map)
  2. @tyl3r99 Also, you can search thos thread for: 'license' and 'workshop'
  3. I think I must go blind sometimes. I sat there staring right at getVariable... Anyway, this works: LtCol setVariable ["PLP_calmSoldier_abort", true]; Thank you for the help, Fire
  4. How would I go about cancelling an animation via script? ie: I have a unit that the players need to interact with, and after they do I was wondering if I could cancel the script with the sqf script that is called when they use the addAction. The addAction has the unit join their group, but it won't do it when using the calm animations. (actually it does join the group, you just can't direct it) I was trying this: LtCol getVariable ["PLP_calmSoldier_abort", false]; No errors. But no change either. (tried true also) Thanks, Fire Edit Just reread the first post. I see that a unit command should kill the script. Maybe my issue is because I'm using "CUFFED"?
  5. @haleks and/or others: Have you seen this? : Crawler I came across it a while ago and forgot about it. I never really investigated it much, but thought I'd throw throw the link in here just in case. Fire
  6. Can't wait to see what the traders start selling !! lol
  7. They would look spectacular to be spawned around the trash/garbage piles in ravage !!
  8. I guess either the Volcanoes took out all the land dwellers or the zombies already got them!!
  9. Lol, Yeah eveytime I play, I'm like where are all the damn rabbits. Food isn't the easiest thing to come by in my mission. Then I think to myself that I really need to script in a bunny population, then I forget after I'm done playing... lather, rinse, repeat.
  10. @Haleks, Awesom update!! Otherwise, I totally keep forgetting to ask you about Tanoa: I never see any damn bunny rabbits on that map. Is that the map itself? Or Ravage? Thanks for the update, Fire
  11. this setVariable ["istrader", selectRandom ["rvg_supplies_s", "rvg_arms_s"], true]; I believe all you have to do is place the code above in the units init. You can remove the select random portion if needed. You may also add: disableAI "move"; to the init also. If I have this wrong, I'm certain someone else will chime in. I'm not at home right now. For general supplies: this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_supplies_s", true] For weapons and ammo: this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_arms_s", true] You can also search this thread for " isTrader "
  12. @cdn_biggdogg The way I have it now is there is a certain number of editor placed vehicles in the map with the rvg_owned variable on them so they always spawn ready to go. Those certain vehicles automatically save to inidbi2 and they have a "blue" colored addAction on them that lets the player know that they can save gear inside and be persistent. The addAction doesnt do anything, its more of just a hint that will always come on. It actually works really well, its just clunky script wise.
  13. @ArteyFlo What exactly are you trying to do? Not have playable units spawn as AI, or just have them spawn as AI randomly?
  14. Stupid undead zombies... Actually, I've had that happen in staircases on Chernarus also. Fire station to be exact.
  15. I kinda like that idea, I hadn't thought about giving the players the option. Fire