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  1. HI, How can i change enemies from russians to takistani soldiers?
  2. Here is a storry from my last training excercise. My platoon was supposed to deploy near a controll tower inside the millitary training area. We were told that the place is filled will owergrown graas and bushes and we were ordered to go there and tydy the place up before we deploy the next day. We went there and found out that the graas is neatly trimmed, and there are no bushes on site, therefore we have nothing to do. We knew however, that if we return back tou our commander and report that we have nothing to do, he will have a fit, so we decided to find something to do ourselves. We had some trucks with us, wich were all full of different kinds of equipment, so we decided, that we unload all the equipment, and reorganize it, so we end up with one truck that will be completely empty and we can use it to drive the entire platoon around. As we decided we did. We unloaded all the stuff of the trucks, and started to organize it and load back in more sensible order. Then, when we were almost finnished, and only last few piesces of equipment were still on the ground, we decided to take a break. Unfortunately few things happend: 1st. Some of the stuff still unloaded, was a gas barbecue grill, few folding camping chairs and some tables. 2nd battalion commander decided to have a tour around the training area 3rd we didnt appoint anyone to watch for unwanted wisitors. So while we were peacefully lying sitting or otherwise idling around, we were supprised by the battalion commander. He saw the barbecue equipment and then he had a fit. After he sufficiently chewed out our platoon commander for letting the platoon having a barbeque party (wich we dindt have), he left, and we slowly started to load the rest of the stuff back to the trucks. Just as we loaded the last thing, a company commander arrived he was red like a soviet flag, he wass litteraly puffing steam out of his ears, and he threw such a tantrum, "what the hell were we thinking having a barbecue party a day beffore combat trining excercise",we thought he might have a heart attack. then he left. Our plattoon commander was standing there watching the leaving company commander´s car, thoughtfull expression on his face, and then he said: "I got chewed up somuch today for having a barbecue party, i as wel might have one." Result is in spoiler:
  3. Hi Ghost, Thank you for great mission. I have a question. I want to alter the mission so instead of US Army, the player will play as Czech Army from Mod ACR_A3-Army of the czech republic and ACR_A3-RHS. I changed the playable characters, and other things that could be replaced in editor, but i have no idea how to do it so wehicle spawn and Aircraft spawn will spawn czech vehicles and aircraft instead of US ones. Can you advise how to do that?
  4. We are Czech based, ARMA3 unit focusing on Realistic Gameplay. We play as Czech Army 4th Rapid deployment Brigade, because our player base consists of current or former members of said unit in real life. Our Gameplay is relaxed in terms of military ranks and person to person interaction, but firm in tactics, folowing combat orders, and fulfilling appointed duties. We are looking for , new members, occasional players and other units that would join us on battlefield. What we have to offer: Own Public and own private server. Own TS3 server Training and tactical advisory Provided by Real currently serving soldiers, or soldiers whos service ended recently. Technical advice and troubleshooting by experienced Arma Players, server specialists and mission creators. Fun. What is required from you: Black Lion membership applicant Fluency in Czech or Slovak language Age of at least 18 (16 if we decide that you are mature enough) Working headset with working microphone communicativeness will to learn new skills Other units or casual players Nothing. Just come to our public server: [CZ/SK] BlackLion public - modlist: www.blacklion.cz and have some fun. If you have any questions, contact us at INFO@BLACKLION.CZ or on our teamspeak: ts.blacklion.cz
  5. Started to write something offensive because iam really tired of this "pull Arma back to stoneage" crap, but then i realized that the post would probably be removed before anyone had chance to read it, so: Please Keep arma as it is now.
  6. I remember one of my clanmates had the same problem with TFAR back in Arma 2 he doesnt play with us anymore since we switched to A3, but ill try to contact him and ask if he had a solution.
  7. Nice!! Iam looking forward to this being finished.
  8. Can you share what do you smoke? it has to be some mighty stuff. So according to your oppinion here alowing players who didnt play for the content to play with players who did is a bad thing?
  9. What are theese Steam achievements for?
  10. Its broken. Anytme i try to install it to my Notepad++ it says "Fail to Import"
  11. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/193923-error-withs-mods-in-linux-arma-3-server/
  12. OK so ill set all @folders to 775 and all files inside to 664. Thank you. :-) Now has anyone any idea how to rename gazilion files to not to use uppercase letters without having to renaming them one by one?
  13. Ok Man iam gratefull to you for trying, but i dont understand. I have no clue about servers or linuxes. SO here is what i have: This is how i manage the files on the server: (warning, big pictures ahead) This is how i manage the server command line: I also have acces to this, but dont use it: So , in wich of theese and where exactly do i place the chmod -R 775 folder Thingy?
  14. Still dont understand. What is #chmod -R 775/folder? Do i type it somewhere? or do i find it somewhere? Where do i type the find . -depth -exec rename 's/(.*)\/([^\/]*)/$1\/\L$2/' {} \;? I dont have any comandline in filezilla. or do i type it to server startuup parameters?
  15. Silly question: why dont you just place the sniper, on the spot you want it to be, i the Editor? It is easier than placing him elsewhere and then making him go to the possition.