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  1. I dont ry it out, because iam at work, and have no acces to my game computer here, and got that idea and iam anxious to find out if it would work, too anxious to wait until get to my game computer. :-) Iam not using channel name because Channel can have the same name on different servers.
  2. Still cant figure this out. Any ideas? Would this work? : _trigger = [ objNull, _mrk_xl ] call BIS_fnc_triggerToMarker; _trigger setTriggerActivation [ "WEST", "EAST D", false ]; _trigger setTriggerStatements [ "this && alive _comm1", "null = [["mrk_xl"],[0,1],[0,2],[0],[1,2],[0,0,EAST,TRUE],[0,100,120,TRUE,FALSE]] call Bastion_Spawn;", "" ];
  3. Hallo gentlemen, I hav an question. I want to kick any player who is not conected to my TS serever with working TFAR, out of my Arma 3 server. I believe this must have been asked milion times already, but my google searching abilities came up only with some rather empty and not that helpful thread in wich someone sugested: if(isClass(configFile>>"CfgPatches">>"task_force_radio"))then{endMission "END2";}; Wich doesnt look right to me. I gues i could use the TFAR_fnc_getTeamSpeakServerName somehow. Could it be something like that: _ts_name = call TFAR_fnc_getTeamSpeakServerName; if (local player && _ts_name != "BlackLion TS server") then { hint "you are not connected to BlackLion TS server, you will be kicked"; sleep 60; endMission "END2"; }; In missions init.sqf? I have really low coding skill so ..................... Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Can i specify wich TS server and room the player has to be in?
  5. Tree is a thing that grows outside :-) , no idea what hashmap is, and it surely be too advanced coding for me, so ill probably never use it, but iam highly curious George, and any knowledge that can help me create a better mission might come in handy. So what it does in plain language?
  6. What iam trying to acomplish is: when players/blufor are detected by opfor in or around the EOS zone. Opfpr calls for reinforcements, and they start to arive. I was thinking about spawning a bastion zone on top of EOS zone to accomplish that. so i would have mrk_xl = selectRandom(allMapMarkers select { _x find "xl_"== 0}); null = [[mrk_xl],[8,1],[6,3],[2,2,90],[2,40],[4,90],[1,1,25],[0,2,1000,EAST,False]] call EOS_Spawn; and then _cpos01 = [getMarkerPos mrk_xl , 0, 100, 12, 0, 0.3, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _comm1 = "INS_WarfareBUAVterminal" createVehicle _cpos01; and then a trigger with conditions _trigger setTriggerActivation [ "WEST", "EAST D", false ]; and alive comm1 and then somehow (no idea how, yet) i would by this trigger call: null = [["mrk_xl"],[0,1],[0,2],[0],[1,2],[0,0,EAST,TRUE],[0,100,120,TRUE,FALSE]] call Bastion_Spawn; or something like that, and enemy reinforcements would start to arrive. Then i would have to find a way to stop the bastion spawn when !Alive _comm1 no idea yet how to do it.
  7. it works. I have this: mrk_xl = selectRandom(allMapMarkers select { _x find "xl_"== 0}); null = [[mrk_xl],[8,1],[6,3],[2,2,90],[2,40],[4,90],[1,1,25],[0,2,1000,EAST,False]] call EOS_Spawn; _randPos = [getMarkerPos mrk_xl , 0, 100, 12, 0, 0.3, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _radio1 = "INS_WarfareBUAVterminal" createVehicle _randPos; An id spawns the thingy allright. Thank you wery wery much!
  8. Whole line goes like: mrk_l = [[(selectRandom(allMapMarkers select { _x find "l_"== 0})],[3,2,70],[1,2,90],[1,1,50],[0,0],[1,30],[0,0],[0,0,1000,EAST,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn; Iam using it to randomly select a marker on wich bangabobs ocupation script spawns enemies. Then i want to find out wich of the markers was selected, and spawn an object and a trigger there.
  9. Ah, stupid me! You are probably correct mister. Thank you. Edit: Just tried it and it didnt work it still says that the variable is undefined. :-( But still thanks.
  10. Hmm Frustrating. I tried to change the code and name the Null thingy. mrk_l = [[selectRandom (allMapMarkers select { _x find "l_" == 0})...................... then i add _randPos = [mrk_l , 0, 100, 12, 0, 0.3, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; and now iam getting "undefined variable mrk_l" error. How can i get undefined variable? the variable is clearly defined just line above.
  11. Thanks ill try to work out something when i come home from work, and post the result here.