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  1. Hello scic! Linking your game with your Facebook account also works for recovering the previous game progress. When you reinstal the game simply skip tutorial and when it's possible open the options menu. If you link your game with Facebook again you'll have an option to use your previous game progress or scrap it and use the current one.
  2. Hello SyoSin! Thanks for your feedback! We're currently working on improving the game and fixing reported issues. While we explore our options on how to add new content to the game in future updates we can't confirm multiplayer will be added. Nontheless we're open to our players' ideas and suggestions on how to improve the game.
  3. Hello Clapstrap! Video ads should be working just fine and if not, please let our support know on: and add a description of the issue. Thanks!
  4. Hello Danielj0! Number of items stored in tent is not limited in any way. Items just have to be in tent and they are stored. If some items disappear, please contact our support and ideally add some screenshots of the issue so we can check it.
  5. Hello bulan555 and Valbunny! Traders should drop everything. We noticed this bug recently and fix should be included in the next update.
  6. Hello Rowan Lustig! We're really happy that you like our game! Unfortunately we don't have a proper tutorial in web browser game and it will take some time to update it because we are now still fully focused on the mobile version of the game and fixing reported issues. But we'll see what we can add, adjust and fix for the web browser version.
  7. Hello matty13! We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix already.
  8. Hello everyone! Yes, all platform versions of MiniDayZ are being done by the same team. We still want to support web browser version but as Valbunny mentioned we are now fully occupied by updating mobile version and fixing issues.
  9. Hello Monkey Stador! Both mines and beartraps are placed permanently similar to how tents work.
  10. Hello Valbunny! To fully unlock the achievement in Game Center you have to complete it on veteran level (achieve the gold level in game). By unlocking the achievement on for example novice level you'll unlock the Game Center achievement for 1/3 of the progress.
  11. Hello Zebra Urbana! We're still exploring our options for this and currently we can't confirm that we will add multiplayer to the mobile version.
  12. Hello Antarexx! Can you please contact our support on: explain the issue and add more information about the device nad OS version you use. We'll check why you can't donwload the game.
  13. Hello BLUBFACE! We're working on updates to fix all issues that we know of and the problematic view of ads (white screen) is one of them. While we would love to introduce multiplayer on mobile platform we can't confirm anything yet.
  14. Hello Andrew Ong! Have you also checked the difficulty level you need to play to unlock a new character? We track several players who done what's necessary but on lower difficulty levels than required and therefore new character was not unlocked.
  15. Hello siddhxrtha! The web browser game doesn't include this features.