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  1. Bullshit. Storage is not the only bottleneck in this game, nor is RAM. It's just not that simple, and if you are a programmer you should probably know that.
  2. Maybe they were "optimized" away to gain a few percent increase in fps...
  3. Yep, screenshots in OP looked too extreme for me but I've been spending a few hours playing the release candidate and never saw anything I felt was extreme so the screenshots must have tricked me. Now onto new things! Dynamic shadows pls...
  4. Happened to me when I tried selecting a mission in the Apex campaign. Could not select anything but the one on the top, mission 1.
  5. I can't say for certain that rockets lack any sound but it was my impression that they do. Also, I'm very certain that there's rocket sound baked into the launching sample, which is not correct in my opinion. For example, an RPG-7 should just make a loud bang when you pull the trigger. There's an explosive charge that sends the rocket out of the launcher, but the rocket doesn't ignite until later, when the projectile has travelled about 11 meters from the launcher.
  6. Me as well, so I guess everyone has that right now.
  7. +1+1+1 Rocket sounds are baked into the launcher sound and this is painfully obvious for anything from RPG-7 to large vehicle launched missiles. Would be awesome if they were separate and the missile actually had a sound of it's own. Actually, make that two sounds. One for when the rocket is ignited and one for when the missile is just gliding.
  8. This "Example B" also shows another issue I wanted to bring up. The sound of shattering glass is audible from very far away, and should probably be attenuated more over long distances. I'm okay with it being audible over short distances though, but the attenuation needs tweaking.
  9. There's a few improvements to sound that I like (MX, Wipeout) and the improvements to ambient occlusion is nice but much more subtle in game than what the screenshots on the forums looked like, but that's good because those screenshots looked exaggerated anyway. Also, there's the option of using 64-bit executable, but at the moment, just playing vanilla content I don't see much advantage in it. It might become more important in the future as more content is added and memory usage goes up. In the end, it all feels very similar to 1.66 and it's probably going to stay like that until they start releasing more DLC's.
  10. Dolby Headphone virtual surround, but I can't imagine that being related to the issue. The game just sees 8 channels, regardless of method and the recording software captures the sound before it's passed through the virtual surround processing so the effect is not present in the video. I'll try running just raw stereo sound, and I will also try 32-bit executable and try to narrow things down. BRB! Edit: Issue NOT present in 32-bit executable. Only 64-bit! Edit2: Okay, this is weird! I tried 64-bit and 2ch raw audio. No issue. I then tried with 8ch raw audio. Still no issue. Then I enable Dolby Headphone and now the issue is back. Been using DH for years and never seen anything like this :S
  11. Internal or external? I don't feel like the external one is quiet. Haven't tried internal yet, but in my opinion it wouldn't be bad if it was a bit quiet so one can communicate over VON properly. Loud internal sounds are mostly just annoying anyway. Here's a video with two flybys. First Buzzard with it's old sound and then Wipeout with new sound. The latter is certainly louder and the sound lingers for much longer. The Buzzard really demonstrates here how pathetic the jets sounded before. Edit: And a formation of Wipeouts over Tanoa. Can't get enough of that sound!
  12. 1.68RC 64bit Issue with crackling audio and stuttering. Issue comes and goes, but only seem to come when player is inside a vehicle or building. A wild guess is it's related to the sound shaders used in those cases, but I dunno. Games audio settings are set to default. 8ch surround (down-mixed to 2ch in video). dxdiag Edit: Bonus video. Crackling indoors footsteps. Works fine outside. Possibly related to issue described previously in this post. Turn your volume up but beware of the gunshots at the end of the video.
  13. Each pylon obviously needs to be limited to certain weapons. I assume devs already working on implementing that?
  14. Anyone else getting stuttering audio inside buildings? Been having this for a while now... I suspect something in the sound shader system might be bugged. Edit: Issue also present in release candidate. More details, including video here:
  15. It's in the release candidate that was released today, so it's going to happen soon. They even made 64-bit the default :)