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  1. Now it doesn't behave like a rocket propelled grenade at all. You turned it into something more resembling a recoilless rifle, like Carl Gustaf ( Grg m/48 ) or something like that. It wasn't perfect before either, but it was actually closer to reality. The exact ballistics depends on which type of ammunition is being used, but the pg-7vm (which is faster and lighter than earlier variants) we have in the game should have a muzzle velocity of around 140m/s. The sustainer rocket should ignite after the grenade travelled about 11 meters from the launcher. It will then eventually accelerate to 300-350m/s and self destruct around 900m out. Before the update, it was working somewhat, but the velocities were not perfect. Muzzle velocity was 117m/s which would fit older munitions, but not the pg-7vm. Max velocity observed before latest dev-branch update was 400m/s which is too fast so the thrust parameter was probably set too high, or the weight too low (should be 2.0kg). After the update I see 160m/s pretty much immediately after launch and then it drops off. There is no sustainer rocket doing it's thing any more, thus you have turned it into a recoilless rifle. I see that there has been previous complaints in this thread and on the feedback tracker, but I don't consider those complaints valid because the people making those requests obviously aren't familiar with the ballistics of an RPG. They seem to expect the rocket to travel in a parabolic arc like a standard bullet, but that's not how an RPG works. The sustainer rocket will affect the trajectory in ways which first might seem unintuitive. Good thing for them that wind ballistics aren't modelled because then they would have even more trouble hitting things. Again, it's not at first intuitive. It takes a lot of training to understand and become proficient at using these RPG-7's. Sources:
  2. Sure hope the upcoming vehicle DLC's do something about sound. Current jets, boats and ground vehicles with sounds from way back in early access are seriously immersion breaking. Infantry, firefights, helicopters and environment have seen some good improvement. I hope they can bring the rest up to the same level. I wish jet's would sound as good as DCS with proper doppler, speed of sound and supersonic implementation. The wonky physics could be a problem though. Doesn't matter how good a job the sound engineers do if the physics are all wrong, because then it will still sound strange. Just look at how tanks handle engine RPM and gear-shifts to see what I mean. It seems completely unnatural. I hope they can do something about that as well.
  3. Edit: Removed post.
  4. It's not quite the same thing though. Virtual surround such as that found on your soundcard is limited to emulating the HRTF's of 8 speakers sitting on a 2D-plane (there's no verticality so it's not 3D). Think of virtual surround as emulating sitting in a room with a home theatre system around you, while in engine HRTF is more like actually putting your head directly in the game environment.
  5. Ok, so now after the Christmas update CS:GO has in engine HRTF. Perhaps now that it's finally implemented in a popular game, people are going to start noticing the technology and it's benefits. I know this is a big request which potentially could take a lot of work, but I would really like to see HRTF for headphone use implemented in Arma 3. I think the setting of Arma 3 is perfect for this type of technology, being set in a wide open space where sometimes a lot of things are happening around the player in both the horizontal and vertical plane and spatial awareness is an important part of gameplay. I'm already using 8ch virtual surround in the form of Dolby Headphone, but I think in engine HRTF would really take things one step further and it would mean everyone with the game would have access to it. There are open source HRTF library's available, so some of the work is already done. I suspect other games are using these, so it's only a matter of implementing it in the game engine. Yes, I realise it's not a small task, but still... BI, can we please have in engine HRTF pretty pleeeease
  6. I like it. This is exactly the sort of scenario vanilla Arma 3 needs. It's something that shows the game from it's best side while also mostly hiding it's more awkward side. Would be cool if there was a single player implementation as well.
  7. 64-bit finally allows me to drive through or fly over big towns and cities. Previously the game would stutter to the point where I lost control of my vehicles and crash into objects, even with low default settings for view distance. Crazy eh? Never thought I would be able to do basic stuff like that, and after all these years, a fix finally comes along. I strongly disagree. :)
  8. It's not an Arma issue. TrackIR need to update their software as it's not currently aware of the new executable. This is always the case with TrackIR when any supported game is updated to 64-bit.
  9. They need to know for certain that 64-bit is stable first. They probably already thought of making 64-bit default further down the line, but it's too early at this point. I played some more with 64-bit executable earlier today. 99th-percentile frame times are objectively better and the subjective experience agree with that. It feels smother and that's very good news because it's not the average frame-rates that's been bothering me about Arma3, but the occasional stuttering and unstable frame-rates. Not seen any bugs or unexpected behaviour yet on my end.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the 64-bit executable is for raising the memory limits to make room for future content and memory heavy mods, so I don't expect any change in performance in the vanilla game as of now. Benchmarks are still interesting though, so here we go: Specs: Fx-8350 @ 4.4GHz R9 Fury 16GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz Win 10 Scenario: Helicopter ride at the beginning of showcase Combined Arms Application Name Date and Time Average FPS Average frame time (ms) 99th-percentile frame time (ms) arma3.exe 20161213-195016 55.3 18.1 32.5 arma3_x64.exe 20161213-195328 55.7 17.9 31.4
  11. Yes, magnified optics is a different story.
  12. Not necessarily. First time I mounted a red dot optic during basic training, we were told to mount them far forward. You quickly realize the benefits of this after getting used to it. The sight doesn't take up as much of your field of view which lets you use it with both eyes open so you have good depth perception while still being able to see your surroundings which really helps with situational awareness. That's how they are intended to be used and it doesn't work very well if the optic is too close to your eye because then the housing of the optic will obstruct your other eye too much. Also, having it mounted forward helps with night vision googles compatibility.
  13. Request: Add option to set monitor refresh rate in video settings (and/or the game launcher) Currently, I believe this can only be achieved by modifying "Arma3.cfg", which some people might find inconvenient. Okay, you could argue that this will be useless for most users, but there are some of us who need to run non default refresh rate to get the best game experience.
  14. Depends on how you define "lucky". The thing is that most Intel PC's seemed to be able to achieve playable framerates even before this update, while the AMD-rigs could not run Tanoa at all due to the insane stuttering. As soon as things started moving I dropped into the unplayable tens and twenties. This update just brought me up to the same level as other people, which means I can now usually achieve 40-60fps in the Tanoa wilderness. Not sure how that's "lucky".
  15. Anything more than 800 and the game becomes unplayable on the FX-series CPU's, and that's not just Tanoa, but also Altis and Stratis. It's always been like that, and it still is. I'm sure they can override the object distance for certain object. I remember the lighthouse on Stratis is visible waaaay beyond 800.