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  1. @MrHamburgler I'm not convinced it's a worthwhile upgrade in your case. Yes, R7 Ryzen's are great for video encoding, but I'm not entirely sure about the streaming argument. If you are an amateur streamer, then AMD VCE is going to be good enough. It's very fast and energy efficient compared to CPU encoding, but it needs about 50% more bitrate to be the same quality, although it depends on your settings and how powerful CPU you are comparing to. You can play around with the settings to improve the quality a bit. You should at least try it for yourself before you dismiss it. If you are a professional, then you most likely already have a separate machine for capture, encode and upload.
  2. My 1700X-system (R9 Fury @1440p and 64GB @2400MT CL14) is currently doing 16-17% better in YAAB compared to when Ryzen launched. That's without any overclocking. The biggest individual gain came after Windows 10 Creators Update. That alone did 9%. Keep in mind that this is a lot higher than the average gains if you look at other games and applications. Arma 3 is actually one of the games which has gained the most from all the OS and BIOS-updates.
  3. What you see from that angle is nothing what it looks like from the pilots perspective. The green tint on devbranch looks very unrealistic and does indeed make the HUD much harder to use than it should be.
  4. Gryphon HUD problem: Flight path marker/velocity vector does not line up with artificial horizon when in level flight. I think the artificial horizon is sitting too low.
  5. Yes, and no. Think of Steam Audio as a third party library which the game engine can hook into to make use of certain environmental and spatial sound effects. You can almost think of it like the PhysX of audio. It can do headphone spatialization, but it's only one of many things it can do. Windows Sonic takes the output stream (which can be object based, or use old fashioned pre-defined channels) from the application, and mixes it according to how you configured your sound system in the Windows settings. This way, the game doesn't have to care about what type of speaker setup you have. It can be just normal stereo speakers, 5.1 surround or some crazy surround setup with many channels, including vertical ones. The game doesn't have to care, because Windows takes responsibility of mixing it correctly for your particular setup. The game outputs a sound together with positional data, and then Windows Sonic decides which speakers that sound is sent to, based on the positional data. It will also do headphone spatialization if you are using headphones. I guess that's the one thing that both Windows Sonic and Steam Audio does. Except for that, they are completely different things. You could take advantage of both and use them at the same time as long as you make sure both aren't doing headphone spatialization at the same time which would double the effect and sound very bad.
  6. BIOS updated for my PRIME X370-PRO and 1700X. Version number is now 0604 and this update contains the new AGESA from AMD which promises important fixes and better performance. Windows 10 Creators Update previously gave me a 9% boost in YAAB, and this new BIOS gave me another 4% better performance over my previous run. Overall, I'm seeing about 15% better results in YAAB since Ryzen launch. Pretty good if I may say so!
  7. Windows 10 Creators Update adds spatial audio support on API-level which can be leveraged by win32 and UWP programs. I think Arma 3 could make good use of it's 7.1 virtual surround for headphones if Arma was patched to make use of it.
  8. I installed Windows 10 Creators Update today, and my YAAB-result went up 9% on my 1700X-machine :) Not sure if it's some Ryzen optimization, Game Mode or anything else.
  9. @dwarden For CPU-Z benchmark I can answer right away, but only for stock CPU clock speeds. BIOS 0504 (2133mt 14-14-14-35-50-2) ST: 2010 MT: 18067 BIOS 0507 (BETA) (2400mt 14-14-14-35-56-2) ST: 2010 MT: 17938 Multithreaded CPU-Z bench is down very slightly, but game performance seem noticeably better across the board. Sorry I don't have more benchmarks at this time. Should have done a few more for reference before updating the BIOS. And yes, they did add an SMT switch in the new BIOS :)
  10. I've been in contact with Asus regarding some BIOS feedback, and they sent me a beta version to try out. Not only does it contain some really useful fixes and enhances, but it also lets me run my memory at full XMP speed, which was a bit of a surprise considering I run four 16GB dual rank modules for a total of 64GB which is worst case scenario if you want high memory speed. Official support is only 1866mt with such a configuration, but I could previously run them at 2133mt with the latest public bios version 0504. Now, with the beta (0507), I can run them at their full speed of 2400mt. YAAB gains with new bios and full memory speed: 9% better average frame-rate.
  11. Good. Back when I had an FX-8350 it used to set it to 1200 I think, which was more or less unplayable. I always lowered it to 800m manually which makes the game ugly but playable. Sadly, the low object distance is necessary on those CPU's. Now, with the Ryzen 1700X, autodetect sets it to 1900m and yet the game runs so much better than with the FX on 800m.
  12. @djotacon It seems you are confusing IPC with single threaded performance. They are not the same thing.
  13. @kremator Try a different browser. Anyway, the screenshots illustrate how the terrain setting has a huge impact on foliage rendering distance. It's basically the setting you are asking for, but it's already there.
  14. Low vs standard Standard vs. high High vs. very high Very high vs. ultra
  15. @Evil Organ Ground foliage render distance is determined by the "terrain" setting, so it's not like it's going to be the same for everyone.