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  1. Chocolate or vanilla? Are there plans for new skins for equipment?
  2. Addons: Arma 3 Aegis, Lythium, JBad, DIREONE's animations
  3. im sorry that development is slow right now at the very least ill release source files if it doesnt continue so people who are actually capable in the community can make something im tired of hurting everyone and im tired of being a failure i dont see any reason anymore im sorry its everything to do with rl, not the mod
  4. Perhaps you play as a medevac pilot?
  5. Scout SV Ajax pls pls
  6. Verify your cache through Steam. The jets are located in the editor under NATO > Planes / AAF > Planes / CSAT > Planes.
  7. The F-35F is quite similar to the black wasp, though with some notable differences. First and foremost, the F-35F lacks a tailhook and is a V/STOL. The F-35F also has a datalink. It's too speed is technically 1970 km/h or something but because arma it only reaches 1300 km/h. The F-35F carried less ordinance than the F/A-181, with 10 (technically 11) pylons while the F/A-181 has 12. The stealth variant however only has 4 (technically 5) pylons. It spawns with ordinance similar to the Black Wasp II, 4x BIM-9, 2x GBU-12, 2x Macer, 4x AMRAAM D. It's stealth and IR signature is the same as the Black Wasp II. While the F/A-181 has a 20 mm cannon with 450 AP rounds, the F-35F has a 25 mm cannon with 300 HE rounds. Edit: almost forgot. It has a fully functional ejection seat. Also I'll probably add in proper afterburners if I have spare time for all jets.
  8. I do everything. Jets, infantry, tanks, helis, all of it and I have never had a problem since Alpha.
  9. Just reload the Apex preset, or whatever you prefer.
  10. You just gotta practice and find the sweet spot with the throttle when landing. I found the Xi'an that it's around 40%.
  11. I've never had an issue with this. Just get used to it because it shouldn't change.
  12. Played around with Jets DLC with my group and we all had a blast! Awesome work B01 and BIS! Dogfighting enemy aircraft, taking off and landing, and even placing cheetahs on the carrier while shooting down buzzards was super fun! :)
  13. A dynamic system for aircraft loadouts will likely come with 1.72 as being able to change it on the fly is one of the goals for the system.
  14. Invade and annex, Zeus, editor, etc. KOTH isn't official content btw.