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  1. Awesome! I've always loved the weapons from GRAW! :D
  2. orange

    inb4 it's actually got nothing to do with Orange DLC. It could possibly be part of Tanks DLC?
  3. Issue with tanks and cover:
  4. Probably not, the most I'll do is add CSAT insignias like Shikra's but that's very unlikely.
  5. Hotfix 07-18-2017 Fixed: ACE is no longer required I'm incompetent lol. Thanks! And yeeep, still trying to figure out that RDS. Scope optics will also change, and will be similar to the MOS in that you can see around the scope. I'd liked to have added Scorpion but I couldn't get the colors right. Not only that but to me it didn't seem that necessary. Uniforms with no flags are possible, though.
  6. 18-07-2017 Added: Several terrain structures and props Added: SA80 5.56 mm Assault Rifle & Light Support Weapon Added: Mk16 HAMR 5.56 mm Light Support Weapon Added: ACOG optics (WIP) Added: New icons for variants of the Mk16/Mk17 rifles Added: New icons for black variant of the Bulldog shotgun Added: New icons for black variants of the Mk20 rifle Added: New icons for black variants of the TRG-20 rifle Added: New icons for the black variant of the P07 pistol Added: New icons for the black variant of the P99 pistol Added: Optional ACE compatibility. Check download location, the file is located inside a folder named "Optional" Tweaked: The Mk17 rifle's textures were improved slightly Tweaked: The Bulldog shotgun's textures were darkened Tweaked: The Special Combat Helmet tropic variant's textures were improved Tweaked: The Combat Fatigues NATO Atlantic variant's textures were improved Tweaked: NATO Atlantic's ammoboxes' inventories were modified Tweaked: NATO Atlantic's units' inventories were modified Tweaked: The AA40's recoil and performance was overhauled Tweaked: The Bulldog's recoil and performance was overhauled Tweaked: The M4 SSAS's recoil and performance was overhauled Tweaked: The Mk16/Mk17's recoil and performance was overhauled Tweaked: The Warfare-50's recoil and performance was overhauled Fixed: The F-35F's presets didn't load properly Fixed: The F-35F Stealth variant's presets caused a pop-up error Fixed: The CTRG Arid Uniform variants had wrong names Fixed: The AK-12's three-round-burst was replaced with a more accurate two-round-burst Fixed: All files have been resigned with a new private key What I've been listening to all night Hope you guys enjoy the update, and please keep in mind some things are WIP as usual. The SA80's UGL animations and ACOG's optics in particular. Next update's plans include adding more Special Combat Helmet color variants, two new camouflage patterns for NATO Atlantic Forces, and possibly a new faction. ;) Hotfix 18-07-2017 Fixed: SA80 LSW pop-up error
  7. Some love for mission makers in the next update! Rampants, dugouts, crates, tents, and a crashed C-192. Expect an update very soon, possibly even today relative to my fucked sleep schedule. :3
  8. Well, yes but I'm working with what I have. The rail system will probably change if I ever get a model for it.
  9. malden dlc

    Small bug that really bothers me: Driving a vehicle on grass kicks up dust and dirt which is good But driving on sand doesn't?
  10. The AAF use a variety of NATO hand-me-downs especially from the British (Strider, FV-720 Mora, WY-55 Hellcat), their own purchases (A-149 Gryphon, MBT-52 Kuma), and some surplus CSAT equipment (K40 Ababil-3, Zamak). I don't have much planned for them but that can change in the future.
  11. Somewhere in the Algerian Desert, circa 2036 Addons: Arma 3 Aegis, CUP Terrains Complete
  12. NATO Atlantic Forces will be equipped with SA80s, but regular NATO and NATO Pacific Forces will still keep their MXs.
  13. L85A3 wins by 63%! So here they are, NATO Atlantic Forces' new standard-issue bullpup assault rifle! Textures are WIP currently, as are the animations. Three variants are being added... (if anyone is willing to donate a L22, please PM me!) SA80 5.56 mm SA80 GL 5.56 mm SA80 LSW 5.56 mm ...With three color variants! Black, sand, and a special FIA camo coloration. Model is ported from Arma 2, with ironsights from Kiory's L85A2 source model. This is one of my favorite guns (despite its shortcomings, good thing everyone is right-handed in the Armaverse) and I always wanted to do one! Now, you might be asking... "It's 2035! Wouldn't the British have already replaced the SA80?" ...Well to that I answer: uh... budget cuts...? Either way I hope you guys enjoy!
  14. Development is going nicely so far, the ACE issue with CSAT units is fixed with the next update. Quick question regarding NATO's Atlantic Forces: L85A3 wins by 63%!