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  1. [WIP] Tsarvana

    Taviana was a great map. Looking forward to a modern update!
  2. Where did everyone go...

    I'm only from the A2 days and one thing I noticed was the existence of Steam Workshop and forums, and DayZ SA, ARGO and ARMA 3. To me that fragmented the community because in A2, A1 and OpFOR, it was all one big community. TO series to a lesser extent. I am sure PUBG and discord and newer games would have additional affects but the ARMA community became splintered or specialize. I am sure I will be here for ARMA 4 but it only makes sense with the growth and expansion of the community.
  3. Wolf like in dayz ? :)

    Great idea but as previous folks said, they barely put the ARMA 2 animals back in! I do like the videos with the wolves in ARMA though. Would make a great addition to the survival zombie mods like Ravage or Exile or even Zombies and Demons mod. You can try these mods and see if you can modify it to suit your tastes: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1104980154
  4. All the above is true. You need higher IPC per core, and higher MHZ per core to really make ARMA fly. The good thing is that with your cpu, you can run a bunch of dedicated servers and connect to it on the same machine. That is one way to get more performance. Run a dedicated server for a coop mission and connect to it and pretend it is single player. The dedicated server process will run the AI and game code while your client will take care of the rendering at full speed. Just make sure you have enough RAM to run both process in x64 mode. Until BIS develops a fully multithreading script and AI component for their engine, the best cpu are the highest clocked with the best IPC. That means Intel 6x00K, 7x00K or 8x00K series for now.
  5. What snow do you want?

    I like snow maps except for most of the terrain textures because it is pure flat one shade of white and kills immersion since there are no tracks, broken snow or any sense of depth. I like URAL and Chernobyl Zone winter as those two hide the flatness with snow colored bushes. Also, I really like the Winter 2035 mod that recolors Stratis and Altis to snow. The ground textures actually look good and if you can figure a way to add DEPTH to the snow, that would make it fantastic regardless of exact snow color. If not, please add some winter grass just so we can HIDE and TRACK in the snow. It will work like regular grass but give winter players more depth to the game.
  6. Sagarmāthā Zone

    I wanted to say I am looking to seeing this map as one of those "hiker" experiences. Just walking around and enjoying the scenery. Your video in the first post should be an intro mission. That is the player should arrive to the site and be able to ride that airplane as a guest with the AI showing the highlights of the map, then flying back. It can be a 10 minute ride. Not too long, not too short. It was so incredibly relaxing! I think I have only said this twice, here, and regarding Tanoa when I first bought it. I did not thing but drop an AI driver / pilot and let him take him around the map just sightseeing. Please take your time. I don't want to see alphas and betas ruining the experience. I just want to be wow wow and wowed! Keep up the great work.
  7. EGO

    Is the AI recon team actually calling out your team's position and informing the tanks and APC?! Those tanks are brutal! I hope your burning FX mod would be a separate PBO or Blastcore compatible because I'm using Blastcore Edited with Splendid Smoke from Steam Workshop.
  8. Can you play other games with no issues? If you crash in other games on full load, then it is usually something overheating or the PSU. Try a fan blowing into your PC and ensure adequate cooling. Honestly, sounds like PSU issue. If you look back at all the people who have ARMA crashing problems, its mostly after they have played for a while with long playtimes. Their PC must overheated or worn down the PSU components.
  9. Prei Khmaoch Luong

    Sucks to hear that as I thought maybe stacking a bunch of rocks could give off that effect so we have to look forward to ARMA 4 engine hopefully right after the last DLC drops.
  10. Prei Khmaoch Luong

    So looking forward to this map and I know it is late but maybe for your next map: Would AMAZING to see something like this as an Easter Egg!
  11. I HAD a Corsair RX850 (great PSU) but lightning blew it a few years ago. Replaced it with a Corsair RM1000 and I have a faulty fan which I MUST use a portable fan blowing on it when playing ARMA. I can watch movies with no issues but when both CPU and GPU are pegged at 100%, it makes a swishing sound so I know the coils or capacitors are heating up. Most PSU last about 5 years (max warranty) unless it gets rebuilt. So I would try to blow an extra fan on it during gaming to test it. If your PC is rock stable, then you know you need to rebuild or replace the PSU. Most MB, CPU, RAM and GPU have a ton of voltage regulators so it is the PSU that gets stressed the most when it runs at full load for a long time, especially wearing out faster during the summer when it is hotter or with less than adequate air flow.
  12. I had the same problem before and it was one of these issues: Swap file HD was full... clear up about 10 GB of space or = to your ram Not enough ram in 64 bit mode... I now have 32 GB. No worries PSU was dying... yup... this was big effing problem because on full load, it would crash my PC. I found out because there was coil whine - high pitch noise coming from the PSU. Probably compromised due to summer heat. Get a new PSU, problem solved.
  13. Edit - Resolved. Verified and reinstalled ARMA 3 did the trick.
  14. Was watching the Lost City of Z and now this WW1 mod comes out! Just in time for some trenchwarfare action! Bravo.
  15. Now I really want to see a bunch of Guy Fawks Masked Anarchists go up against the New Confederacy!!! :D