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  1. GaelLords uses only CBA and Shacktac Hud (optional) but recommended. Outkasts has a bunch of optional mods (Laxmann's sound and environment mod, enhance movement and interaction from Bad Benson, and minor other mods) highly recommended and you can download it all by clicking on subscribe from Steam Workshop. Going to pop in a game right about.... now... :D
  2. wild west

    This mod is just so amazing... wonder if it would be possible to use these maps as inspiration to create a more comprehensive map for this mod:
  3. I am usually playing on or's servers. Just type in "escape" into the filter box in the internet tab and you can find those servers. Usually a bunch of good guys playing proper coop. Similar to how Half Life players play Svencoop if you know that game (wish someone would port Black Mesa to ARMA 3 engine!). Once you have played a few rounds, your team may opt to do their own versions on other maps or mod the existing PBO.
  4. What Wizardry is this where 2 completely different games can have crossover operations?! Fantastic!!!
  5. These two: I do hope to see a NK map as well.
  6. ARMA is mainly CPU, RAM and hard disk I/O access limited. If you can overclock your CPU, increase your RAM speed and move ARMA to a SSD, you will find better (smoother) performance. It is very sensitive to cpu and ram speed. Once you have done this, you can lower your graphics settings to achieve ~ 60 FPS or so. That 960 is not really that fast (ARMA is ROPS sensitive unless you have the Apex expansion then the trees become geometry limited). So a fast video card with lots of ROPS 32 or more, and lots of stream processor in that order would work. ARMA DOES scale well with SLI or Crossfire. I had AMD 6950 in crossfire mode and peak at 38 FPS with YAAB benchmark. I just got a 1060 GTX 3GB and it peaks at ~ 32 FPS in YAAB. This is just to hold me over until AMD release VEGA and then I will decide on a monster video card to max out graphics settings. So far in online play, I am getting around 48-60 FPS with low mods so it is bearable.
  7. Then you may end up with a "guy" problem down the road... that is if that is your thing. :D
  8. Finally more ratz to kill... I want to see someone script Tomahawks raining over the ratz heads all day to show real world military commanders how it should be done to clean out a nest. :D For the PLA SF, those guys are SF. It is super hard to get any info out of that region at all and I love your mods. Keep it going on. If you get bored, perhaps you can do related CTU such as Taiwan CTU or Hong Kong SDU units. If there was one other unit I wish you can do would be the "SF" units and survivors from the movie Battle Royale. I know it is SciFi, but that was what started Player Unknowms Battle Royale, H1Z1 King of the Hill and Battlegrounds games and mods. It had High School Students (I think Tryk may have something), JSDF units, JSDF SF and the students in the special BR camo pictured here:
  9. I'm still learning this arcane language on a day to day basis and whoever figures out the secret decoding, deciphering key to this would be the richest person in the world!
  10. We're not trying to be facetious to wiki. Many of us has been in the same situation at one time in our lives. Wisdom is knowledge that is earned and reflected on. On a more serious note, wiki will "get over it". It is only a matter of time. Not now, today, next week, month or year but eventually. The hardest thing in life is actually losing someone you love, willingly or not, whether breaking up, by passing on or never reciprocating the same love back. It is a part of life and one day, once its over and when wiki comes back to thread, he will say, yes, those folks were hard but right. Part of growing up, stronger and gaining wisdom. The solution IS time. Wiki just needs to find a way to past time as fast as possible and for me, not speaking for anyone else, was to be distracted by something such as work, hobby or even other girls. Rebound is a thing and actually helps to get through it. The only issue is that it will create for that other person the same situation wiki is in now. But it is up to him on how to handle it. I personally do not advocate drugs, liquor, substance , gambling or ANY addictive activity (besides gaming) because that is a long road that once journeyed during a time of personal crisis may never be fully recovered and worst than what is occurring at this moment.
  11. I can relate to the OP... true story as follows: I saw this beautiful amazing girl TODAY! Pink heels, blue jeans, long legs up to the heavens, pink top, long flowing hair, pink reflective sun glasses, looking at her phone when I passed by and smelled her hair... I could have not stop faster, heart beating pitter patter, can't stop thinking about her all day, can't work, just wanted to go back to that fountain, find her and take her away... Then I went home, saw my kids, wife and man'ed up. Went back to RL. :D I still think about her but life goes on... There are so many things and girls I would want but know my limits. Be grateful for the air I breath, the food on the table and that I'm still alive.Live on to know that possibilities (in my mind) still exists. Probably should close this thread and log into a game before the other half leans over my shoulder... :P
  12. Blowing to Kingdom Come a country before even verifying the events leading up to it... Great leadership and critical thinking... lack of...
  13. I had this problem in UT engine games if you run out of swap file space or turned off windows page file, even when I had 16 GB of ram running a 32-bit game. With 64 bit, the game can actually use up all your free ram as it can address (access) up to 8 TB of dynamic data. Make sure your C: drive has swap file space at least 500 MB to 1 GB even if you are running nothing else in the background while gaming.
  14. I thought there was game engine that did that...was thinking Half Life or Quake or UT, but it may have been Bethesda.