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  1. Nice. Are you using GTA V or SA as your inspiration? Would love to see inspired from both Liberty City and Vice City as well in ARMA one day.
  2. Steam just did a 6.5 GB updated on the MAIN BRANCH and ARMA 3 Malden shows up as installed DLC on my PC. However, when I load up ARMA 3 to view the map in the editor, it is not listed! Any ideas?
  3. terrain

    Just amazing and I thought of something you guys may want to test out. If you put clutter on the roads, will the AI drivers drive around it or crash into it? I know the AI now drives around units or vehicles but not sure about ground clutter. Other than that, amazing work.
  4. EGO

    Sounds really good! The only other faction I can think of really are PMCs. Supposedly all the pro PMCs are ex-military up to a point. In the couple of conflicts, they were reported as taking in ex-convicts due to lack of availability!! This is seriously what was reported hence all those PMC on civilian incidents in the world. So you can setup Ion or any of Jarred's factions (ooh Praying Mantis) to be some top notch killing machines, but not Tier 1 for sure.
  5. EGO

    Yes that is correct for United States Marine Corps. Every grunt who passes training are rifleman by default. That is one of the requirements regardless if they go on to become medics, engineers, demolition or etc... Note that Scout Snipers are an elite class in the Marines though. Same for Marine Force Recon units. They are pretty much up their with Tier 1 SF (Seals, Delta, DEVGRU, etc...) You can definitely lower the skills of pilots for example. Flyboys would be master of the air, not gunmans. Not sure of ARMY (tank or artillery units) but I doubt they all are at the shooting level of Marines by training as their focus is different. Same for Naval units unless they are SEAL type teams. I would advise that police (Gendemerie is basically military right?), Syndikat and even armed civilians can be notched down in accuracy unless they are SWAT tactical units. That would be roughly how I would base the military side of each faction. Note I have no idea how EU military discipline units would train up. Edit - also, I was just thinking if we use unit mods, would they inherit the proficiency updates such as RHS units or etc..? Not sure how that works and may be complicated. I am using Jarred's replacements to play some default ARMA scenarios so it would be cool if their skills were adjusted properly.
  6. Buy the fastest Intel CPU you can afford starting with the i7-7700K, then followed by i5-7600K and down... get one that clocks as close to 5 GHZ as possible. If you cannot afford those cpu, I think an I5-4690K would be a good choice. Or maybe even a Dual Core I3 that clocks super high like over 4.6 GHZ. But every other game will start to slow down as many games other than ARMA 3 uses 4--8 cores now. The reason is not that AMD cpus are bad, but ARMA is coded fairly single thread for the AI and Intel cpu clocks higher, even though the new AMD cpus are nearly IPC equilvalent with fast ram. So in a MP game, either Intel or AMD cpu would be good so long as the AI runs on the server. If you are playing SP or COOP hosting the AI, get the Intel CPU. It makes a big difference.
  7. orange

    I hope its females to be honest with UN type faction. I saw the new female models in DayZ and cannot wonder why ARMA 3 won't have any. Looked really good in that mod.
  8. EGO

    Awesome. Loved your other immersion mods. Will this affect ACE3 AI? I believe that has presets also based on class. or can optionally enable / disable the AI feature? I love the talk function. Sorta like Half Life, GTA and RUG-DSAI mixed in. Hahah... that "You suck" was funny. Nerve racking for military to go through hostile civ areas. Should have a config option to let users create other dialects. PS: Need a "marines" setting. All USMC are all rifleman first, then other class next. Just FYI.
  9. I am using a 1060 3GB with 381.65 drivers and super smooth. No stuttering. 4790k, SSD, 32GB of RAM in x64 mode. Try a driver rollback to see if it improves the situation.
  10. Hi Solano, I was using this mod up to the Jets DLC and now it appears to be a memory conflict with the x64 version. I can join the lobby of MP games but as soon as I tried to load into the actual game, I would get a windows x000c error. x32 works but eventually ARMA runs out of memory. If I disable Real Light, x64 works fine. Just wondering if you or other users have noticed this?
  11. Not sure but you can define it in the config file under my documents/arma 3/arma 3. Maybe use your GPU to create a fake resolution so it will scale back down to your current screen size? If it works, it will render it at least.
  12. @ EO = I love this mod and was wondering if the CUP version would work for all A2 maps if we load up cup core? Specifically I want to use this for classics such Napf, Chernobyl Zone and Podargost. Lastly, can you tweak a version for: G.O.S Song Bin Tanh 2.0 (APEX) G.O.S N'ziwasogo by GOS_Makhno Thank you for X-Cam version BTW. Great map with is enhanced greatly with this mod.
  13. Yes you can. So you if want to go up against PO IS, you need to add the faction string or part of it to the userconfig that specifies which team you want it to be on. So if you want IS as OpFor - it would be something like: tpw_skirmish_enemyunitstring = "ISIS"; // Custom string to select enemy units from config Replace the ISIS with the correct string that all IS units have in common. You can also define what type of vehicles those units would use as well in the enemyVEHstring variable. @ kremator - you can have an all out war but you have to remember this mod is SP and it EATS up a lot of CPU if you get all those AI going, including the civilians, boats, cars and planes. I did a test with only skirmish and animals, and it was ok. As soon as I add civilians, cars, boats and planes, my FPS tanks by 10 or more. We are talking low 20s already. You can have Skirmish OR ambient AI. That is the limit for my cpu i7-4970k @ 4.4 GHZ OC. I would love to get faster cpu to run more AI.
  14. @ TPW - I am getting back into ARMA now and I wanted to know is it possible to define more than 1 user chosen units under skirmish? I notice we can assign predefined factions such as NATO, CSAT, PACIFIC CSAT, but I also wanted to group 2 or 3 different user mods into 1 team to form an alliance using an array? example - RHS EAST and RHS GREENFOR on one team, instead of making Bluefor RHS EAST, Greenfor RHS GREENFOR and then switching NATO to OpFor? tpw_skirmish_enemyunitstring = {"RHS_EAST","RHS_GREEN"}; // Custom string to select enemy units from config Is this possible? I tried to change the user config but it didn't work. No rush but appreciate if you can look at it when you have time.
  15. terrain

    Just Amazing. Already feels like the new Metro game!