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  1. There is this mod on Steam Workshop but I think it needs more work: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052782388/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410 Hiss Tank here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=461673906 There is also this mod from ARMA 2 (really great) and love to see it ported to ARMA 3: And then this classic mod for Operation Flashpoint: Would love to see a modern updated version of Cobra as OPFOR engaging NATO, CSAT and independents for ARMA domination.
  2. France General

    It is a pity that France was able to give those a proper life with opportunities (as best as it can) and now resort to eliminating them from the face of the earth. Not that I would pity them after what they did but it is a tragic waste on all sides.
  3. Leaked CSAT Counter Intelligence and Mother Nature Joint Operations Command reports regarding current ongoing NATO and ISIS activity in the region: Looks like Cobra is really gearing up the Weather Dominator, again:
  4. Well aren't you a bundle of joy! There goes all hope! :D Maybe some modder can create the texture layers to remap the official BIS maps to winter like the Chernarus version...
  5. Ambient Birds

    Should drop some phone booths into the map like this old classic and let the "birds" go at it:
  6. Would be awesome if Bis would create Winter versions of Altis, Stratis and Malden to test the snow depth theory. Perfect Christmas 2017 DLC for us. :D
  7. That is proper looking winter map! So looking forward to the next update.
  8. Hey Ineptaphid, Thanks for the photo. Looks really good so I will try it. The only other winter maps with great terrain detail were Ural and Chernobyl Zone where they had a lot of smaller winter shrub to mask the flat snow texture.
  9. GI JOE and COBRA

    Oh man... that just brings back memories!!! Would love to see the Trouble Bubbles, VAMP (my FIRST GI JOE vehicle), Skyhawk (2nd vehicle), Water Moccasin and that cool Rattler! We already have the CSAT Viper units which can be Cobra Vipers and recoloring a pilot to Wild Weasel colors should not be hard at all!!! It's like being a kid all over again. I would kill to see a huge upgraded modern and more realistic Terrordome in ARMA! Know that I am a total talent-less hack but if there is anything I can help you with, I would be glad to when I am not travelling.
  10. Was roaming around a bunch of snow maps and one thing that bugged me was that the SNOW texture was MOSTLY FLAT with trees sticking out like sore thumbs. Hard to ever show anything was walking or driving through since the terrain never breaks up while grass can be flattened. So is it possible to create a snow grass mod or even a snow colored water mod that would sit on top of the snow texture, to create the depth? So players can be knee deep in "snow" or hide in some snow. And to show disruption if something passed through? The snow colored water mod would need to turn off the wave effect shader and drowning effect but I think it would be good enough to hid the player if they prone. Does not have to be water but some kind of object with depth. This is just thinking out loud to increase the immersion of snow effects. Sorta like an opposite of the NO GRASS mods out there. Could be applied to sand, mud or dirt as well.
  11. Hi again, I'm going to say it... OP is fine to run at ULTRA settings with his 1080 Ti because MOST of those effects are shader based which would rely on GPU power, not CPU. The only thing really affects him more is CPU plus map draw distance, and object draw distance since all that loads into RAM from the HD or SSD. I hope you have ARMA installed onto a SSD because ARMA streams in the content as you travel along the map. Also, as some others say ARMA's main bottleneck are the AI task handling (single thread) and the power of the server due to either network congestion (PING) or load (again, single threaded AI task handling). He can increase his own game performance by OC'ing his CPU but he cannot control the server's performance. Here is a recent benchmark with the new Intel CPUs that show how up OC the CPU alone can increase performance (this is with a 1080 GTX, not Ti): His 7800x CPU jumps from 54 min FPS to 62 min FPS just by OC'ing from 4.0 GHZ to 4.8 GHZ. His average is about 10 FPS higher. I run a 4970K @ 4.4 GHZ with 1060 GTX on Ultra but with 8x AA ON @ 1080p. He is fine with 8x AA with that 1080 Ti. Plenty of power. Just watch the draw distance since that loads all the objects into his VRAM. The CPU or the network server is his and our bottleneck for ARMA 3. I cannot wait for ARMA 4 which hopefully one day will multi-thread the AI task. Not going to wait for 6+ GHZ CPUs because it will take much longer. :P
  12. JSRS Soundmod Replacements

    Just curious but can't you just talk to Toadie about this? He can rewrite his own mod to accommodate if he wishes. At the very least he might consider it. I do use Toadie's Niarms mod more than RHS or CUP FYI if you are counting whether to proceed or not. Might want to make a poll and check, or just check how many people have subscribed to his mod on STEAM WORKSHOP.
  13. You just need to download the full mod here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 It will run inside of ARMA 3. There is another version that is broken up in the IF maps, I44 ported maps, the map objects and mod, which is the same as the above if you combine it. I believe that was just legacy so modders can download the maps to start to build missions. Its what I have actually so I can just load up some of the maps with objects and play with A3 mission assets but it works either way. The server keys SHOULD matchup but you never know this being ARMA .:D The commercial version is not supported anymore but it has higher resolution textures due to being previously commercial. But fear not, modders are at work to remake textures and will take time. You can also download the tons of additional addons such as Geist or LEN texture replacements but all you really need is the IF All in One Lite mod.
  14. Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Awesome video to show off the mod! Really fantastic!
  15. GI JOE and COBRA

    Old School GI Joe RAH fan here! Keep up the good work!