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  1. I've had this problem for months and still waiting for a fix. I love the download speeds from Steam Workshop but seriously, it is retarded on how it handles symbolic name creation and the overall disk space usage X to download, Y to unpack, Z to backup then setting up the actual mod folders. I wish there was an alternative way to just use Steam as a download server to download the mod itself then rename the folders to @whatever in the root ARMA 3 folder. That would be enough for me.
  2. For me I want to see modern urban...a huge city state like the below but it can be fictional of course: We have the GPU power and storage via SSD now... its only the engine that needs updating to support it.
  3. @ TPW... WOW! Fantastic... Would you also advise a script so we can assist with adding user made building packs as well just as JBAD, EM, Open Chernarus and others? We can submit the data to you for periodic updates.
  4. Really beautiful mapmaking.
  5. The MOD version is not MP compatible but I believe some scripts are. So you would need to test it and it should be OK to include the scripts in your mission.
  6. If I was not entering my busiest schedule, I would sit down and arrange furnishing all day! I will try to do some in my spare time. I suspect it would be easiest if there as test mission VR that had all the buildings to run this? Will check if I can drop into EDEN and see what can be done.
  7. I am getting Cx000005 out of memory errors now with the recent DEV 1.67 update with 64 bit and cannot launch it! Using the same settings as before which was working fine. This is with and without any mods! What did you do guys? Do I need to force hugepage files?
  8. Regarding the headband issue, I think a green / red or yellow headband added into the current masks via photoshop should suffice as we're mainly interested in operational battle dress, not parade styles. Though it would be cool to see a scripted march through or rally event regions as part of intelligence gathering or news report.
  9. @ gachopin Arigato! Looking forward to the JGSDF LAV for so long! :D
  10. @jarrad96 Yes, I meant Syrian Arab Army and Dragonfire is correct to add maybe some Hezbollah since they are actively engaging Al Nusra Front with Russian and SAA together. There aren't any really good mods to represent these anymore without some compatibility issues though I think Project Opfor is the last one that is working. I would love to see some FARC but then we need to create the Colombian National Army to battle them. Edit -- just saw Colombian Armed Forces mod on Steam Workshop so FARC AWAY: For Brazil, there are tons of mods already on steam but nothing for the Cartel unless we just use Apex's Syndikat OpFors. Personally I would like to see SAA and Hezbollah to represent current forces after fleshing out CAM. There are also some South African SF units that needs updating that would make a wonderful addition. I think if you focus on regions, it would easier to do just by matching up Blue and Opfor.
  11. Love your Ghost Recon mod and these factions. I really like the more unconventional units such as ANA, Iraqi SF and Peschmergas especially with the "current" crisis around the world. Maybe SAA later?
  12. @kremator @vengeance1 It is about right with the cpu due to the AI load. You guys can just start increasing the AA and other settings with your 1080 while keeping the same average FPS. That will give you relatively maxed out settings and performance. Nothing we can do until ARMA engine becomes better at multithreading the AI.
  13. As everyone had stated before, BEAUTIFUL! Any possibility of a short video sailing around Tanoa? Would love to see a Pirates type mod in ARMA for multiplay. Great work!
  14. @vengeance1 Is the game installed on a SSD? If not, try moving it there then running it. It should improve a bit and also what are your RAM speeds? ARMA is MOSTLY limited by CPU IPC so clock speed per core, then RAM speed (it loves high bandwidth RAM but you have quad channel so that should be really good) and then a fast SSD or RAMDISK since it streams the assets in. Everything else should scale. Try my current settings to test if you can improve: Under ARMA LAUNCHER PARAMETERS enable extra threads and select all 3 enable hyper threading enable no logs to prevent some jitter Under your video settings, try my settings first, then run the benchmark at least twice since the first time will cache the game contents: After you have ran YAAB twice, note your FPS and then while still in the mission, PRESS ESC, SETTINGS and change your video settings. I found out the OBJECT quality affects GPU a lot (weak 3D geometry engine) so I lowered that yet I still have ultra textures so everything looks sharp up close. The TERRAIN eats up GPU VRAM and some geometry as it is mainly the amount of grass and quality. I think you can up this slowly without affecting your performance. Then you can try Shadows and Skies. I would not bother with PIP on anything but low if you have textures at Ultra. It looks just as sharp and frees up performance. You can play with any shader based setting as that barely affects performance since your gpu has plenty of those. Water shader should be at high to look good. I bet you can set that at Ultra with no issues. DOF, BLUR up to your taste. Lastly, you can play with AA settings for a balance. But please try to run YAAB with my settings to compare. This was the best I can do without going lower and yet still have a good performance. I average 38 FPS with these settings in YAAB in 64 Bit Dev 1.67. In 32 bit it drops down to 36.5 FPS. With the new performance build 64 bit, I get even lower so I am sticking with the current Dev 1.67 build from Steam.
  15. @road runner It can be daunting but you can try the EZ OC method. It should be a one click solution. Boot into windows, don't run anything and run the AI Suite. There should be an auto test to set a basic OC. I did some tweaks and my best FPS is now 38-39 FPS with Ultra textures but everything else on low. NO MOD. 64 bit is better than 32 bit and the performance build is worse than the current DEV 1.67 build. With mods it drops down to 28 FPS! LOL. I need a new GPU I know.