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  1. Thanks! I kept it neutral and open for two reasons... One, we wanted a random mission generator where there were no pop-ups, or holograms that pulled you out of the "simulation/immersion". There are numerous missions where you'll never quite know it's was successful or not. Since you are the one that is boots-on-the-ground, then only you can determine that it was successful or not. You'll have to role-play how you want. Its part of the Fog-of-War. The second reason I'd to keep your game clean, and it wouldn't interfere with other gamemodes, etc you have running. I wanted a system where you are assigned your mission, and then you have to plan and execute that mission from A to Z (all my other mods are required for that). I wanted it to feel as real-ish as possible. No hand holding. Maybe the town is clear, maybe it's not. If you did your job and cleared all buildings, then is probably clear. BUT, you'll never know. Never let your guard down. It's combat. It's Dangerous! I played around with adding a variable or action report so you have something to hook on to. I still may add it. It's a good idea!
  2. Not sure I understand the question. You can place any number of units if using the custom code. Just Copy & Paste in the Unit or Leader. Can't remember if I added info into the Doc or not (on phone right now). If needed Taliban enemy, I don't think this spawns them in. You'd have to use one from the drop-down list, or place your own with the custom code pasted into their init box. You can use ALiVE to populate the map, then place as few as 1 or 100 units of your own Taliban to have them teleport to the Mission Area. Hope that answers your question. Some good ideas.... I just checked your socking, and I'm afraid it's just coal. LOL. SOCOM is very low on the list right now, but I'm hoping to add some more Missions soon. I'll pull some strings and see what I can sneak in before Christmas.
  3. Carrier turrets

    Try: attachTo with a GameLogic, then attach the Turrent to the GameLogic. or Maybe... setMass to make it too heavy to be affected by recoil.
  4. Yup! FROGS, CORE, and an unreleased GameMode have been the primary focus this fall. But I will be adding (at some point) more Movie-Style Bombs, and default Game Explosives to disarm. To start, it is planned for the APERS Mine and AT Mine. As the Mod is right now I have disabled the auto-placing with the scroll-wheel and you have to place the Explosives manually. I plan on redoing several, if not all of the vanilla Game stuff with custom ones. So to start, the APERS and AT Mine both have anti-handling (electronically-fuzed) setup, so EOD will have to disarm them a specific way. The other Mines and Explosives can all be Turned OFF and picked back up AS THEY SHOULD BE by anyone without EOD Training or Tools. It makes no sense you can't switch Off a Claymore, and take it with you after placing it. I haven't released the newer stuff yet. Now sure when I'll have time as I'm gearing up for another passion/project of mine starting anytime now this winter. So to re-cap... I DO have some basic Mine Disarming already planned and in the works. I just need a good long weekend or three to crank out the update.
  5. I've never worked on vehicles, but try adding.... hiddenSelections [ ] = { "camo1", "camo2" }; Just above your hiddenSelectionsTexures line.
  6. Naval Mines

    My Mod Project FROGS also sticks C4 to boat hulls if you want a mod instead of a script. I don't know why BIS won't give the water environment much love....
  7. Kill Count Dialog

    ....it doesn't show all the time, but pressing P will show your Kill Count in-game.
  8. Most of the supplemental Info is in the Docs Folder that's included. LEAP Menu ---------- Shift + L If doing a HALO (High-Alt) you are suffering from Decompression Sickeness if not breathing through the Rig + O2 Bottle after the Plane De-Pressurizes. 1. Place the O2 Bottle INSIDE the Dragonfly ReBreather Rig. 2. Turn 'ON' the Rig 3. Turn 'ON' the Flow Valve. You should have about a minute or two before the Pilot De-Pressurizes the Plane. Side Note - If you use the Trident Diving Computer, it'll show you the Status of the ReBreather. Downside is its ONLY meant for Diving and will NOT register your Altitude Above-Sea-Level, which in this case the HellJumper Watch is obviously more useful for SkyDives. So you can't really know your Gas Valve and Rig are working properly. This is WORK-IN-PROGRESS. More features will be added at some point to ALL Rigs, Computers, Equipment, etc.
  9. how to make gun fire water

    Deja vu
  10. Arma 2 mod to Arma 3

    And did you try contacting the original author for help?
  11. Help with this code

    Um, @peacefull Nation can we ask how old you are, and where you are from? Just curious, might color this playful banter with a bit of texture. We are here to help if you get stuck, or start a meaningful dialog with something of substance, but you must understand coding in any computer language is complicated stuff and can take years to learn. These are not simple requests. Its like asking "how do you build a house?" Its not a simple quick answer. If you are in school you may get stuck with a specific problem; ask away, we love to help. But you can NOT simply smack the guy next to you and demand his entire homework. The ArmA Hobby (and this community) is fantastic. You get out of it what you put into it. At least try to show us you are here to participate, rather than just "demand our homework". Here are some Notes, Tips, Links, etc: These are ONLY the basics to get you (or anyone new) started... There is a great resource of Mods, and Projects you can download (and see how they are made) from: Armaholic and Steam Workshop. Here is the ArmA Steam Workshop 101 Link. Don't forget about the "sticky threads" at the TOP of each Forum Section. There are some good resources there like: Scripting Introduction for Beginners Here are the links to BIS' ArmA 3 Script Commands, and Functions Library. There are Examples, Syntax, Info, etc on those pages. I HIGHLY recommend writing your own Script Files (.sqf) in a Text Editor like Poseidon, or Notepad++. Do NOT use the Debug Console for large chucks of code you dug up off the Internet somewhere. I recommend you use that for small snippets of things, or to test or check something quick, or perhaps to fix something during the game. There are several ways to script, and modify the game. Most people use multiple techniques combined. You can keep it simple, or create huge complex systems. You can paste small bits of code DIRECTLY into the Eden Editor without using .sqf files. Paste, or Write your scripts right into the "Init Box" for any Object or Unit. For EXAMPLE, Double-Click any Unit you have placed, and put in the Init Box (short for initialization box): this setDir (random 360); That will make the Unit start the game facing in a Random Direction. I'm using the setDir command here from BIS' Script Command Library. You can use "this" if using the Eden Editor and the code is referring to "itself". You can Name the Unit as well, and use its name from ANYWHERE, like a different INIT BOX, or Script File, etc. For Example: Jack setDir (random 360); Just one line of code. Simple. Start small, and keep it simple. Then when you are comfortable, add lines of code to that one. When you expand into numerous lines of code, start practicing using .sqf Files. You can execute these SQF Files with execVM "arma_file.sqf"; as an Example. You put all of your Script Files into your Mission Folder. So lets say you created the same setDir code as above for Jack, in a File, you could name it "arma_file.sqf" then execute from a INIT BOX, or a Trigger, or through the Debug Console, etc. If you have a complex system, you may have several Folders to keep things organized, so then you'd use execVM "folderpath/subfolder/arma_file.sqf"; as example. Here I'm using the execVM from the, ...wait for it... yup, you guessed it, the Script Library as noted above. Start Small, and add lines of code as you grow as a hobbyist and/or a coder. Start with creating a "init.sqf" File into your Mission Folder. This is the SAME as the INIT BOX. The game will automatically find and execute this at the Game Start. Just create the File in ANY Text Editor (even plain Notepad will work), and Name it init.sqf, and make sure its saved into your Mission Folder. At this point, when you Open your Mission Folder, there will ONLY be 1 File inside of it called mission.sqm this is the basic Mission File for the Game (DO NOT OPEN or change it). "Where do I find the Mission File you ask?" You can find these in Documents >> ArmA 3 >> User Name >> MissionName.maplocation after you create a map/mission and SAVED it. And to finish this up, I'll add... To test and experiment more quickly, I recommend using a Radio Trigger to execute your code. Set it to "repeating" so you can click-it over and over. Set it up to execute your Script File. Using the Example as above, set the Radio Trigger Activation Box to: _nul = [ ] execVM "arma_file.sqf"; Then all you have to do is ALT+TAB back and forth from the Text Editor and the Game to test, experiment, and build code faster. (You'll also want to ALT+TAB out of the Game anyways, to check and look up the BIS Wiki, Commands, Forums, etc.) If you are familiar with the Game, you should understand how Radio Triggers work. If not, you should master the basics of the game itself, BEFORE moving on to Scripting. (You can also execute small code directly inside the Radio Trigger as well, as yet another option) Okay, that was way longer than I had intended. Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction. That was my 2 cents worth, and giving BACK to the community, as we ALL were new like you at some point. PLEASE try and demonstrate you are at least trying to learn and understand, rather than just "give me your homework!". Script small, and dream big! Baby steps!! Cheers mate, Over & Out.
  12. Are you even SEARCHING before starting yet another Thread? You're gonna set a record. Google is your friend. Start experimenting with writing your own scripts. It's WAY MORE FUN. I highly recommend Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org You can also use KK's ArmA Language plugin for it to. http://killzonekid.com
  13. Coupe questions and offers for JETS DLC

    Agreed. They missed a golden opportunity (yet again) to take advantage of the fantastic water environment.
  14. Spawn Ai Paratroopers over me

    We see you are new... Welcome! ArmA is a fully customizable game. So, YES, you can literally make anything you ever wanted. Not just scenarios, but actual 3D Game Design with 3rd party professional software. Virtually no limits. If you can dream it, you can build it. Welcome to your newest addiction. *mwahh ahh ahhh*