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  1. Is there a problem with my HUD?
  2. Hi there, is there a fix for not showing the map in MPD?
  3. Ive been looking for that, and there is no possible way. Unfortunately :/ Is there a way, to make a suggestion to BI about this?
  4. Hello everyone. I want to make my HUD brown, how do I do this? Becouse if I put these values color=[0.5,0.25,0] which SHOULD be brown, in game it is actually yellow. Anyone can help?
  5. What do I change to decrease vertical floating of the Horizon?
  6. I am sorry to write here but I am looking for someone that knows how to use Oxygen and how to add memory points to the existing model of aircraft(for HUD). Could anyone help me please?
  7. The MFD is appplied in the same way as the HUD. So, for example : class AirplaneHUD { topLeft="HUD LH"; topRight="HUD PH"; bottomLeft="HUD LD"; borderLeft = 0; borderRight = 0; borderTop = 0; borderBottom = 0.200000; color[]={0.55,0.9922,0.25373}; alpha=0.5; enableParallax = 1;[..] these topLeft="HUD LH"; topRight="HUD PH"; bottomLeft="HUD LD"; lines of codes stand for position in the model of aircraft. HUD LH, HUD PH, HUD LD are memory points and must be set in the model itself. So if you could add these memory points to the model I could make it "alive" :) (example fuel, radar etc)
  8. One more thing. Are you able to edit the model? Not by much, I mean , you could add two empties, just like in other planes, there are HUD empties, you could add empties for MFD so I could make it working. Just like in Blackwasp for example.
  9. Already working on it :) There arent many details on the internet beside few videos from F35 simulator, but I will try my best and make it as real as it gets. Here is example of what I did with F16:
  10. I could help with the HUD :)
  11. Guys I have a question. Making now HUD for F35B. Anyone have an how to 3d transform an airportcorner for example? I want to make it higher in air.
  12. Somehow I missed that :O I needed to have a circle so I created simple cpp tool and then the trial and error method. This is my first HUD so I dont expect it to be amazing, but I like it :) Thanks for help and opinion :)
  13. I made a tool for creating circles I will post it here soon.
  14. On that and on the waypoint given in mission editor. If the waypoint is from mission editor it will be indexed (001,002,003 etc), but if you have waypoint made by shift+left mouse it will display "C" for Custom.