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  2. ....I've the right mission for it.... ps: Do you even sleep brother?
  3. @Kronons Hey bud,I don't mean to be disrespectful or anything, and I feel your frustration, but use the "spoiler" function when you post such long pieces of code. It will avoid cluttering the thread... Thank you Bud!!!
  4. I think what Ltf meant, (which IF it is I agree with) if you make a RHS weapons and vehicles dependencies will allowed mission makers that already use RHS, still using VSM but shortening mod list by cutting on mod list. Beside, with the latest update, RHS eastern and western blocks weapons are high quality.So your mod will loose little,if not none, "quality" over SMA/NIA weapons and SFF vehicles.
  5. AWESOME job always!!
  6. Sam Fisher anyone??? I'll Love a SPLINTER CELL style mission just for a change..... Damn I'm getting the itch to include something like that on a WIP campaign I'm working....mmmmmmm...why did you come up with such ideas? I hate you!!!
  7. Then you'll have to create ambientalist / Greenpeace faction to protest for it...hahahahhaha
  8. Not very realistic assaulting an Oil rig commander will allow that... .However, I can see a "evade from captivity" mission, where you free yourselves from the cell and try to evade thee oil-rig-prison.... a la MGS........
  9. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Those units could,and will be, use in a wide variety of missions.Any respectable "covert" or "black ops" is indeed in need for this type of bad ass MOFO! Go ahead Jarrad...and have fun in the outback!! Ps: say hi to crocodile dundee for me!!!
  10. Sorry if this is been asked already the Soldier Tracking been removed? Can't find it in the attribute tab....
  11. VSM all in one collection
  12. Those are awesome and fit perfectly in any mission..maybe change SHERIFF with K9 and done! Anyone want eternal gratitude?
  13. I use manual bolting myself..was just giving a bit of info at Road Runner, since he asked for...
  14. Definitely man!! HAHAHAHAHHA.