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  1. Project Zenith

    The wait between this and 8th season premiere of The Walking dead is driving me crazy.....hahahahhaha
  2. SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Good Job Massi!! Really like the low dependency. Speaking of which, could it be possible to have a "ALL IN ONE" collection, so if you design a multi-nationality mission there's only one mod? Thank you man.
  3. SCO-EZ (Air Assault Scripts)

    Not tested jet..but really thanks for the effort.
  4. Project Zenith

    ..HAHAHAHAHAHHA...ops........."chick"...damn "corrector."...hahahahahhaha..... ps:..perhaps seems like you're having the same kind of problems...hahahahah
  5. Project Zenith

    Yap...it happened to me also....hahahahhahaha.. When I was learning English, right after moving to L.A. from Italy, I said to a cick "damn you look terrible with that dress girl!!!" meaning "terrific"!!! ..and yes..my chances to score where pretty much next to none after that comment....hahahahahaha... Nevertheless, your work is TERRIFIC @vanschmoozin!
  6. Project Zenith

    I totally agree on this!!! Good job Van!!
  7. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    Could I ever want/ask for more?....AWESOME improvement JBoy!!!! You already know that most of those changes will do wonder in the mission that you test-played!!!! Thank you man!!!
  8. Countdown Watch

    Let me give you a better example: you trigger an event mid mission..lets say you are tasked with hostages liberation, but you got detected, or the hostages had been moved to a different location. At that point the countdown start,and if you can't find the hostages the mission end. Grazie _SCAR.
  9. Countdown Watch

    GRANDEE!! Good job _SCAR a needed add-on to every mission. Any way to trigger the count down mid-mission?
  10. ....now...for how many of your guests you like me to cook dinner for doing that?
  11. Give the waypoint to the SL BEFORE you load the team as cargo in the chopper...and a "transport unload" wp at the chopper....