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  1. Sorry to revive this walking dead thread..but just found this neat script, but I'm getting confused/noobed out: how do I use this to open a gate, for example, with a "1234" code? Thank you all!
  2. Hey man, sorry to bother you, but I have a question regarding your excellent incognito script. It is possible to get the incognito status tied to a specific uniform? I'm WIP on a mini campaign, where in one of the chapter, you have to infiltrate ,a la Metal Gear, an enemy getting the incognito status by stealing the guard uniform is easy enough, but what I really want to achieve is that to be able to access a certain part of the base you have to get a scientist outfit... Is that doable? Thank you man!!!
  3. Glad to be of any help bud!!!
  4. Until is mentioned in the other thread, you can still use small size UI, by simply typing the letters as B for blufor, O for opfor and so that point the drop down menu work...just tested.
  5. I take for granted that you did already, but I'm gonna ask you anyway..just in case: YOU DID READ/WATCH VIDEO ON FORMATION USE, BOUNDING MOVEMENTS, OVERWATCH AND SMALL SQUAD REAL LIFE TACTICS IN GENERAL, RIGHT? For example, this is a compilation of fireteam basic maneuvers explained in simple enough language. BASIC FIRETEAM MANEUVERS Dslyecxi Tactical guide Most, if not all, of those things can and will help you develop more efficient ways to move your team on the battlefield. If you already know those things..well,SORRY! ps: perhaps somebody else will find those tips useful .
  6. Managing, or better micro-managing, AI teammates is frustrating... at least when you aspect them to perform like a well trained SF team. However, there's a lot that can be improved with some of the many AI behavior enhancement scripts out there. Look into: -bcombat -vcomai -ASR AI3 - AISS -Drongo's Command Enhancement -SAMO Squad Action Menu Orders
  7. Hey man...I'm using a modified version (by Dub) of COS to give civis RANDOM weapons and transform them in insurgent....maybe you can use it for EOS?..hope it helps. Put this on the addScript_Unit.sqf file in the COS folder. /* Add Script to individual units spawned by COS. _unit = unit. Refer to Unit as _unit. */ _unit =(_this select 0); /************************Make random civs rebels: Created by Dub*******************************/ _randomCivs = floor(random 10); if(_randomCivs == 3 ||_randomCivs == 7|| _randomCivs == 10) then { _whichGun = floor(random 3); //find the closet marker and the color _nearestMarker = [allMapMarkers, _unit] call BIS_fnc_nearestPosition; _color = getMarkerColor _nearestMarker; //_meters = _unit distance _nearestMarker; //commented out, but here if you want to add it to the if statement to check the distance too //RED = CSAT, GREEN = INDEPENDENTS if (_color == "ColorRed" ) then { switch (true) do { case (_whichGun == 1): {_weapon = [_unit, "rhs_weap_ak74m_folded", 4, 1] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon;}; case (_whichGun == 2): {_weapon = [_unit, "LOP_Weap_LeeEnfield", 4, 1] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon;}; case (_whichGun == 3): {_weapon = [_unit, "rhs_weap_M590_8RD", 4, 1] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon;}; default {_weapon = [_unit, "rhs_weap_ak74m_2mag", 4, 1] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon;}; }; //set the civ to rebel side [_unit] join createGroup independent; (units group _unit) join createGroup independent; //set the mode _unit setBehaviour "COMBAT"; }; }; ///_unit addAction ["Hello", {hint "Open AddScript_Unit.sqf to apply pedestrian scripts"}];// EXAMPLE SCRIPT enableSaving[false,false];enableTeamswitch false;////Comment: Not relevant line
  8. I couldn't have said better..I'll second what my friend Alex described as the feelings that most of the community has toward you ...TK and be safe MAN!!!!
  9. @Incontinentia: Since CBA update and new version I get this error: _position = _po> 17:51:31 Error position: <isEqualTypeArray [0,0]; _position = _po> 17:51:31 Error isequaltypearray: Type Bool, expected Array 17:51:31 File x\cba\addons\common\fnc_randPos.sqf, line 11 Basically, when you call for airstrike it let you do the full procedure until it say:"release in 3...2...1.." and error pop up, and the bombs never reach target (or get never released, for what I know)...any idea on this? Is on my side? Thank you for the great work man! EDIT: After CBA hotfix is working again....
  10. You've been VERY useful Greenfist...but me be a noob, where would I insert that script in the one I posted above? Thank you man!!!
  11. THANK you man.....Yap..that's what it is...didn't know that...mmmmm...since the hints come from un-conbinable events/scripts, I guess I have to create a custom display for the countdown timer. Where do I start with that?
  12. I've googled up and down, but no luck on finding out how to move hint box from the right to the left side of sceen. I have a wip mission where there's 2 script running hints, and they get overlapped..hiding each other.Is even possible to move the box? ps: one (the shortest) script is a countdown timer...
  13. We all hope so..but in case VS was busy finalizing this awesome update, and winter gear didn't can do your own.....