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  1. Could I ever want/ask for more?....AWESOME improvement JBoy!!!! You already know that most of those changes will do wonder in the mission that you test-played!!!! Thank you man!!!
  2. Let me give you a better example: you trigger an event mid mission..lets say you are tasked with hostages liberation, but you got detected, or the hostages had been moved to a different location. At that point the countdown start,and if you can't find the hostages the mission end. Grazie _SCAR.
  3. GRANDEE!! Good job _SCAR a needed add-on to every mission. Any way to trigger the count down mid-mission?
  4. how many of your guests you like me to cook dinner for doing that?
  5. Give the waypoint to the SL BEFORE you load the team as cargo in the chopper...and a "transport unload" wp at the chopper....
  6. Thank you mate!! PS: due to newest Geo-political news, you may want to look into North Korean units.... possibly with NBC gear. Unfortunately, you never know where a match of real world Nuclear-Risiko may lead to.
  7. Oh man..3 full pages over a reload/charging time on a freaking tank? Dude..get over is what it is! Don't like it? Play fuck*ng vanilla or go get a realistic tank simulator. Reload time is not a game breaking deal with it.Lets move on now..
  8. INDEP if you ask me....more adaptable to many scenarios.. Cheers..
  9. Hi mate....LOOK AT THIS COMMAND.... ..and this FORUM THREAD.... Hope it helps.....
  10. Sorry to revive this walking dead thread..but just found this neat script, but I'm getting confused/noobed out: how do I use this to open a gate, for example, with a "1234" code? Thank you all!
  11. Hey man, sorry to bother you, but I have a question regarding your excellent incognito script. It is possible to get the incognito status tied to a specific uniform? I'm WIP on a mini campaign, where in one of the chapter, you have to infiltrate ,a la Metal Gear, an enemy getting the incognito status by stealing the guard uniform is easy enough, but what I really want to achieve is that to be able to access a certain part of the base you have to get a scientist outfit... Is that doable? Thank you man!!!
  12. Glad to be of any help bud!!!