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  1. this has been passed onto BI and they have confirmed that they can also reproduce this. it has passed onto the correct team internally
  2. didnt mean to cause any explosion it was just an honest question haha thanks for the information :)
  3. any news of this being on workshop soon??
  4. why cant we have it on workshop???
  5. excited to see this in workshop so i can click and play :) is there any zeus missions this mod comes with?
  6. is there any plans to try and fix the side tab problem (as mentioned in my thread in editing forum) :)
  7. yeh come to think of it..it happens most 95% when achillies is activated! i hope the guy who made it is aware of the issue
  8. bump
  9. Hi all, ive been noticing that sometimes during gameplay (while zeus) a side tab (green, blue, red, purple) one of them would randomly disapear... ive checked params and zeus god mod is set on. im hosting the official altis zeus mission it happens with and without the achillies mod addon. however does not happen EVERY time. any clues? thank you
  10. wow amazing news thank you very much guys!!!
  11. howcome the mod isnt on steam workshop :( i dont use PWS as its buggy as hell. would be so much easier.
  12. ohh okay so theoretically speaking the mod isnt usable with zeus respawn loadout functionality? hope that makes sense.
  13. Hello, i hope someone can help me with multiplayer re spawning (ZEUS) I keep respawning looking like a regular 3cb soldier when i was an officer. and only have 30rnds and 2 grenades, my vest is empty. i then tried placing the 3cb unit config module down and tried multiple times with different options and still the same result. even tried sync it to units but no joy i place down a blufor respawn module (all in zeus mode) then the loadout module select multiple loadout i wish to have i.e. medic, grenader i press exit and respawn while in game i select a medic loadout which is under rifleman ?? i respawn looking like a rifleman with 30 rounds as explained above. i dont see an option on the module that says "respawn with full gear" ------------ [Edit] yes i tried the method of placing module down first. why cant the options be named so that people can understand them? its confusing to know what the drop downs do. i can respawn with vanilla units with gear no problem, any other mod, no problem. why does it have to be so awkward?
  14. eden

    Thanks R3vo :)... your a dude