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  1. ohh okay so theoretically speaking the mod isnt usable with zeus respawn loadout functionality? hope that makes sense.
  2. Hello, i hope someone can help me with multiplayer re spawning (ZEUS) I keep respawning looking like a regular 3cb soldier when i was an officer. and only have 30rnds and 2 grenades, my vest is empty. i then tried placing the 3cb unit config module down and tried multiple times with different options and still the same result. even tried sync it to units but no joy i place down a blufor respawn module (all in zeus mode) then the loadout module select multiple loadout i wish to have i.e. medic, grenader i press exit and respawn while in game i select a medic loadout which is under rifleman ?? i respawn looking like a rifleman with 30 rounds as explained above. i dont see an option on the module that says "respawn with full gear" ------------ [Edit] yes i tried the method of placing module down first. why cant the options be named so that people can understand them? its confusing to know what the drop downs do. i can respawn with vanilla units with gear no problem, any other mod, no problem. why does it have to be so awkward?
  3. eden

    Thanks R3vo :)... your a dude
  4. thanks guys for the input!! my CPU is a I7 3970x 3.5ghz with 4.0 boost and running arma 3 on 250gb SSD 16gb ram also. just used to be able to run arma 3 on ultra everything and now it seems to stutter a lot more than it used to. wondering if the card is on its way out as its over 3 years old. good old cyberpower systems ;)
  5. great progress, only gripe i have are the sounds are too quiet in combat. maybe give jarhead a call and get him to help out ;)
  6. eden

    the advanced fog doesnt work on your mod dude...
  7. hi all, first off sorry if its in wrong thread... its not exactly troubleshooting so i wasnt sure. but im sure mods can move it if need be. ive currently got a GTX690 4gb vram and thinking is there any other card more suitable for arma that aint going to cost near to a grand lol the 690 is a dual card basically x2 GTX680. as your all aware arma 3 is awful at SLI... its pointless. so what do people recommend? TIA
  8. tried to register on forums but no email, so can someone post this on the bug thread please. My findings. some of the US bunkers and other buildings have no texture (possibly some others too) the weapon sounds are very faint from a distance and just hear the bullet snaps. (had 2 groups fighting but i hardly could hear any gunshots for some reason.) lighting on foilage changes when you zoom in and out. (goes darker then lighter)
  9. i already had the alpha installed via PWS when i loaded pws just now it didnt say update... and i know pws doesnt download stuff when it aint running lol i tried DIAGNOSING option but said all was green. its an issue on pws end im sure
  10. thank you zooloo, really aprechiate you working in your free time to make awesome things such as this for the community to enjoy. thank you again looking forward to your future plans for this mod :) oooo interesting gib idea... what about intestines, or stomach parts.
  11. i dont understand what the settings mean? theres no description to explain what each setting does when changing values. any ideas?
  12. ah right gotchya ;) have you seen the blood lust mod?
  13. please team up with the blood splatter mod omg would be chaos ;) OO OO any plans for other limbs to explode from grenades tanks etc. or if the explosion is powerful enough to render them bits of body parts on the floor with bloody details and guts ;)
  14. oh wow... im liking the look of this mod!!! hehe going to make firefights more interesting where i just watch other people rather than shoot the enemy myself. question(s) 1. do you plan to make it possible to loose limbs from explosions? like a leg or an arm. 2. do explosions make a massive blood mist etc? 3. do you plan to make any sound effects for this mod? i.e. getting blown up could make a mushy sound as body parts fall to the floor lol basically all explosion based buddy lol