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  1. Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    cant you just do compilefinal str "my string" ?
  2. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    how is that good for Bohemia Interactive?
  3. General Discussion (dev branch)

    "getCameraViewDirection (gunner <vehicle>)" ?
  4. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    im worried about you, that you know that from memory
  5. Apex Framework

    yep we will work on that this week. in the meantime you can try to get it running, you just have to make a couple tweaks to the scripts 1. remove this section https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework_beta_101.terrain/code/functions/fn_config.sqf#L138 lines 138-150 just delete them or comment them out. 2. replace this line https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework_beta_101.terrain/code/functions/fn_core.sqf#L1096 with _QS_module_restart = false; and you should be able to run it without the DLL. however i cant guarantee there wont be issues with doing this tweak yet.
  6. Apex Framework

    thanks! unknown enum errors are a bohemia issue, nothing we can do. you can test this yourself in the editor. execute any valid syntax of “getUnitTrait” and an error will appear. best you can do is disable showscripterrors until its fixed. dont use vcom, there is an AI system built directly into the mission, it does most of what VCOM does. We'll document these things once she's out of beta.
  7. Apex Framework

    https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework Update published. Main fix is the Campaign mode should actually work now. Next patch in 8-9 days unless something critical comes up that needs fixing.
  8. Apex Framework

    i guess give it a try and report back you may have to disable the anticheat, as it will detect the tfr stuff. that can be disabled in the provided "@Apex_cfg\parameters.sqf" file
  9. Apex Framework

    I dont know. Can you describe what normally needs to be done to make it work in other missions?
  10. Simple but effective Magazine repack

    the above script just counts the bullets in same magazines (strict comparison), counts them, then removes both and replaces with an identical mag with the correct ammo count. is strict comparison by classname, doesnt check bullet type or tracer or anything, just simple mag repack. As a player, to execute we have [Lctrl] + [Reload key], and player goes into the familiar "heal yourself" animation, same anim that is used for other stuff like vehicle repair. feels very vanilla.
  11. Simple but effective Magazine repack

    check my sig to see how simple a mag repack script can be https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework_beta_100.Tanoa/code/functions/fn_clientRepackMagazines.sqf ^ If BIS wants to implement that ingame as a script function they have my permission to do so :) mission makers could then call it where/when they want, such as key combo or menu button.
  12. Apex Framework

    It would be possible, but certainly it would be some work. Nothing mission-critical is helo-based, you'd have to consider player transport options without helo's though, as there are no teleporters :) For the full-release (7-10 days) I'll be cleaning things up abit, improving folder structure and starting on documentation and How-To stuff.
  13. Apex Framework

    Terrain and assets? Probably not feasible in the short term. A terrain port would take some time. For me, a polished terrain port (no bugs/glitches) takes about ~3 hours, for others who are less familiar with which files and lines to alter, it would be much longer until I document the process. We haven't published documentation for how to do that yet (still a good 7-10 days before we start doing that). and it was not designed for modded units/vehicles, lot of classnames are embedded in the files. I guess you could do a "Find and Replace" operation in a text editor though, but I have never given it consideration.
  14. Apex Framework

    If you have any trouble with setup or unsure how to do something, let me know either here or on the posted discord server. Once it's out of beta in ~7-10 days we'll start posting some documentation based on what people are struggling with.