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  1. Sounds fun, good luck guys.
  2. If you walk down the street and a person has a collection box, you put some change in, the person says thank you - That's a donation If you give someone money and they give you something in return - That's a purchase
  3. It's the official Arma server yes, people do post in all the various channels, for you I would suggest #Looking_For_Squad or #Communities_arma
  5. You don't have to do anything, you and your PC are fine. The term hacker is wrong, they're script kids or skiddies, they run some cheats because they suck at life and spoil your game, they can't cause you any harm, simply change server and they're gone.
  6. Killing Floor free for the next 48 hours from HumbleBundle
  7. Click the down arrow where it shows opt out of beta program and change to development build, it'll take a minute or two to update, then download the dev build for you. If you don't have the option try restarting Steam.
  8. Change the output mode to 3
  9. The output will create an image with squares where the surface exceeds the tile limit, view it and see if your new area is there.
  10. Did you delete the layers folder before regenerating ? If that doesn't help then maybe you exceeded the mask surfaces in that tile, you can check using Pennyworths tool that can be found Here
  11. Does it happen on other mods ? if not then wait for a KOTH update to fix mod related issues.
  12. You sure about that ? what about : "The devolpers where a few people" "We have a verry powerful server" Can I also say that I find it ever so cute the special titles you life lot give yourselves, teenage boys calling themselves senior project managers and shit, makes me chuckle everytime I read these threads.
  13. 1.68 will now be the legacy version, the legacy is the previous version.
  14. My guess is you're using .png ? the slowest of all format imports, it'll work but it'll take several hours. Try the same image as .bmp, you'll see it imports in seconds, it'll do as you work on the project, you can always go back to .png before release.
  15. Dungeons 2 for FREE on Humble Store, redeems on Steam