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  1. Did you have the folder open with windows explorer when you packed ?
  2. Is Rapify installed ? run MikeroUpdate and make them all turn blue, the try again.
  3. or some vitamin D at the very least. I have 2,966 hours logged
  4. I have a sneaky feeling that it will have .... Arma 3 "Orange" (working title) (est. Q3 2017*) While the exact theme of the Arma 3 "Orange" DLC (working title) will be announced at a later date, this upcoming new package will explore an interesting and unique perspective on the battlefield. The Arma 3 "Orange" DLC will include new vehicles, new clothing and gear, new decorative objects, a mini-campaign, Showcase and Challenge scenarios, and more. In terms of size, the "Orange DLC" stands somewhere in between the Arma 3 Karts and Arma 3 Helicopters/Marksmen/Jets/Tanks DLC.
  5. That is why we trust in our lord and savior Mikero ....
  6. Then this project is not for you, sorry buddy but you have to walk before you run. Maybe make a start Here
  7. Start with Jakes guide comes with a pre-made example, great way to start and everything works if followed correctly, do it over and over, tweaking things as you go until you master the basics. Then move on to Snakes guide will show you start to finish how to make a real life or fictional location, with the knowledge gained with Jakes guide you'll have no problems. If you do have problems or just want to chat to other terrain builders, there's a Skype group and Discord, you can even use these forums For Skype use skype:?chat&blob=0fX9co5RUhdVQHW6xppPGhCZ7nEB9bF6QodMXGMgItkVtXBZh1VmW___xK2TKF4beC2UpGcj46PiindI09BEFRsejVGZpcAN1IkVOiuHDS9ttYYDHRYSjC6qXzDsIyCzdoyP2sriB9QXsufSfddMirTAA2Vnr_z36p0xiyUcwcYHNzRMKv6CWTNOPB4XQ2HjFSjjTY1HYfDJ-EffZ_iLSMKq8IiLgzxsSrx8HA4 For Discord use
  8. KOTH as already mentioned or try Project Argo (it's free)
  9. Throw the heightmap in L3DT, let it calculate, it will generate a new satellite image, overlay that in PS with the existing and the land/sea will match 100% accurate, then use clone stamp to update the original sat image If you want some help then hit me up on Discord.
  10. Is this on the forum or in game ? Anyone can change their name in game, so he could be called joe002 by now
  11. Very nice Savage Donkey, he'll always be missed but he'll never be forgotton, either through his own works of art or the mention in the credits of past, present and future terrains
  12. Clever, very clever
  13. Blasphemy Skype is fine and still active, it just has fewer members so it's more relaxed
  14. Pick any MP mission and change the AI skill level, that will make it more newbie friendly.
  15. Baking the objects to a terrain will run much better than scripting them, so to answer you question, sorry but yes.