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  1. Development Blog & Reveals

    Literally, "At least" should mean +8 hrs playing at lowest difficulty. What really means, who knows. Randomness is the key thing today. Random patrols, places, enemy settlements, starting points ... not sure if all the above will match this pattern. I think the failure could come from this point. OK. Not strictly needed for good, long, complex missions. Good and necessary radio chat is always appreciated, BI knows how to do this properly. I hope they have not wasted time and resources with menus, animations, videos, experimental mechanics or such things.
  2. The next DLC, Tac-Ops, is centered on SP play. I'd like to point some small annoying things that affect SP players that probably the devs could fix without too much effort. INVENTORY - Give us the ability to change gear directly with other team mate. Currently you have to drop the items on the ground an then use the "Inventory" command with the other unit near the items. - The same of above but between 2 team mates. - The "Inventory" command should be fixed on top of the menu. The same with others like "Open subordinate inventory". I fact, all the variable stuff like dropped items should be left on bottom, or removed. - Double-clicking a weapon shows its accessories but not the loaded magazine. I swear that I have already seen it in the game and then disappeared. - The ability to open the virtual arsenal for other team members. Currently the arsenal only works for the player. - The ability to repack ammo for the player and other team members. IA - Desesperately we need to cancel the forced danger status. In other words, we need to force the "Area Clear". Most of the times there is no such danger after the first event. - Please fix the endless "No ammo" state even if you have given the unit 20 magazines. - The ability to force the team members to change to primary / secondary weapon. - Give us the ability to manupulate the "KnowsAbout" value via scripting. COMMANDING - Copy my stance should be strictly be what it means, copy my exact stance. - The ability to mount / dismount and turn on / off the silencers, flashlights, IR lasers of my team members. MISC - The player should be able to hide and drag dead bodies. Hiding bodies could be unrealistic, but al least dragging is necessary.
  3. The AI enemy detection is broken

    There are some flaws regarding enemy detection and definitely the enemy sometimes has superman eyes, but it could be solved via modding mostly with the command setUnitTrait. I was trying to do that, testing sight ranges, and as seen in the video and the repro mission REALLY there are magic spots where the enemy sees you without reason. Maybe it's a problem with geometries, not the AI itself. If the developers could expose some harcoded AI features there would be possible to do a lot of interesting stuff to make corrections: - Manage the "Automatic combat/danger mode". - Manipulate the "KnowsAbout" level. - Other kind of AI levels.
  4. Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    Very nice BIS. Without any doubt you shine at making terrains.
  5. https://mega.nz/#!9RZjQLKa!fF-NCbPtCEBhjPx_rRPUtkhM68mrLU6UsnN5AyDlzhM Updated ...
  6. Will take a look.
  7. The AI enemy detection is broken

    Here is the exact mission of the video Download. Crawl fast towards the red sphere and you will be detected always at the same place.
  8. The AI enemy detection is broken

    Yes to all, but the problem is still there. The speed is the same all the time, the direction, everything, but I'm still being spotted without reason at +20 meters from the beginning precisely when there should be the less probability. The AI has improved, nobody doubts that, but something is wrong with enemy detection and that's why I hope some developer takes a look on that.
  9. Testing things to make some concealment improvements while this is happening ... Not new by the way. The blue line is the enemy's line of sight, the hint panel shows the distance between us, and in the hud at the upper left corner can be seen the knowsabout value. The video starts with me crawling as fastest as possible with the enemy 53 m away. Then I pass his line of sight nearly perpendicular (maximum perception of speed), and later at 75 m I'm suddenly spotted. And just in the moment that a rock wall and a bush are in between. With such inconsistency in AI decisions it is normal to see people who say that they are spotted without reason, perhaps they are.
  10. Arma 3 Tac-Ops (est. Q4 2017*) Plan and execute to successfully accomplish your mission objective in a series of 'tactical operations'. The Arma 3 Tac-Ops DLC will deliver new singleplayer scenarios that focus upon challenging, replayable, and authentic military gameplay - making the best use of Arma 3's sandbox terrain, vehicles, and weapons. Taken from the official description: https://store.bistudio.com/products/arma3-dlc-bundle2
  11. Apparently BIS is going to spend some resources on SP players with tac ops DLC. What are you expecting, what would you like, what SP players want?. Development will start later this year, it's time to rant and make wishes! As for myself: 1. And most important: Randomness, randomness, randomness, and then randomness. And after that, randomness. Dynamic start points, dynamic objectives, variable skills and gear, civilian life, random patrols, random everything ... 2. We don't need excessive production. A simple but logic story, and a good radio protocol is just enough. Don't waste time on new and useless strange features, mechanics, huds, menus, .. just gameplay, and gameplay, and gameplay. 3. Missions plenty of playable s*it: side missions, challenging and tactical stuff, team command ... 4. Don't be afraid of long missions and long travel distances. 5. Replayability, again, always. 6. Let the player choose the number of AI team members, and don't worry about AI dumbness, an average Arma player should know that AI is just a tool. If you don't understand this then play some minesweeper. 7. Even being SP centered, don't do as Apex did with SP players (we were abandoned), and give coop players the possibility to join the group.
  12. Fixed topics

    Then, let's go watch some videos and pictures
  13. Fixed topics

    In this forum 15 out of 25 topics per page (with default settings) are sticky. Is this normal? Perhaps are childish-screen-capture threads more important than problems for an 1.68 version, after 4 years of development, for example?
  14. Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    I have spare time, coffee ready, and want to play a couple of missions. I subscribe to some that seem long and interesting and one of them throws script errors, the other after 20 minutes and after loading a savegame my team members are missing. I close the game and watch some TV series. This happened 2 hours ago. Not always is like so, but many more times than it should this is my experience as SP player. I can assure that with A2 playing user made content was a lot less painful. Lost the hype?. No, I just want to play.
  15. My thoughts. Lot of content is now useless due to constant changes. And this is real. At times, after spending 2-3 hours trying to play i've ended playing nothing due to errors, outdated mods, tons of mods required or broken savegames. People, modders, get tired of adapting to those changes constantly. The sensation of a never finished game, again, due to constant game-breaking changes, reinforced by a year of beta testing. Steam has boosted the amount of content yes, but low quality, plenty of noob content, errors, lack of info, discontinued or obsolete, etc. It's like the fast food of content, and the main source of content now for SP people not in a milsim group. The infamous contest of half million for 12 people. Many playable content requires more mods than before. Too much mod dependency forces the player to stay constantly aware of updates, compatibility, more stuff to download, and now it's higher than ever. The way the game is shifting towards ... something. More recently, how a campaign like apex protocol can somehow be approved. Bad implemented, copy-pasted, futuristic content which, you may like or not, gives less possibilities and adds magic. In other words, high tech is boring. The lack of a constant supply of official playable content. Good, complex, intelligent content, not apex protocol. The attitude of "They (us) will fix it". Artistically the terrains are great, but in essence are enormous empty, dead spaces. There is no easy way for mission makers to add ambient combat or civilian life. ... How not to get tired?