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    Pook, the .p3d error is still happening in Vanilla Arsenal with just your mod loaded. This is from this morning. Also, unit member reports that when using the Take command the net objects are being replaced with random other objects, like different nets, or mines.
  2. Dynamic Combat Generator

    Yes you can. You just need to change the setting for them, or if you are using the Parameters turn them off there.
  3. If only the new Civ modules were MP Compatible. Why, oh Why hast thou forsaken the MP groups, BIS? New Animated briefing tools look nice also. Seemed to work fine in the first mission I looked at.
  4. Pooks SAMS does a god job at implementing Radar and Launch sites, but it is a large download and not a lot of people will want to use a mod like it due to the realistic ranges and site scripting. Now that Arma 3 is coming to the end of it's Official Dev Cycle with no more BIS DLC being developed after TANKS, the community will have to carry it until Arma 4 or the next Sandbox MilSim. Small mods that can take advantage of and leverage the sensors we currently have in the game will help. I am no coder, but I think I may have to delve in and see what can be done for RHS/CUP Terrains Radar sites. If anyone can direct me to the BIS wiki page showing how to configure models as vehicles, that would be appreciated.
  5. You need to make sure you have a rebreather rig, and place an O2 bottle inside it. NOT in your binocular slot. Place it Manually in the chest slot. Before you get on the plane, be sure to turn on the valve so you can breathe. It's either on the scroll menu, or you can set the action to a Key by configuring your keys for the LEAP addon.
  6. Question: Could the CUP and RHS Radar Towers/Antenna be set up to function as Radar Emitters with Data Transmission to SIDE for each Side? Would they have to be configured as AI Crewed vehicles like the Vanilla Satic Launchers from JETS to work? Or can they be set up to work without having AI crew? Some of them have rotating Antenna arrays. Would those be eligible for configuration to an Emitter AS IS?
  7. There are 40-60Km maps out there people play on. I'd up the fuel range to minimum 40Km on a full tank. An actual 6x6 Polaris that this is based on has an unloaded range of 130 Miles. That is like 200 Km.
  8. Project Zenith

    Helmets still seem just a tad small. They feel like they would be compressing some operator brains in them ;) Otherwise everything looks very nice. I like the weapons and look forward to them getting some audio and config love.
  9. Dynamic Combat Generator

    Sensei: VIP rescue error. Playing on Malden last night. Delivered VIP to area nd he did nothing. I noticed that the Mission marker was in the air about 100 meters. I had to puthte VIP in a Littlebird and get him up to height and then the mission completed. You may want to make sure that the mission is placing markers/trigger areas at ground level.
  10. For some reason my FTP will not upload this mod to my server. I have no clue what's going on with it, but it continuously fails to upload.
  11. Has to run serverside or can it run clientside only?
  12. Dynamic Combat Generator

    When using a mapname parameter for setting up DCG pools, is the Map Name Case-Sensitive? As in do I need to spell out FALLUJAH or will Falluja or fallujah work?
  13. Hmmm wierd. any time I attempt to bring it up I get a "Please excuse our maintenance" page It must have just come back up. It wasn't working for me for like 4 days.
  14. Dynamic Combat Generator

    So, I am attempting to get this to run on my server with a serverconfig.hpp showing the pool of available units, pulled from EDEN with the DCG Export function. I am also running ALiVE in the background to generate an ambient warzone between multiple factions. When starting the mission with DCG enabled on the -server mod line, we cannot join the mission and get a " 'value/ is not a value' " error sending us back to role selection. Is there anything else we need besides the serverconfig.hpp and DCG running on the server? I set the Mission parameters in EDEN for DCG under the settings tab. EDIT: Got DCG workign with ALiVE . Had a stupid error on my part. somehow my upload of the newest DCG to server didn't take, and I had a version from February on it. Once I fixed that problem it worked right away. No problems running alongside ALiVE, and it helped keep up the constant warfare on the map we were looking for.
  15. @oukej I am trying to get some information from the Arma 3 Wiki, but it is not connecting and giving me a BIS Forum Maintenance page for the last 4 days or so. Any idea what's up with that and when we can expect the WIKI to be back up fore reference?