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  1. Long Range Radar is in the game right now. You just have to configure it for your plane with a mod. Firewill tested 100+ KM radar ranges and lock on's with his AIM 154 Phoenix off a Tomcat and had it working. The JETS DLC included the ability for modders to configure whatever radar distances they want to bring into the game. You just have to know what you're doing with adjusting the Radar MFD screen to show beyond 16 KM, and setting your radar to detect at longer ranges.
  2. That's how it worked for me when I tried to use it in multiplayer. It worked on a Virtual private server from a Host company when we used it like that. The only issue was that the Altimeter's included in LEAP didn't work correctly on the server for individuals. All players spawned into the SAME aircraft.
  3. Neeed more seeeeeds... getting 5 KB sec download :p I'll give my thoughts after I finish downloading a map in like 2 days :p
  4. I can't get updater to run. It keeps giving me an error and D/C'ing me . Anyone else having issues with it? It keeps telling me App 107410 App is state 0x206 after update job.
  5. If there is a way to keep the BVR scripts and maybe make them optional when mission building that would be great. There are some maps out there that are a good enough size to utilize the BVR ranges.
  6. So, I saw that ACE introduced Dynamic Pylon functionality in a recent patch. I was attempting to use this functionality last night but could not access any pylons on a Firewill F-16 or A-10 with an Ammo HEMTT nearby. Is this function reserved for vanilla aircraft only? Is there anything my unit would need to enable when placing ACE modules down on a mission template? Thanks for your help.
  7. Actually, Pookie has mentioned that the new version will be up on Steam when it comes out, IIRC. He, along with quite a few other mod authors, had issues with the Steam Terms of Use for mod submission. Those were clarified/changed a while back. The most up to date version is in the first post of this thread. 4.3 is it. There looks to be significant updates and improvements using the new JETS sensor systems coming in the next update, so you would probably be best served waiting for it.
  8. Oooohhh I see tree cutter's going to work in that pic. Nice!
  9. yeah, that's not current. 4.3 is the current version.
  10. Could you script something to provide intermittent Radiating from sites using the new sensor configs? Like your old stuff that comes on and then goes off, can that be done for the new Radar? So players in a vehicle with appropriate sensors would see the Radar come on their screens possibly, but it would then disappear when it stops radiating? They would have to get within 16 KM for it to be on their radar screen unless they were using an appropriately modified vehicle that can display longer ranges.
  11. It will be nice when it is implemented in vanilla via BIS, but you can do that right now with Scripts/Mods that have been built:
  12. Yes, Data Link does exactly that. You can set up a Plane or vehicle with a Long Range active Radar to send information via Data Link to any vehicles with the Receive trait. Then they can see ANY detected target out to their max range. They may not be able to target that far, but they can see it. The problem will come with vehicle radar ranges. Almost everything out right now is based on the default 16KM max range for Vanilla Arma. I THINK Firewill is configuring a select few airframes to have longer range radar screens. Someone could probably make a mod to re-config Vanilla or mod planes to have longer range Radar screens though.
  13. Hell yes! I'd love to be able to use Project OpFor and/or RHS factions for my unit to build some sneaky sneaky missions. Hope to see this suite get to MP suitable play. Keep up the great work.
  14. Looking good Pookie! So, are you still using full scripted systems for your site engagement parameters? If you are using the Dev build in any capacity you probably already know that they have settings to allow targeting through a data link sending unit. Can't wait to see this new build. I really want to get it into rotation for my unit to provide a new facet to our games.
  15. So, after the last patch I started getting some mysterious crashes. When I attempt to load my normal modset, my RAM shoots up to 7.5 GB+ and basically locks my system up. I can get in to Editor and Showcases normally with the base game+DLCs. If I try to Host a LAN server MP to test out missions from the editor, or straight from the Server Browser screen, I get a crash with the following Error: Include file a3\functions_f\Params\ not found. I also get a x000000DEAD error message. Anyone else?