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  1. Hmm. There are none in real life as far as our research has shown. The mod chaps try to stay as close to reality as we can within our little BAF/ARMA universe. So it's not likely you'll see a green one until someone can find us a pic of one actually In Flight
  2. Hmm, Not sure you can to be honest - Unless you script the ammo into their backpack.... ? We don't really play much with BluFor AI so rarely think about them tbh
  3. I have to say - amazing addition to our Navy... We've needed something like this to play with for a while and I thoroughly recommend everyone to grab this asap !
  4. "1-0 Cease fire Cease Fire.... No SMOKE No SMOKE" "1-2 This is 1-0 - MORE SMOKE ? Roger...... Rounds Out" *ploop* RUN AWAY !!!
  5. Hi all, just to let you know we're live on STEAM Workshop now...
  6. Hi all, just to let you know we're live on STEAM Workshop now...
  7. Hi all, just to let you know we're live on STEAM Workshop now...
  8. Just to let you know we're live on Steam Workshop now....
  9. Hi Mate, that dropbox link is dead - any chance of a Google drive link instead - much more bandwidth :-)
  10. just wow,.. so pleased this was made available :-) Had some great missions on this map back in A2 days... Will go great with some of the older Kit, SLR's and Meatwagon Snatches etc.. Thanks :-)
  11. We're Marines.... We don't do tanks.....
  12. er...... SAY WHAT ??? You have this working in A3 ? That's one of our most cherished and missed maps ? Tell me more !?
  13. I had a mess around last night with the KITE scopes... it's nice to finally play with them... We've been doing night ops with iron sights or red-dots for WAY too long.. !!! Glad you guys are feeling it too !! SJ
  14. Thanks to both of you. ! :-) We got it working ok last night. Some cosmetic changes too.
  15. apparently updated on STEAM... anyone got a link to a non steam version ?