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  1. just wow,.. so pleased this was made available :-) Had some great missions on this map back in A2 days... Will go great with some of the older Kit, SLR's and Meatwagon Snatches etc.. Thanks :-)
  2. We're Marines.... We don't do tanks.....
  3. er...... SAY WHAT ??? You have this working in A3 ? That's one of our most cherished and missed maps ? Tell me more !?
  4. I had a mess around last night with the KITE scopes... it's nice to finally play with them... We've been doing night ops with iron sights or red-dots for WAY too long.. !!! Glad you guys are feeling it too !! SJ
  5. Thanks to both of you. ! :-) We got it working ok last night. Some cosmetic changes too.
  6. apparently updated on STEAM... anyone got a link to a non steam version ?
  7. Yep Confirmed here too. doesn't seem to be 64-bit compatible
  8. lol
  9. I can answer this in the round... the snatch Landies are armored... and consequently significantly heavier and sluggish to drive. Apollo has simulated the armor values across the vehicle accuratly and it does seem to offer limited (as expected) Protection against small arms and fragmentation etc. Wouldn't want to be in it if 12.7mm or 14mm + cannon rounds started coming your way though... and as you say bombs and mines make pretty short work of it.... (eek!)
  10. Hi buddy. Out of interests. Why the change ?
  11. Good to hear you're ok mate.
  12. Weapon sounds not playing for other people is normally down to miss-aligned mods I.e. You or your fellow players are not runnin the same mods. They overwrite configs incorrectly. Make sure bisigns are required by the server and all should be well :-)
  13. I've not been motivated to play for some time due to this issue. Joined a unit OP on Sunday for the first time in months and boom. Crashed out with normal 3fps bug after 30-40 mins of play. For me this has been an issue since 1.60. Frustrating as the game has improved in so many other ways.
  14. Great to see this continuing to develop and I'm stoked that Jbad was included. Good to see it will he supported so to speak.
  15. Wow. Impressed