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  1. MELB will be updated for DLS. Soon.
  2. +1. There are no stairs or stairwells on ships. Ladders and ladderwells.
  3. I do appreciate that we're being given something for free. I can still voice my opinion in what I perceive to be a mistake in development. Please remain civil instead of trying to hurl insults.
  4. It is a bonus. Just not as nice as it could have been. The hangar is a good place to start missions from, and it doesn't even have that. Would I have loved to see tons of bells and whistles? A working boat davit; usable screens in a conference/ready room; etc. Yeah, I would love that, but I wasn't expecting that. I just thought that elevators and a hangar would be a no-brainer, that's why it's a disappointment. We went from wondering what kinds of cool shit it would have to not even having all of the basics. I do hope these issues are fixed for the future. Just like supposedly some of the Tanoa bricks are getting interiors.
  5. And? Once the new stuff is applied to the Nimitz mod this new carrier will be irrelevant to anyone that uses mods. It's disappointing because I thought this new shiny could replace a mod, but alas it's another heartbreak.
  6. We're not even getting a hangar https://twitter.com/Arma3official/status/854976770570940416
  7. Regarding the new sensor link and the UI display, is there any way to be able to add numbers (above or below) the symbols, so when communicating with another player you can actually tell them which symbol you're talking about?
  8. Sync the trigger that completes the first task to the Create Task module for the second task.
  9. At this point nothing is going to be added unless it's already being worked on. If there was a second carrier I'm almost certain they would have revealed it by now.
  10. Zumwalts are much more expensive than Arleigh Burkes (twice as much), and less capable. The ones built are gimmicks, and future unfunded hulls were cancelled. Supposed to be 32 ships, but they stopped at 3. Meanwhile, the Navy is buying more Burkes, up to even 42 more.
  11. Unfortunately these big ships are only static objects. I'd only be interested in adding Russian ships if I could send them to the bottom of the sea.
  12. Sounds awesome! I like the idea of changing hull numbers. As soon as I heard there would be a carrier coming at the same time as the Jets DLC I immediately thought of this mod and all of the new stuff you might be able to improve based on BI's development.
  13. Has the question been answered as to whether or not the aircraft elevators are functional?
  14. Radio antennae
  15. Logic is flawed, because US is also fighting IS. As far as solid proof, maybe there is, but I don't know if we'll ever see it. It's been reported that there is surveillance of that CW mission from beginning to end. Russia doesn't have much influence left in that region, which is why they're supporting Syria. They don't want the government to collapse and be replaced by a pro-western faction.