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  1. Change the 'recompile = 1' to 'recompile = 0', or 'recompile = RECOMPILE' to 'recompile =0'? Or both?
  2. jets

    Sorry, but I'm already seated and buckled in on the hype train.
  3. I think the circumstantial evidence is there for the addition of a carrier. The question is going to be if it's a DLC item or not. If not, how will the adverts be handled, and how oppressive will they be?
  4. submarine

    Which part of getting a model from a website were you halfway done with?
  5. There's no reasons to have deck crew animations without a deck. They don't do that stuff on land unless it's for training.
  6. Might want to bring this up on the CUP thread, or bring up the issue in their Discord channel.
  7. Can you pick stuff up and place it in your inventory?
  8. Is this meant to be completely modular? If I run just the needed pbo's plus the SCAR pbo the mags on the magazine are white, because those textures are in the M4 pbo.
  9. Yeah, the new forum front end is wonky.  Once you get used to the activity streams or whatever they call it though, it's not all that bad. Just doesn't feel streamlined.  Change for the sake of change, I guess.

  10. I still love this game. This new forum software on the other hand, makes me come here much less than in the past. I used to check on the progress of mods, and look for discussion and updates. Now I just mainly look at the RHS thread and then go check the Armaholic main page for mod news.
  11. I can see the shadow of the parking garage through all of the other buildings. Also, I see some textures missing for some stairs. And lastly the Arches with the spiral staircase isn't movement friendly. But it's a great addition, and it will be super awesome once some of these issues are fixed.
  12. Last I heard the guy doing that hasn't been around for about 6 months.
  13. Yes, but beware. Crazy shit happens on the LHD in the editor. I'll let you find out for yourself.
  14. You can find the magazine for the rifle, and then the ammo for the magazine, then change the hit = ___; to whatever you want. 5.56 is 8. 7.62 is 9. The .408 is 24. 20mm rounds are 80. Mortars and Titan AT rounds are 800.
  15. Classes inherit from another class. The only code the inheritor needs are lines that are different from the class that's inherited. When you look at the code in config viewer you'll see lines of code that are indented. The lines that start all the way to the left are those that were changed for that class. All others were inherited from a previous class.