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  1. Lol where were all these huge fans of Norwegian stuff back when our NORAF team was losing steam.
  2. discussion

    You clearly don't understand why platform and engine updates are important and needed by the modding community. Also just an FYI, you are the "downhill" part of the community.
  3. Models stolen from The Division or Ghost recon wildlands. That piece of shit KICKASS (http://steamcommunity.com/id/307752601) is the one who did it. He also still isn't banned from Arma and all his workshop items removed.
  4. Hahahaha the Danish SOF veil is great. For anyone who hasn't seen the picture that is inspired from just google it.
  5. It's black, there are no green straps. The only full green thing is a green sapi plate.
  6. what are you even talking about? Facebook fan page?
  7. If Bohemia doesn't seriously consider BattlEye and by extension steam ID bans for repeat offenders then this will continue to be a problem.
  8. Would be cool to make a Ghost Recon Future Soldier like cloak. If you want to shoot me a message I'd love to help make something like that work. We could easily make a custom cloak object that goes in the backpack or headgear slot and covers the top of the body and lower portions when crouched or something. Just let me know.
  9. I believe Montactical is the company who made that specific image, it's one of their multicam stencils, either way that image has been around for several years now specifcally in the 1000x1000 pixel format, this is the earliest one I could find from 2014: it's all over the internet if you google "camo-multicam.jpg"
  10. You work for Montactical? I've been doing MultiCam stuff for a while now and came across this version quite a while ago.
  11. The worst part about all this is that there are many people who aren't aware of their content being used without their authorization. For example a specific case I have often urged be dealt with severely (aside from the idiots who steal the car models from forza) is the ripper known as Kickass on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/307752601 He deserves a BattlEye ban. He steals tons of content from other games and people.
  12. Oh duda.... Does your creativity have any bounds? ;)
  13. lol.... it's to make the game more versatile and realistic aka what most of us would call fun