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  1. you loaded a Big image in L3DT..... L3DT can´t handle it, resize it to 2048x2048 and try
  2. we are 3 Italians in the Fow Team..... so maybe
  3. M1lkm8n i like your new cursor
  4. here is some help what all the settings are: check out the tonemapMethod = ?; under class HDRNewPars
  5. Bis has changed a lot on his textures when they released Apex. They have darkened them, and changed the values in the rvmats, now depends what is all defined in your config? example in the config this was new: //NEW SATELLITE VS DETAIL TEXTURE BLENDING SETUP /// maximal darkening coef for blending of satellite map and detail map on terrain (default = 0.0f, no darkening = 1.0f) terrainBlendMaxDarkenCoef = "1.0"; /// maximal brightening coef for blending of satellite map and detail map on terrain (default = 1.0f, no brightening = 0.0f) terrainBlendMaxBrightenCoef = "1.0"; mapDrawingBrightnessModifier = 1.5;
  6. normally no... but we playing Arma, with this stupid AI its all possbile
  7. its mixed, 80% our and 20% Apex vegetation.
  8. you shouldn't.... But why do you do it tpM? The Map is based on pics from Wikipedia Henderson Airfield
  9. first release is on the door...
  10. marseille77 released in 2010 mlods for his signs
  11. .nopx is a Parallax map. I start by creating a nohq map which is the normal map. I use the program pixplant which i can export the nohq and other maps at the same time. I Load my main Texture in and export a nohq and the displacement map. In photoshop i open the nohq texture and go to the blue channel and delete whats in it. Then I create an alpha channel and paste my displacement map into it. The displacement map acts as a heightmap. So youll want to be careful as any dark areas in your texture like a shadow will show up as a depression in your nopx map. Now i add the parallax settings between 120-140, once done save it and open in textview and save it again as a paa with the _nopx suffix. nopx texture (check out Arma3 ones) ingame looks like this: Thanks to M1lkm4n learned from him how to create nopx!
  12. for me looks like a normal texture (nohq), not an nopx texture....
  13. yeah Opteryx the error is in the nopx texture, i know this black circle few years ago i had the same issue. @Atom_Monky check out the nopx texture especially the Alpha channel with the displacement texture