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  1. please do so, as playing single player with ai has no point as ai runs around the small walls instead of over
  2. any way to get the ai jet to take off all he does is sits there with his afterburners on ,,, thanks
  3. i hope he does import the l86 and British vehicle into his mod as some of us dont no how to change gear load out in the editor, p.s please lol
  4. I'm hoping this is still getting made
  5. nice update cannot wait
  6. hi there, really like this mod, one question do i need to download the ropes from an addon, just doesnt seem to deploy the ropes thanks
  7. all working now thanks, i followed this post You need to create a directory named 'asr_ai3' under \userconfig and place the file 'asr_ai3_settings.hpp' within that newly created folder. Should work fine after that!
  8. hi ive followed what u need to do im getting a message on arma start up saying include file userconfig\asr_ai3\asr_ai3_settings.hpp not found, ive put the userconfig folder in my arma 3 dir thanks
  9. is there any way to get the ai to use this, really nice mod
  10. well its not for me, i feel the whole arma 3 is poor, they are trying to go down a new road, i hope they dont forget about there true fans whos been hear from the start of the game (a long time ago)
  11. my first flight wow few bugs but its getting there
  12. love this mod, so real hears a video of the real thing
  13. hi nightmare top class mod, any chance you could make the rifleman have kiory l85a2 as standard, thanks keep up the good work
  14. same hear, cannot wait