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  1. .........and their screenshots are f*****g dope too!
  2. All official 3CB screenshots are the finest around these parts.....Point Blank and Period. (IMHO of course)
  3. Small update... Removed the Mullien plant. Complete list of all clutter models that have been removed...
  4. Mods: CBA, Ravage, WarfareThai, Weedkiller for Altis,
  5. Pretty much what I thought.......once I picked my jaw up from the floor and cleaned up my drool.
  6. Keep it as authentic as possible, transportation of sugar cane around the Fijian Islands is a slow process, anything over 20km/h would be overkill IMHO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3pltiqfW90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90ZqKRsUf7o
  7. Always.
  8. 316 hrs in the last 2 weeks!......I'd get some fresh air my friend.
  9. I'll keep this short to cover my disappointment....it's a piece of crap that will be getting sold on at a loss to me, the only decent thing that came in the box was a "free" code for Wildlands. Oh my trusty TrackIR....why did I ever doubt you?
  10. Regarding clutter models, avoid using any of these as they suffer from horrendeous pop-in. None of these render in properly until your literally on top of them.....shameless plug as example
  11. I'd say no, killoch hasn't been active on the forum for a couple of years now....
  12. Thanks man.....^^ Long before Tanoa existed, BI used to refer to Altis as their "crown jewel".....she could really do with having her clutter models polished.
  13. Transfixed by the dance of the dead, I let my guard down....
  14. Lol, someone beat me to it...^^...nah, man just a little personal config tweak.....been messing around with the grass lengths after I finished the ground clutter tweak yesterday. Good fun!
  15. Taller grass, better cover..... Increasing the length of the grass on Altis makes things a lot more interesting....