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  1. ^^ = Huge.
  2. Just my 2 cents..whether BI add female characters to Arma 3 is debatable, but the fully fleshed out female characters in DayZ SA are surely a sign that they will be part of Arma 4.
  3. .....maybe a simple " dislike this" option would have sufficed in this particular situation.
  4. sound

    @inlesco, all those features sounds pretty much like the MoodJukeBox mod, although it was released back in the Alpha days of A3, may not work now...
  5. @M. Glade, most things usually just wash over me, but there's something bordering on offensive with those pics and captions....especially the last one. Or maybe I just don't get the humour.
  6. terrain

    Underground train station is very impressive, maybe the AmbientA3 class can be configured to spawn some pollen and insects down there, would look nice under the flashlights.
  7. Ambient Birds for Iron Front Terrains has been removed from the OP and Steam Workshop as they are now included in the Iron Front modification by default. Thank you to kju and the Iron Front team! EO
  8. Hi Ravagers, remember this post.... I have updated that post and included a selection of uniforms from the Veteran Mod (VTN), there are some nice civilian outfits amongst all their other goodies.
  9. Dirty Zombie...
  10. John Wayne > Gian Maria Volontè.
  11. Abandoned farmhouse, south of Vybor... Mods: Ravage, Chernarus Redux
  12. terrain

    Weedkiller for Chernarus!....I like the sound of that.
  13. Perused over the recent slinky update, labors of love always show. ;)