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  1. @Mynock.....Maybe just PM whoever's style you like, and who's pics would best showcase your missions.
  2. Hi, have the Art devs looked into this yet?....https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124606 I appreciate most users either don't notice it or just try and ignore it, but for those of us that can't see past this, it requires a mod to make it acceptable. It's worth making the point that these are the same clutter assets on offer to the equally talented community terrain developers, so every map that's made is affected. Even if this is an engine based issue that can't be fixed, it be nice to be given an insight from a Developer as to why these clutter models render in as they do.
  3. Mods: EO Enhancements, ReColor.....(sorry for spamming the thread with all these pics, but the mission merited it.)
  4. This mod simulates firefighting by dropping water on forest fires, maybe it can be modified by a cool scripter to do the reverse, ie, "drop a kind of spray ordnance that removes the leaves from the trees and another that sets everything on fire" Mod author gives permission for modification of content plus redistribution.
  5. Greetings Foxhound, the latest mirror you posted links back to the Malden version which has since been deleted with this update on the Steam Sweatshop. Could you use this as the mirror link..... http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32724 Thanks.
  6. I mostly play alone too, so In the meantime, why not plonk down the Ravage AI module.....gives you roaming bandits, renegades and recruitable survivors, or if you feeling extra fruity add some Ravage zeds too.
  7. UPDATE: Vanilla version of Ambient Birds has been restructured. Altis, Stratis and Malden 2035 are now bundled into one mod. Signatures and keys are also included. OP has been updated.
  8. UPDATE: Mod has been restructured to include MALDEN as it's now part of the base game. Signatures and keys are also included. OP has been updated.
  9. Thanks, already bookmarked that wiki. Not sure if it's by design, but loot spawn seems a little aggressive....for instance, i can sweep through a town looting, but on a return journey back through the same town a few minutes later, buildings that i previously emptied have spawned loot again. Is this something we can edit? Took a mission to Moray, on the small island far NW, but didn't see any AI. :( Overall this is really great, having a real blast on the Malden map.
  10. In accordance with lordprimate's suggestion, Malden has now been included with the vanilla version of Sullen Skies, makes sense as it's now part of the base game. OP links for Dropbox and Steam Sweatshop have been updated. I'll endeavour to bundle all versions into an all in one "complete pack" when i find the time.