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  1. Sullen Skies Fundamentally this mod makes a few changes to the cloud system. immersing the player by drawing the skies closer. Changes the Overcast system. (current system produces 0% cloud at 0, through to 100% cloud at 1, this has been changed to 50% cloud at 0, through to 100% at 1) Lowers base cloud significantly. No cloudless skies. The mod is heavily inspired by Opticalsnare's Blastcore Skies and could be seen as riding the coat tails of something that is already out there, however, Blascore Skies hasn't worked well since the Visual Uprgade, and while this version is much more basic, it is essentially up to date. I have decided to post this in the discussion section to garner some/any feedback on the merits of releasing something similar that is already out there.
  2. I haven't tested as to whether it has any effect on performance, but given that it removes 11 ground clutter models entirely from the map, it can only improve fps, as there is less to render around the player at any given time. The clutter models that are removed by this mod are not used on Tanoa, and most of the new clutter/grasses/vegetation that are used on Tanoa don't seem to render in as badly. That being said, Tanoa is not perfect in this regard either, there are one or two culprits that "pop-in", but given the configs for Tanoa are still in EBO format, there's little i can do until BI decrypt them.
  3. malden dlc

    Malden terrain is a real nice place to be.....good job BI. However the ground clutter is still a broken mess, most of the clutter models still suffering the same rendering in problem that plagues all official and community made terrains. I raised a ticket to highlight the problem, but as yet it still remains unassigned. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124606 In the meantime, i have updated my "Weedkiller" mod to include Malden,
  4. This update adds Weedkiller to the Malden terrain. (Malden requires Development Build) Download links in the OP have been updated. Enjoy!
  5. This update adds Ambient Birds to the Malden terrain. (requires Development Bulld) Download links in OP have been updated.
  6. I understand the frustrations of some, especially terrain makers, the lack of detailed documentation relating to the Visual Upgrade is glaring.....but, given all the tools we have at our disposal as players, there's no reason to be playing the game looking like some of the lifeless, dull pics that have been posted......I still think Arma looks sweet as f**k!
  7. discussion

    Oh no!....not another "I'm a jaded A3 customer rant thread"........ Dude, i could fill a few paragraphs with how far of the mark this whole quote is but I'm tired, just home from work, so this will have to do.....^^ Apples and Oranges anybody? ^^ ArmA 3 > RV4 Engine (nearing the end of it's life), DayZ SA > Enfusion Engine (brand new and shiny) I could pick apart the rest of this post, but as i said earlier I'm tired.
  8. So ground clutter is major fubar in Arma 3 with no real indication that the BI are interested in fixing it........well going by the latest update to DayZ SA, which has made significant improvements to ground clutter and forests, the Enfusion Engine certainly looks to have solved the problem of the hideous "pop-in" that the RV4 Engine suffers from.....
  9. This interesting story popped up on the BBC website a few days ago..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39972713
  10. There is a dedicated thread for EM, no need to create a new thread....
  11. So much this ^^ As far as answering the OP, vanilla AI (infantry) is good enough for me, but I agree with krem, AI driving and flying could use a lot of work.
  12. Nothing to worry about, zombies can't be looted by design.
  13. The faded blues in the pic were just the vanilla A3 Bandit Coveralls (they are originally a faded brown color) colorized blue.
  14. Maybe you could play around with these wound/injured textures.... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tc3hdconp3cimr1/AAB3lrtix_2BewfiaazGR--ra?dl=0
  15. Firstly apologies to FFAMOD team for veering of topic but....... The problem is hardly anybody takes the time these days to read through threads to gain knowledge on a particular project, I structured my post to show the guys, who aren't happy about the JBAD dependency for Lythium, that the FFAMOD team have already addressed the issue and yet some dudes keep banging on about it. Agreeing and disagreeing about a topic in a public forum is fine, but on this particular issue if anybody had read the official post from the FFAMOD team (which is only one page back), then there really is no need to mention CUP at all. Hopefully we get back on topic now.