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  1. wut? Do you mean when you stopped game you got a battleye ban? Simple solution do not cheat! Here nobody can help if you got a global battleye ban, contact wish you good luck
  2. I may have a dumb question... Where I can change my signature ? Can't find it anymore ...
  3. I have since ~3 months a Tobii Eyetracker 4C and must say it works amazing well. I did not really change anything in configuration and left it on default, after a few weeks I got used with the tracking. With new 64bit update the tracking is very smooth.
  4. first there is not only Elmor23 in this world, do you get that ? you spammed five times your so called problem in different threads, this breaks the forum rules may you better read this before you do post anything: there is a famous german term: wie man in den wald ruft so schallt es auch heraus ! I do not have any of your problems with the game you do claim, strange isn'it ?
  5. @Elmor23, ey buddy do you think it will get any better if you spam your problem everywhere in this forum ? do you think anybody will help you when you show a such childish behaviour ?
  6. there is absolute NO NEED to tweak there anything ! arma3 do set this parameters if you leave them default correct for your hardware. apart of: -nosplash -enableHT -hugePages -noLogs you should not use any other parameters ! other parameters should only be used to configure some special or uncommon hardware, like 12 core CPU or a GTX 970 where you need to limit the VRAM due stupid memory handling of GPU. if you really need to get the most out of your CPU and hardware then download this: process lasso this is the only software I can really advice, all other software like razer or any other performance boost "fake" software are garbage !
  7. best is you ask dwarden what setting you exactly need to tweak for the GTX 970 he can tell this better than I can do
  8. you guys should stop may the use of these placebo performance tweaks usual arma3 sets all needed start parameters correct and for best performance, so there is absolut no need to tweak there anything. these settings should only be used to configure some special or uncommon hardware, like 12 core CPU or a GTX 970 where you need to limit the VRAM due stupid memory handling of GPU. leave all settings on default apart of: -nosplash, -enableHT, -hugePages, -noLogs I lost about 3 FPS on my system with 64bit, the problem must be on your side and there is no need to blame the developer who brought us finally 64bit. 64bit: 32bit: the difference is maybe I never used any of these placebo performance tweaks second error that most of arma3 users do is setting stupid high viewdistances! using these settings with my hardware and arma 3 runs freaking well:
  9. how about to update the first page ? actual you need to dig thread if you look for any update ....
  10. arma3 v 1.66 multiplayer: liberation altis v0.924 no mods loaded after ~1h game play the FPS dropped to unplayable 5 graphics and player models got distorted it looks this problem still exists by the way... thank you BI Developers, for the outstanding implementation of Tobii Eye Tracker very well done, it is kind regards maquez [Q-Net]
  11. you serious ? my advice, just don't run arma3 on any potato computer and you won't need any of these settings you suggest....
  12. delete any customized controllers first then do what he tells in video in the first few minutes and the controller will show up again....
  13. follow this tutorial: had same problem after patch 1.64 and got it working by follow steps described in video
  14. there are many bad servers around, unfortunately and by the way apart of: -nosplash -nologs -enableHT you don't need any other start parameters, arma3 sets them correct for your system by default ! all other so called performance tweaks you will find are placebo and do nothing there is also absolute no need to overclock the 6700K if you still struggle with your fps then you can disable ATOC, this setting is quite performance heavy and depends a lot of your GPU's capability this is my YAAB result: you should reach with your system similar results
  15. are you one of these funny guys that uses 12k viewdistance ? try these settings and report back