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  1. after spending hours in ALiVE with the ORBAT Tool to try to correct this, then have to find out even there it is messed up and impossible to define own factions/groups that do work. Yeah sorry I lost after that in some way my temper... so sorry for my rude post ... this okay?
  2. I have a few questions regarding ALiVE compatibility, what was the reason for changes in the definition of factions, they worked previously nearly flaweless together with ALiVE? What does you really hinder to use BI standard faction/group definitions?
  3. Works when turn off Battleye ... So what now, do I need to ask Battleye to allow EVGA Precision X OSD or will you do this.
  4. I am not sure if it is battleye, would battleye not give a error message in such case? I see no error messages pop up, the OSD simply refuses to start when using the launcher. In all other games I have installed on steam, the OSD do work even if they use a launcher too.
  5. can't get EVGA Precision X OSD to work when I start arma3 with the launcher if I launch arma3 direct with use of the exe files the OSD works if I start arma3 with shortcut: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3_x64.exe" -nosplash -noLogs -enableHT -hugepages then problem is I can't join any server with battleye enabled, because battleye won't start and old solution with battleye start parameter gone from BI wiki, I do slowly getting old and do not remember anymore how to do that any help would be really appreciated towards BI developer it would be really nice if you could fix this problem so that we can use EVGA Precision X OSD using the official launcher I do use EVGA Precision X 16 x64 v5.3.11
  6. sorry BI for inconveniences ! we tested my mission for ~2h and could not reproduce this error, mission runs flaweless with zero errors. these idiots may loaded my mission with a ton of other non required addons a big sorry towards BI developers for false alarm...
  7. since patch 1.68 users of my CTI mission Cold War do claim errors with revive/respawn. If they use my mission on a dedicated server and enter admin command #missions the server crashes with an error message "a3/fuctions/param_revive" ... yadda, yadda I do use parameters/settings for revive/respawn following the official wiki. I really loose soon my temper with a3 and BI developers, literally every patch they manage to fuck something up that previous did work flaweless.
  8. girls, wifes can be time consuming... fortunately I am married since years and my wife uses to say, better my husband does gaming than wander arround and drink alcohol... etc.
  9. this still not 100% sure ...
  10. here nobody does really like anything concerning Altis Life this has different reasons, so don't expect any miracles...
  11. they needed aprox ~9 months to fix the darn 3 fps bug... nothing does anymore astonish me about BI
  12. another good mission maker leaves the scenary ... sad, sad I loosing soon my temper too, for months now not touched the editor, these continuous mission breaking changes, breaks of working stuff did gave me the rest
  13. yep there is definitely something wrong with respawn since 1.68 users do report server crashes with error message "a3/fuctions/param_revive" using admin command #missions with my cold war mission, which is too a CTI this mission uses respawn parameters/settings following official wiki
  14. Did you disable pagefile, if yes enable that again and leave it on system managed. Stop using these parameters CPU Count, Extra Threads and VRAM. There is absolute no need to use them ever. These parameter should only be used to configure mostly rare and uncommon hardware.
  15. I use always the arma3 launcher but not with use of a shortcut, I do start the launcher instead direct from the steam client window (library). Try this should work too.