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  1. with a 6700K and upwards you can expect stable 60 FPS in arma3. with your CPU you may expect arround 30-40 FPS
  2. windows taskmanager open menu processes right click on the arma executable and choose set affinity... done
  3. Section "Gaze tracking settings" - Gaze tracking mode: Extended View - Responsiveness 20% - Sensitivity Speed 2.00 Exponent: 2.50 Inflection point: 0.80 Start point: 0.00 End point: 1.00 Section "Head tracking settings" - Head tracking mode: Direct - Responsiveness 20% - Sensitivity Speed 10.00 Exponent 1.50 Inflection point: 0.20 Start point: 0.00 End point: 1.00 Section "Control features" Enable/Disable key: Toggle, Oem102 Center view on disable: On Center view key: Mouse Right I do use these settings not only in Arma3, use this also in DCS World and Elite Dangerous
  4. sorry, I never played and will never play KOTH ... there are also other players arround that had once fun with arma3, but these changes the latest few years did erase most of the cool parts of the game I can list a few of them: - audio overhaul, was arround march, april 2015 very good but got messed up later - fatigue/stamina, no comment here or I risk a forum ban - weapon sway, same as above - visual upgrade, night missions are now just a bad joke - Jet's DLC, VTOL's now just pain in the ass to fly and other overdone changes specially with the sensors and so on...
  5. wow militarism fanboys with pink glasses because of guys like you constant whining for realism, we have now in arma3 the most ridiculous stupid fatigue/stamina system and weapon sway I experienced in any shooter I ever played... the OP has really some debatable reasons, these new Jet's DLC flight dynamics and other changes that did come with the DLC are just overdone, a game should make fun and not generate frust. if you like so much realism go and commit for army services in your country, arma3 is STILL a game !
  6. leave pagefile system managed, if you mess arround with pagefile this your fault and no bug of 64bit executable
  7. wish you good luck... asked BattlEye Support few months ago to unblock/support EVGA PrecisionX 16 On Screen Display guess what it still get's blocked
  8. listen I told you already... if you use a mission made with ALiVE that uses may crazy or exaggerated module settings, this can bring even a NASA highend computer to it's knee
  9. What did happen lately to this forum, it slowly drifts towards a total mess and chaos. Looks like nobody do respect or follow anymore any forum rules. You find posts spread all over and not in the corresponding topics, looks like nobody uses any forum searches before posting. So dear community please do respect the forum rules, do a search before you start posting and have a look if your topic may already exists.
  10. test again with no mods loaded ! my guess is messed up ALiVE mission settings/parameters ...
  11. do not mess arround with pagefile, leave that on system managed size and make sure automatically manage paging file size for all drives is set! pagefile can get fragmented after long time of use to defrag pagefile simply disable pagefile then reboot, this will delete the pagefile finally re-enable system managed size and automatically manage paging file size and reboot again.
  12. this is for sure not a memory leak, sounds more like a broken sound driver install and update your sound driver to the latest version, do install also directx new if the above does not help, it could be a dead ram stick stress test your ram with this software, or use windows own memory tester for that
  13. cba and alive binarize off placed/deleted several times different modules and after a while mission.sqm got corrupted, strange errors appeared when placing more modules then preview mission first corrupion did happen few months ago using no addons while heavy editing a mission template with lot of object placing/deleting this is for sure not an error of any addon, it is a weakness of eden editor
  14. yeah sure rude would be, report your post as posted in wrong forum section/thread
  15. you made of porcellaine ? again I do not find any arrogant in: next time use... this is a simple statement