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  1. [SP/COOP-(1-6)] Surgical OP

    A Version v1.1 has been released. No major changes but they were some that needed to be done. Changelog Version 1.1: Removed an audio file. Removed Helicopters DLC dependency. Increased the bleed out duration.
  2. Hellcat spotlight

    Greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Hellcat spotlight

    Hey guys, the searchilght can sadly not be moved. I have been trying to find a solution to this for months but no luck whatsoever. BI knows about the issue but they continue to ignore it for some reason. And pierremgi's post looks great but you can still not move the searchlight. Also it is open from the start and you cannot even close it. I do not understand why not a single script has been made to fix this issue. One that will just spawn a cool light source like in pierremgi's solution but that would also be movable and working.
  4. Need help ending a trigger

    Sorry for being so late. I had not followed the thread and my post was not quoted It can be a simple condition like alive target0 If it keeps being true lets say for 30 minutes you can place a lose trigger activation.
  5. Need help ending a trigger

    Had this question been more specific I would be able to help more but maybe what you are looking for is this: When clicking on a trigger there is a sub-menu where you can clarify if you want the condition to activate the trigger after x amount of time or if you want the condition to be true for a certain amount of time before the trigger is activated. To find this just scroll over the different sub-menus. It is called Time Out or something like that. Cannot remember exactly.
  6. [SP/COOP-(1-6)] Dangerous Crumbs

    Many thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it! Well for now our website has got all of the updated missions and there you can find mission Panochori Cleanup which has also got sniping ops! Oh and who knows .... maybe yet another sniping COIN ops mission is already wip
  7. Hosted vs Dedicated Server

    There are no human players and the vehicles are trucks so still there should not be an issue. Besides there has only been one bug report and while testing in MP everything worked perfectly
  8. [Release] Simple MP Restraining Script

    When someone is restrained can you please add an Enter Vehicle and Get Out of Vehicle command for the restrainer? That way the person being restrained will be able to be moved.
  9. Hosted vs Dedicated Server

    Thanks for spending so much time for replying but I do not have LOAD waypoints. The groups that have only got AI units have GET IN and SEARCH AND DESTROY waypoints and the vehicles have MOVE and TRANSPORT UNLOAD waypoints. The vehicles' MOVE waypoints have the condition. Besides the units reported to disobey waypoints are the groups and not the vehicles. In any case, this post might have blocked other possible bugs in future missions
  10. Ammo Refill Scripting Issue

    For help you will need to go here: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/forum/154-arma-3-mission-editing-scripting/
  11. [WIP] Great White Shark

    Uhm good guess but that is not it I mean I am not in favor of slaughtering sharks but doing so in a game is not all that extreme. I wouldn't do it but other players doing it in Arma rather in reality is cool. I am just planning on using your mod in a WIP mission. The hypothesis and all is CENSORED but the thing is that sharks attacking constantly will be a serious issue. That is why I would like the sharks' attack ratio to be alterable Regards, HE
  12. [WIP] Great White Shark

    And the whole mod pack will be for what? So as for divers to attack sharks? It would really be a shame for this mod only to be able to be used for a White Shark hunting mission
  13. [SOLVED] DLC Dependacies

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Oh so adding items such as crate boxes and such from DLCs will not cause dependacies. By use you mean driving them or having them in their inventories. The LOW van for example can be parked and locked for decoration purposes and there will be no watermark overlay there. Correct?
  14. [Numbers] Players

    I mean players' names like 123325 alone. One has joined and exited our alliance 3 times. Kinda weird.
  15. [SOLVED] DLC Dependacies

    Tried to find an aswer to this but I couldn't so here it goes: Can players that have not bought DLCs play missions that use DLC assets? As far as I have understood assets can be used without creating dependacies with the: a)Malden DLC b)Laws of War DLC (Buying it just gives you the possibility to drive the truck) The ones that create dependacies are: a)Marksman DLC b)Apex DLC How about: a)Karts DLC b)Helicopters DLC c)Jets DLC All of this free to try in the editor and such has got me a bit confused and I would really like to know what's going on in order to report the correct addon dependacies in our missions.