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  1. So at lvl 222 things are starting to get really boring! I have completed all campaign missions. I have figured out that for battles only helicopter drones and supports are worth being produced. I have understood that whenever a player attacks me with helicopter drones I will surely lose. I have not found anything interesting in alliances since there are no battles or anything. I have found out that I need days to collect the res needed to upgrade 1 building. I have started avoiding the Flames vs Clouds wars since you lose troops while gaining nearly nothing. I have stopped attacking other players since the res looted are not even enough to repair used troops. So anything new coming up? Alliance battles maybe? A way and a reason to communicate with other players? A new res? New buildings? Anything? I really like the fact that this game is not a pay to win game but it is starting to get really boring :)
  2. This should help: When I want to place a second scope for snipers in my mission I just open the game, click on Arsenal, select a weapon and equip it with the scope I want to be in the backpack. Click on try and while playing I just open my inventory and drag the scope into the backpack. I go back to the arsenal menu and the weapon I have tried has no longer got a scope (its in the backpack). I place another scope. I save the loadout. I open the editor, right click on the needed unit, click on edit arsenal, load the previously saved loadout and success!!! I got one scope in the backpack and another on my weapon. This makes snipers that play our missions so grateful!!! At least the ones that I know
  3. Thank you so much. Took a while but I managed to get things done But it is Arma editing and when I used the method described in steam everything went well except one thing. One of the callsigns I used for the side chat is no longer working!!! I am using this Edd0 setGroupId ["HQ"]; this disableAI "PATH"; and it works every time. It even works in this mission with Edd1. But from the moment I used the steam method Edd0 cannot get a callsign... Sidechat uses Bravo 1-2 callsign which is the default. Trying to make an Edd3 failed too. I can no longer set callsigns in this mission. Any ideas????
  4. In the mission I am currently working on the players start with no available supports. After some ingame events however I would like them to gain access to air support so as for them to be able to bomb some targets. I know how to equip a player with supports from the beggining of a mission but is it possible to enable air support after some conditions are met? Trying to set conditions to the modules lead to nowhere since there is no condition line in the modules :/
  5. Thanks! It works!! but there is a problem... When I activate the "Go Go Go" action the player stays in the helicopters but stands up. He is no longer seated and his head is out of the chopper. How can I fix that one??? Scratch that. I fixed it myself. It was a forgotten played animation :) Thaaaaaaanks
  6. Thanks but ehhhh that would be way to complicated for me Isn't there anything simpler? I mean there is a way for the action only to be available for the driver. Isn't there a way to make the action available for the passengers or even for every member on board the chopper? For mp of course
  7. I cannot believe I need to create a new topic for this one buuuuut ............. So I got an mp mission at the works and at some point the players are to get in a chopper and extract. What I need is a way to add an action to the extraction helicopter. An action that will work in mp and that will only be available to people that are in the extraction helicopter. Not knowing if it will work in mp I have found this: this addAction ["Go Go Go","extraction.sqf",[this],0,false,true,""," driver _target == _this"]; but still this adds an action to the driver and not to the passengers. The players will be in passenger slots while the driver will be AI cotrolled so HEEEELP!! And not to forget, I have tried this but it has failed to work: this addAction ["Go Go Go","extraction.sqf",[this],0,false,true,""," passenger _target == _this"];
  8. We have designed quite a few missions (Rescuing the Hunted, SAR Pilots Tanoa, Prepaid Nightmare, Nautilus Sabotage and more) but one of our problems is the AI's discussions. You see we aint got the best accent neither the acting abilities needed so We would like someone with an american accent to help us by lending us his voice for a few seconds. In this mission we only need 3 phrases. 2 phrases by 1 person and 1 phrase by another person The phrases we need are, note that the phrases are super spoilers for players who might want to try our missions in the future, So if there is ANYONE out there willing to help can you PLEASE make some simple recordings (without voices heard in the background) and send them to: helorocker@gmail.com ,or just upload them somewhere
  9. I was using mobile data when this issue happened. I am not frustrated by the loss of connection but from the fact that the aforementioned negatives were saved whereas the looted res and the medals weren't And for a ticket I will need a link please. Haven't made one before
  10. In a PvP battle I had managed to win 1 star and I was waiting for the clock to reach 0 seconds so as for the battle to end 9 seconds before the clock reached 0 the game froze and it said the connection with the BI servers was lost After the game reconnected it made me repair all surviving units and rebuild the ones destroyed The problem was that the game did not remember about the 200-300k resources looted or the 10 medals I was supposed to get!!! So the game can remember all negatives of a battle but it cannot remember the positives???
  11. Hey guys I got the same issue The only difference on my end is that I cannot see a replay function in both lost or won defense battles The replay function in the attack section works just fine Please fix this because I really want to know where my base is valnerable when I lose and see the enemy's troops get smashed when I win :D
  12. Ok now it does not report any errors. The toggle siren action exists as intended but when I click on it it says "song1.ogg not found" ?!?!? How can this be possible? The audio file is there. I placed a trigger in the mission that played the audio file in a BLUEFOR present condition but the togglesiren.sqf script cannot find it.. I am perplexed
  13. Many thanks man. It would be a blast!
  14. Since you made this skyhook work can't you make a simple workable helicopter hoist script? Where players will be able to hoist other players? Really needed for SAR missions And if we could hoist injured people via a basket of some sort that would be really awesome. Just like this one:
  15. Ehm, nope. It does not work. It says: say3D [ROOT + "music\song2.ogg", _car]; _car s...' missing ; I tried placing a ; at say3D [ROOT + "music\song2.ogg", _car]; _car setVariable["siren", false]; }!;! but that did not work either