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  1. That is strange, right now the only things I can think to check would be that your .cfg file has been placed into the root of your Arma 3 folder and that you didnt accidentally save the file as 'yourarma3config'.cfg.txt I know it might seem silly but a slip of the mouse has caused me to do this before.
  2. Hi all - really hoping I can get some advice on a problem I have run into as described in my title. I have been doing mission editing and mission design for quite a while and used ACRE in many missions before without issue. Recently decided to play around with the concept of adding ACRE radio's to a 'wasteland' mission and have struck a problem I have never seen before. For testing I gave all players a radio (these were removed by default in wasteland) and spawn some random ACRE radio crates which gave me a working ACRE setup. I then noticed that the "transmitting display" was not showing, none of the keybinds would work and I could not access the radio GUI's. Without changing any teamspeak/ACRE versions, server settings or mods I can load any other custom mission I have and ACRE works perfectly so I am really lost. Sincere apologies if this is more of 'mission editing' question but since I have no problem in any other mission I thought posting here might be appropriate. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.