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  1. I am being Dog's Father Figure. I am proud to say I have a very mature and grown up son as he excels in his profession :)
  2. Just getting Shader errors after I uninstalled AIA. Haven't been able to play for a few months..
  3. Hello, I have tried everything I can. For the past few months, I have been unable to play ArmA 3 due to the All In ArmA .bat file. I can not run the game without AIA, otherwise I get these errors: No Entry 'config.bin.tooltipDelay'. (After which I hit ok, it begins to launch, and then..) Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?) I have uninstalled the game and have deleted all AIA folders and ArmA 3 files and data numerous times from my computer. I run GTX 680, so it's not graphics. I have run with and without dev build. I have Verified my game cache and backed up files. I have, of course, uninstalled and reinstalled my game, to no avail. This is a problem, since the past few updates for me have done nothing, and I can't even play with my friends anymore. Thanks, Chapple
  4. So glad I knew you as a friend before you created all of this. You are awesome, bro.
  5. Hi, After the last few updates, I haven't played ArmA III in a while. Around a week ago, I try to get on, and I get an error that says this... No entry 'config.bin.tooltipDelay'. After I hit ok, it has a black screen, looking like the game is starting, then crashes with this error... Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?) I am running on a GTX680 4gb with Crucial, and in the past I NEVER had this problem. I am able to run ArmA III FULLY maxed on Ultra. I have no idea what my problem is, as it happened only after a few A3 updates. I have tried turning on and off Dev build. Doesn't work. Thanks, Chapple
  6. The RG-31 with the arm on it is called a Buffalo. Technically, it's an MRAP with an arm on it and some goodies fit just for EOD boys.
  7. I can't even get on the game. I get some weird shader error when I try to play. Some other errors too.
  8. Same as above me. If you have progress, show it! We'd love to see it. Also, over and out is incorrect radio etiquette.
  9. I learned about ACE from your videos 3 years ago, and I was like "Omg this is awesome" Two years later I learned about ACSE, and I am freaking out. I am torn between JSRS and ACSE now :(
  10. Unsung runs just as good without ACE as it does with ACE IMO. With ACE, a little better, but not too noticeable. So that's why campaigns aren't always ACE dependent. I don't even think addons like these are built around ACE with their SP anyway, as far as I know.
  11. Awesome: 1) This. 2) The creator References: Webster's Dictionary.